Adrian Peterson’s agent: Don’t take slavery quote out of context

Vikings running back Adrian Peterson may not even know yet what a stir his comments created on Tuesday.

When his remarks comparing NFL players to “modern-day slavery” were first published,  Peterson was traveling to Africa as part of a Starkey Hearing Foundation mission.

It’s worth noting that trip is typical behavior for Peterson, a player known for giving back and one who is well liked by teammates and media alike.  Since Peterson couldn’t follow up on the comments, his agent Ben Dogra released a statement to the Minneapolis Star-Tribune.

“I think anybody that knows Adrian knows that Adrian is a very strong-willed and passionate individual,” Dogra said. “The game means an awful lot to him. People should not just take his statements per se word by word. It’s a difficult time. He would love to play.

“I’m sure that everybody would love to see football continue in the NFL and I’m sure at some point it will get resolved. But Adrian, that’s what makes him great. He’s soft-spoken but if he has something on his mind he’ll speak it. But I think nobody should really look at those words and take them out of context.”

Peterson reportedly repeated his slavery quote twice, so the quote didn’t come out by accident.   We’ll chalk it up to a regrettable use of words and move on to the real football news of the day.

Oh wait.

107 responses to “Adrian Peterson’s agent: Don’t take slavery quote out of context

  1. If he said it twice he obviously feels that way. He is out of touch with reality.

  2. It is very very very annoying when athletes speak out and try to make a point and it falls flat and then they are like “That is not what I meant”. Yes it is Adrian, it is exactly what you meant. There is modern day slavery for real and you my friend have no clue.

  3. Since when do slaves make millions of dollars a year….sign me up. Adrian , just shut your mouth and run.

  4. Peterson reportedly repeated his slavery quote twice, so the quote didn’t come out by accident. We’ll chalk it up to a regrettable use of words and move on to the real football news of the day.


    Imagine if an owner had said anything about slavery. I’m sure PFT wouldn’t be chalking it up to a regrettable choice of words. It’s clear that Peterson said it intentionally and he meant it at the time he said it. Being passionate doesn’t mean you get to say whatever you want and get a free pass.

    Thankfully his agent is there to take the PR bullet for him. We wouldn’t want the talent to be accountable for anything.

  5. Something tells me this release won’t really help.

    “People should not just take his statements per se word by word.” — So, Mr. Agent, can you please fill us in to a context where the words comparing the labor situation to modern day slavery would have been acceptable?

    Words have meanings. You’d think a college educated individual would understand that.

  6. People really know how to blow things out of proportion. Yeah he said what he said, but people need to start reading between the lines. Sometimes people use analogies to get their point proven, it’s not meant to be taken litterally. I remember when Wade (before the NBA season started) said something like there will be a time when the Heat lose 2-3 games in a row and everyone will panic like the trade towers falling. Everyone jumped on him for saying that. People need to get their little panties out of a bunch and relax.

  7. Thank you Mr. Peterson for freeing up my Sundays for the rest of my life. I will never give my money to someone who thinks making 100 million in a career is modern day slavery. These people are out of touch with reality, and will never receive my money again. What a joke these people are.

  8. That word is spouted all to often. And yes, it is said for a reason. If he said it, then stand by it and don’t try to weasel out of saying it. Enough already!

  9. So, AP throws up ignorance all over the place and his agent gets to clean it up…

  10. @chapnastier who says
    He is out of touch with reality.
    Yeah, Peterson is out of touch with reality. He doesn’t realize how most people don’t understand metaphorical statements.
    Slavery equates to one entity having all the power, while another has none. It’s not a literal interpretation. Please, give it a rest.

  11. What a clever idea his agent is. So anytime anybody in this world says any words that do damage or offend or upset people in any, way, shape, or form, then those particular words should not be taken literally or seriously or sincerely. Only positive words in this world mean anything. Does he win his slander and libel cases with this same unbeatable logic?

  12. I didn’t take it out of context……..I knew exactly how ridiculous it sounded…And i also realize that the spin doctor agent now sounds just as ridiculous…

  13. What an idiot, everyone knows slaves made millions of dollars,barely had to work and didn’t answer to anyone this guy doesn’t know history……

  14. Adrian Peterson is an idiot.

    People should not just take this statement per se word by word. It’s a difficult time. I would love to watch football.

  15. These guys – including Adrian Peterson – have made millions of dollars TO PLAY FOOTBALL. I understand it takes a toll on their bodies, but so does working in a coal mine but you don’t see those guys making millions.

    These half-wit prima-donna football players have more money than they can spend, women throwing themselves at them left and right….yep its EXACTLY like slavery.

    You know, it would be nice if the black population stopped pulling out the race card for every single thing that ever happens to them. It sorta loses its validity when you use it for bull**** situations like this.

  16. Black millionaire athletes sound ignorant when they compare their situation to slavery. Peterson is obviously a stupid moron who IS out of touch with reality. What a tool….

  17. Let’s put “out of touch” into context …

    While apparently preparing to go to Africa (a continent where poverty is rampant, governments are corrupt, genocide is not uncommon and where millions of people live in slavery to this day), an athelete, who is paid millions of dollars per year to play a game for four or five months each year, complains that he feels like a slave because his employer won’t show him how financial records he thinks he is entitled to see. Twice. All this while the two sides bicker about how to split $9 BILLION.

    This is even dumber than the football player in London a few years ago that remarked to the press that he didn’t know that they spoke English in England.

    If Adrian Peterson had to take the Wonderlich test again, I suspect his score would be negative.

  18. “But I think nobody should really look at those words and take them out of context.”

    Ummmm…what context are we supposed to take them in? Mendenhall is backing him up on twitter too…Clearly, there’s no shortage of idiots playing in the NFL.

  19. If a player of non african american heritage would have said this what would the back lash be. I’m guessing pretty severe.

  20. Good forbid Peyton manning equated himself to a “modern day slave”. Anyone that defends AP is just as much a tool…

  21. So the guy said a dumb thing, twice, but still plays awesome football. I’ve got no problem with that. I say dumb things all the time and can’t play football.

    The clean-up crew, meanwhile, is idiotic, per se. I’m surprised Dogra didn’t say “per say.”

    Also, I want Dogra to be Michael Vick’s agent. Woof woof. Who let the Dogra out?

  22. In other news.. the Gieco dragon feels he is a slave by saving everyone 15% on their car insurance and getting nothing in return.

  23. Adrian did you ever see how they punished Kunta Kinte when he fumbled too much? Shut your mouth and go count your money.

  24. Agent Ben Dogra:

    – “…People should not just take his statements per se word by word”
    – “…I think nobody should really look at those words and take them out of context”

    So, Mr. Dogra, if we are not supposed to take your client’s statements “word for word”, how should we take them? When exactly, sir, are we supposed to take what he says seriously?

    Irony check: Agent asks us not to take Peterson’s words literally. Twice. A day after Peterson made the slavery analogy. Twice.

    I stand by my initial assessment: Peterson is an ass hat.

  25. When a millionaire likens his scenario to slavery, it becomes clear why the owners have ZERO interest in treating said millionaire like a “partner”. To be a “partner” you need to be on the same mental page. How can you trust the financial sense of a person that can’t differentiate between an upper-class lifestyle and living in a rickety shack with no hope of ever being paid or freed?? If you think partnership is logical in this case, then you probably think the movie “Trading Places” was a documentary.

  26. Time for the AP spin machine to clear up this error and tell us what he really said.

  27. Three things you don’t compare things to when being interviewed……9/11, Hitler and SLAVERY. It doesn’t matter what the context is.

  28. @ 11inthebox

    In this country and as well as throughout the world comparing making 10 million dollars a year to work out and play a game to slavery is ridiculous. Especially given that all owners are white and many players are black. The fact that he said it twice indicates some deep rooted hatred and some real problems he has.

    Using slavery for metaphorical purposes is a slap in the face of those who suffered from the darkest times in our country. You my friend, need to give it a rest.

  29. Well, pro atheletes can’t afford to feed their families so it must be slavery.


    The only thing enslaving anyone is the greed practiced by everyone in the sport. Wanting more more more is what is keeping the players from playing and fans from watching.

  30. For sure Adrian is a giving individual, just ask the Saints and they will concur if Adrian didn’t give a lot, they would have never made it to the Superbowl. Especially that fumble down on the goal line.

    As for his dumbass “slavery” comment, it is nearly impossible to insult the intelligence of the Viking fan base so there is no harm, no foul.

  31. chapnastier says: “If he said it twice he obviously feels that way. He is out of touch with reality.”

    Truly stupid comments and he should apologize. But since he was on his way to Africa on a charity mission, it is fair to ask you Chaps, and all of his critics, how much personal time and money do YOU devote to charity? Since he makes more than you and I, no need for dollar figures, just let us know what percentage of your salary goes to help others (No, the Tea Party and their candidates are NOT charities). I have all the respect in the world for the guy making $20gs who gives 10%, even though the dollar figure is not that high. Personally, I would rather live next to a guy that says something stupid on occasion but works with the poor and the disadvantaged whenever he can, then a smug little hypocrite that gives nothing back to society at all but plays the “holier than thou” card whenever it suits him.

  32. 11inthebox says: “Slavery equates to one entity having all the power, while another has none”

    Are you saying the players do not have the power to quit and find a different job? I didn’t realize they had to keep playing football until the owners allowed them to retire. And what’s with the lawsuits? I didn’t know slaves could take their masters to court.

  33. Just another NFL moron. What is he special for? He can run with a ball and occasionally hold on to it. Let’s see what he can get for his services in Africa…

  34. regardless of your take on AP’s comments (mine sways pretty firmly negative), i think most people can agree that it’s time for EVERYONE to stop using slavery as a poorly chosen, analogous term that is clearly thrown around with an attempt to incite anger and contempt.

    there are very few things in today’s free world that compare effectively to slavery – actual real world slavery being one of the few.

    yet we see it used quite often by people in the public’s eye and of fame.

    it’s a weak, ill advised, often naive statement. it’s effect is proportionately related almost entirely to how poorly chosen it is.

  35. My boss made me work last weekend when I wanted to go fishing. That must’ve been what slavery felt like.

    Please don’t take me out of context.

  36. I didn’t take it out of context, it was just a really stupid thing to say, but that seems to be typical of the players throughtout this whole mess

  37. So a black man, on his way to do charitable work in Africa makes a slavery comment, and all of these white folks climb up onto their soap boxes and act like they’re all offended.
    Come on? Really?
    He’s black. He’s in Africa. If he wants to make a slavery comment, I’m pretty sure he’s well qualified to do it.

  38. Adrian Peterson’s “modern-day slavery” reference is so asinine, it speaks for itself. My first reaction was laughter. So, while the sports media will salivate over this tidbit, especially with a famine of real news, fans should avoid the temptation to digest this distraction, and instead call for the sides to return to the mediator to reach the inevitable negotiated settlement.

  39. I’d love to crack him with a whip for those remarks, but unfortunately he is no slave. He is a multi-millionaire who would sue me for everything I had if I cracked him with a whip.

    It is a shame though that he is forced to play a game for millions of dollars against his will. If only he could just quit and pursue his lifelong passion of picking cotton in a field somewhere. Then and only then will football players truly be free!

  40. @ east

    What I do with my time and my money is my business as is the same with you or anyone else. Your hatred of me is funny though. I enjoy your comments and any debate you may want to have. I just wish you would attack my opinions rather than me personally since you don’t know me.

  41. Out of context……nope…. AP knew exactly what he was saying and why he was saying it. Its a play at the race card plain and simple. You players keep talking…… as if we needed any more reason to hate you. It’s crystal clear that the players don’t have any respect for anything or anyone.

  42. I guess we should not believe anything AP says in the future according to his agent. After all, he can’t be held responsible for what he says , can he?

    He’s just another dumb ass jock strap that plays football. NFL players remind us how stupid they are when they actually have to speak.

  43. As a black man its embarassing to me and shameful to hear another brother, especially a young, rich one like Adrian Peterson attempt to compare ANYTHING in this NFL labor situation to modern day slavery, which I’m sure he has no idea event exists. And his agent is even more ignorant – although most people have an idea of what Adrian was trying to say – you completely lose the analogy by adding in slavery. There’s no context to be made except stupidity by the jerk that said it.

    A mind is a terrible thing to waste.

  44. He doesn’t realize how most people don’t understand metaphorical statements.

    Are you kidding? He doesnt know what a metaphorical statement is, much less how to construct one ! “You can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool ,,,,,,”

  45. bradshawlives says:

    I didn’t know slaves could take their masters to court
    You obviously were asleep in U.S. History class, ever hear of a guy named Dred Scott?

    As for Peterson, he said what he said. There’s not an agent on earth that can make that sound like anything other than what it was: a spoiled millionare athlete equating his inability to make even more millions to people who were captured, brought here against their wills, and forced to live in squalor while working themselves literally to death for zero income, while having any human rights repressed and being treated like livestock.

    No, WORSE. Livestock weren’t beaten like slaves were.

    Yeah, Adrian, you’re just like a “slave”. The MAN is keepin’ you down. I feel your pain, brother, I feel your pain.


  46. benh999 says:
    My boss made me work last weekend when I wanted to go fishing. That must’ve been what slavery felt like.

    LOL, thanks, I needed that!

  47. Adrian, I guess that makes Drew Rosenhaus the sales man in the Charleston, SC slave market. Wake up slaves were not paid millions of dollars!!! These guys have no clue to real world people.

  48. techstar25–what does the fact that Peterson is black and in Africa have to do with whether he had a right to make the comment?

    First of all, as it’s a free speech issue, he has the right. I don’t think anyone’s disputing that. What’s under scrutiny is whether the kid has any understanding of the issue of slavery when he draws parallels between it and a labor dispute between millionaires and billionaires.

    Second of all, being of any particular race doesn’t give anyone more or less of a right to say something about slavery.

    Third of all, heading to Africa for PR charity work doesn’t increase or decrease anyone’s right to say something about slavery and any potential parallels to the labor dispute. It’s Africa where he’s heading. He’s not going back in time and supporting the underground railroad or abolitionist movements or anything.

    Fourth of all, NFL players can walk away (retire) from the game anytime they want, and the most they would have to do would be to pay back any remaining prorated portion of bonus money they received, if anything. Slaves had no such option. There were bound to slavery unless they or someone else purchased their freedom.

  49. Aww, the poor little enslaved black athlete. Lets put this into perspective; how much did Peterson make last year playing for the slave owners? How many endorsement deals did he get for being a downtroddin slave in the NFL? Step into reality Peterson, you’ll be broke a couple years after you retire anyway. I am sure that will be because the “White Man” did you wrong because you were just a poor little black athlete. STAY STRONG OWNERS.

  50. Why would a rich, illiterate athlete use that in any context? He knows nothing about slavery.

  51. It’s no secret that Peterson isn’t the sharpest pencil in the box.
    I’m sure in this case he was overcome with passion and made an idiotic statement (twice) that he now regrets. At least I hope so.
    I certainly wish someone would sign me to a 6 year, 40 million dollar contract to be their slave.

  52. “jimmysee says:
    Mar 16, 2011 9:59 AM
    I do recall that in Roots, Kunta Kinte became a free agent after four years.”
    Oh my God! Hilarious! Best post of the day!

  53. Maybe he rented Ammistad then watched Any Given Sunday and found a similarity?

    Granted, I missed the connection but maybe there was one?

  54. Hey Peterson, why don’t you take the college degree you got for free and get a real job! Once you step into the real world, you’ll see that you have it pretty good in the NFL.

  55. When I look at football I don’t see black and white. Let’s not make this about skin color….let’s be better than that.

  56. @ bradshawlives who says:

    Are you saying the players do not have the power to quit and find a different job? I didn’t realize they had to keep playing football until the owners allowed them to retire. And what’s with the lawsuits? I didn’t know slaves could take their masters to court.
    Wow. A pretty remedial class today. Even more so than usual. The purpose of a metaphor is to illuminate an argument or idea using a similar model. Not an exact model, a similar model. The model in this case, slavery—is not to be taken literally. Once again: Its one entity having the advantages—in this case dictating whatever terms they choose in the collective bargaining agreement. No one is talking about being in chains or bailing hay.

    I think Panthers owner Jerry Richardson pretty much summed up the situation when he said “back in his day the owners had all the power and the players had none.”

    That’s the type of mentality that players like Peterson are taking issue with. I hope that makes things a bit more clear for you.

    @ japdouds who says:
    I’d love to crack him with a whip for those remarks, but unfortunately he is no slave.
    Wow! At least there’s no mystery on where you stand with black folks! Dude, just hang out with a black guy now and then. You wont have to carry around such resentment!

  57. The owners have locked out the players (the players still want to work – business as usual) but their leaders (the players)have done a tremendous job turning public sentiment against the players. Demaurice Smith should issue a gag order on the players because they come off looking like jack asses at every turn. You got two confrontational guys with massive egos who do not want to be the guy to give in- Goodell and Smith and this equals no football for a long time. Whereas before you had Upshaw and Tagliabue who were more like partners. Some players (and the retired guys) didn’t like it but they made the players more money on and off the field than they could ever imagine. It’s not a strike so its not like players can cross the picket line. NFL is done for awhile. In the end Goodell, Smith, players and owners are going to be saying to themselves “How the f(ck did we screw up something so good?”

  58. “Modern day slavery”?

    You can just walk away anytime, Adrian. Pretty sure a slave cannot do that.

    Working for someone who pays you is called “employment”. Most of America does it. You just get paid quite a bit more to do it. Deal with it. Jerk.

  59. psousa1 says:
    Mar 16, 2011 11:24 AM
    The owners have locked out the players (the players still want to work – business as usual) but their leaders (the players)have done a tremendous job turning public sentiment against the players.

    Did you miss the fact that the players walked away from the table and decertified? The owners have the right to say the deal doesn’t work. The players set this course of action. The owners will leaking consessions like a sink ship.

    If it’s a partnership than they have to agree on the “business as usual” doctrine.

  60. Peterson made a monumentally stupid statement, which is surprising because he’s always been nothing but class in his public life before. Let’s see how he handles the situation from this point on. I think we’ve all done stupid things in our lives and we all deserve the opportunity to make up for it.

  61. Before the internet we would be forced to just take this stupidity and then have the disinformation specialists tell us how to think. Its nice to hear people respond with basic reason.

    By the way, are Africans the only people who enslaved their own brothers and sisters?

    History shows that all races, all nationalities, enslaved their own people. Why do we act like blacks have some sort of exclusivity when it comes to slavery?

    Just wondering…

  62. I’m not surprised in the slightest. In Peterson’s feeble mind “whitey” (ownership) doesn’t really deserve their position. He’s been taught his whole life that it’s whitey’s fault, whitey has privilege, whitey is oppressive etc.

    AP is surrounded by liberal media, liberalism, white guilt, revised history. I’m not surprised. He should bless every day that he lives in America.

  63. I AP is a great player but he showed how he feels and thats ok. But concidering himself as a modern day slave not once but twice what is he smoking. He makes million’s to run around on a football field I wish I could do that for a 1/4 of what he make’s. How can we take in in context when he said it twice I don’t feel sorry for him he needs to be a man and stand by what he said. As for as the owners opening their books thats crazy it’s a business if he want’s to see the books then he should be part owner of the Vikes if he want’s to see their books. The owners are in business to make money the players make money hands over fist but thats not enough for them they make more money than most people will see in their life time. So I don’t feel sorry for them.

  64. orbearider66 says:
    Mar 16, 2011 9:38 AM

    “This is even dumber than the football player in London a few years ago that remarked to the press that he didn’t know that they spoke English in England. “

    Good post made even better by a 5-second Google search — Channing Crowder, who apparently no one really knows if he said it in jest. He also said:

    “I couldn’t find London on a map if they didn’t have the names of the countries,” Crowder said. “I swear to God. I don’t know what nothing is. I know Italy looks like a boot. I learned that.

    “I know London Fletcher. We did a football camp together. So I know him. That’s the closest thing I know to London. He’s black, so I’m sure he’s not from London. I’m sure that’s a coincidental name.”

  65. Even in context it was a stupid comment coming from an individual who apparently doesn’t realize how blessed he is. I’m sure he works hard at being a professional athlete, but I am also quite certain that if I worked out just as hard as he does, I would not have a career in the NFL because my body is not is not as naturally athletic as his (I’m not as tall, not as fast, etc.). Maybe some of these players who feel like this is “modern day slavery” should try to get a job in the real world. Let’s see … according to Google, Adrian majored in society (not sure what the heck that means) but did not receive his degree from Oklahoma (what a waste of his scholarship; I wonder how my career might be different if I had a full ride scholarship). I think he would have a hard time getting a job to pay 1/100th of what he makes now. I guess he’s just another athlete or actor who thinks because they provide entertainment to people it makes them an expert on every topic imaginable.

  66. @tuckercarlsonisthevoiceofreason …

    I wouldn’t say that about Tucker, but thank you for the most reasonable comment on the thread.

    Peterson made a ridiculous analogy. It doesn’t make him a bad person. It doesn’t mean the players don’t have a worthwhile position. And the only people who really should be offended are those still victimized by slavery today. The rest of you are piling on because one of those “spoiled, overpaid” players you resent so much said something stupid and in your twisted logic that somehow means the owners are in the right 🙄

  67. Wow, Slaverian Peterson’s agent sounds as dumb as he is!

    Do the Vikings still whip their black players, or do they only do that on boat cruises?

  68. i’ll tell ya what… if anyone should be considered “in slavery” it would be us fans… and i know there isn’t a single fan out there that shouldn’t feel the same… with the outrageous ticket, concession, parking, travel, merchandise prices, it is a wonder how so many of us still make it to the games we do… i think the owners are wrong in hiding money but how often to privately owned companies let their employees look at their financial records?? not unless it’s a publicly traded company and then the records are there for anyone to see… but i absolutley DO NOT think that players should make a single dime more than they already do… from what i’ve heard so don’t quote me but i think the average rookie contract is around 800,000, why the hell should a rookie be making that much dough? Jameel McClain on the Ravens has done a phenomenal job and has been in the league for a few years and started almost every game and only makes between 300,000 and 400,000 a year, i DO believe however that players should get an exceptional health insurance policy for new, current and retired players… but at the same time… what the hell are these guys doing with their big bucks they’ve been making?? now we must be paying for poor money mgmt, hmmm maybe that’s why… NOT OUR PROBLEM… but i am 100% AGAINST any action that will lead to increasing ANY type of price for the fans whether it be in tix or concessions or merchandise… why don’t we take the 9 billion and put it towards the lowering of ticket prices… or maybe even lowering the price of a hot dog so that i don’t have to spend half my paycheck just to feed my family ONCE during a single game… wouldn’t that be a treat! at this point im so mad at both sides (more the players now than before) that i am willing to boycott the games and watch them from my couch at home… it’s in HD atleast! i may be in the minority on this one, but hire REPLACEMENT players and i would be more than happy to spend my money on other talent that aren’t so greedy and actually WANT to play some football, pay me just a smidge more than they do at my current job and i’ll get out there and knock some heads around (or get my own knocked off)… they players wanna say that without them there is no football, yeah you may be right but only partially, without us fans there is no money to PAY THEM to PLAY FOOTBALL and your stardom would have ended at the college level and you wouldn’t be living the dream life that so many of us wish we had… get over your greed… take some money mgmt classes… or get the hell off the field… the fans have spoken!

  69. It’s sort of perplexing that so many white people are so offended by this asinine analogy. Please don’t pretend to be so angered…if you actually are, it’s probably because on some level you think there’s truth to the anology.

    He was making the point that these are rich white men taking advantage of the physical attributes of blacks without giving them a relative fair shake. Yes, the athletes get paid a lot. No, it’s not slavery. It’s a stupid analogy but not completely nonsensical…just don’t act like you’re upset about it. That’s a joke.

    There are people on here that make comments like “just shut up and run”, and “AP doesn’t even understand what out of context means”. Move out of your Mother’s basement and get a clue. These people are angry at AP for mentioning slavery, and express their anger by making comments that only a slave owner would make.

  70. So if any one of the White Players would have made the comment all Heck wold have broken loose.

    Talk about reverse discrimation from the same race and media!!! Just like when they promote the NAACP (can we make a NAAHP or NAAWP) or having a Black colleges championship in football, etc… if you do not want segregation than DO NOT segregate yourselves!!!!!!!!!!!

  71. richm2256 – Good point but maybe Adrian Peterson will have better luck in his lawsuit than Scott did.

  72. ddubs – you are correct to a point.

    However – this was AP’s choice to play football and has negotiated big bucks for his skills. just like any other Business (that is what this is), players are employees who get paid for their skills. Owners have the right to make as much money on their business as the market will allow. America is a Free economy.

    The owners are not forcing these players to play football!!

    Paying some of these players $30 million bonuses to me and when the average pay is over $1 million a year, is not taking advantage of them.

    Why should a business owner have to give up all of their profits to it’s employees if they are the ones who took the risk in the first place. They bought the team, took out loans, etc……

    lets make sure we keep this all in perspective.

    SaxMachine – BTW – where is the Hypocrisy?

  73. Adrian Peterson’s comments disturb me. I am hopeful that in retrospect that he would re-evaluate & provide some sort of follow-up.
    I am not saying that his passion for his position is wrong. I feel his choice of words could not have been any worse.
    I think he should really look into what slaves endured, and are enduring today. I dont think they made the financial gains doing the jobs they are forced to do, like he does doing a job that is his choice. No one has his arm twisted telling him to play football. Whereas slaves have guns at their heads threatening them if they dont do their jobs.
    I also dont think slaves are scheduled to make 10 Million dollars, in their next contract season.
    I have also heard him quoted as saying “if it weren’t for the players…the owners wouldn’t have anything.”
    No sir, that is not alltogether true…..if it weren’t for the fans you or the owners wouldnt be where you are today. You should be worried about pissing off the fans, not just alienating yourself from the Wilf family.
    Just so those of you who read this think my criticism is amplified because I am not a Vikings fan….I say this, there is probably not a bigger Vikings fan in my home state. God Bless

  74. raven4life21 says:
    Mar 16, 2011 12:35 PM
    i’ll tell ya what… if anyone should be considered “in slavery” it would be us fans

    We’re not in slavery either. You don’t have to buy the tickets or pay $9 for a hot dog. Everyone complains about how much money the players and the owners are making, but we’re giving them the money out of our own free will. If the money weren’t there, they wouldn’t be making so much. Stop buying the tickets and the hot dogs and the prices will go down.

  75. toe4 says:
    Mar 16, 2011 9:34 AM
    Adrian Peterson is an idiot.

    People should not just take this statement per se word by word. It’s a difficult time. I would love to watch football.

    up 7 down 19


    So the question I have is was the joke so bad or did the 19 people not read the article?

    Thumbs down if the joke is just that bad.

  76. bigred

    the hypocrisy is the same people who are offended by Peterson’s slavery comments use condescending words such as “just shut up and run”, things that a slave owner might say to his slaves.

  77. All these coments were stated yesterday during Peterson’s initial comments. The agent’s horrible spin job is the story here. He followed the usual script for a PR spin job Let’s see:

    * Player not available for comment. Check
    * Player is great person. Check
    * Player does a lot for charity. Check
    * He just wants to play. Check
    * Player is “passionate”. Check

    Who are they fooling?

  78. If he doesn’t like his working conditions (making over $10 million a year) he can leave and go get another job with that great education of his (or lack there of). What an idiot.

  79. 11inthebox –

    So, in your opinion, comparing slavery to football is a “similar model”?


    I guess you just joined the remedial class with the rest of us.

  80. There hasn’t been a race or religious group (White, Black, Asian, Hindu, Christian, Muslim) that hasn’t known slavery, and every member of every group throughout the world suffers under bondage to this day. It’s not specific to a given race, historicaly or in it’s nefarious current incarnations. Someone that has suffered under it should slap the words out of Adrian’s mouth and set him down for a spell with their story. He should then, with this newfound knowledge, apologize, not once, but twice.

  81. AP after 3 fumbles in the NFC Championship vs the Saints if you were really a slave they would have cut off your foot & raped your wife & killed your kids.

    Instead you are making millions to play a game & millions more in endorsements.

    Slavery is a bad term dude.

  82. Just another crybaby player throwing a temper tantrum because they haven’t gotten their way yet. Yeah, professional football is just like slavery. What the f ever……

  83. I know that certain words get us all going back and forth and emotions get in the way but when I read the original post from AP, I thought he compared it to ‘MODERN DAY’ slavery.

    Maybe “modern day” slaves would be compensated to do what the original slaves did for free. Maybe “modern day” slaves would risk there well being for an owner who would give them pennies in comparison to what they make on his talents. There is a reason why there are guaranteed minimums. Maybe if there were no minimums, the owners would pay the players $7.25/hour.

    I remember a few years ago when Prince (singer) had the word “slave’ painted on his face because of how his record label treated him. Some may have felt that he went to far but none of us were in his shoes. from the outside, it is so easy to say that AP makes a lot of money so he should just shut up and play ball. Maybe we should listen closer and realize that he said MODERN DAY!!!!

    Don’t ever think that “WE” are really a part of “them”…..MODERN DAY slavery exists but the only problem is that the new slaves arent just african americans…..unfortunately, the rest of the slaves think they are free

  84. Maybe you don’t realize there are still slaves in the world today. They aren’t making millions of dollars to play a game or sing a song. I think they would gladly change places with the “modern day slaves” to which you’re referring.

  85. Pretty soon NFL is going to stand for NO FANS LEFT if the players and owners don’t keep their mouths shut and get back to bargaining table and get this thing solved !

  86. alltimeballa says:
    Don’t ever think that “WE” are really a part of “them”…..MODERN DAY slavery exists but the only problem is that the new slaves arent just african americans…..unfortunately, the rest of the slaves think they are free

    MODERN DAY slavery does indeed exist. Two great examples of such are the sweatshops exploiting child labour in southeast Asia and women forced into prostitution/sexual slavery by organized crime syndicates worldwide. Somehow, I don’t see how playing professional football for millions of dollars fits into the same category. To the rest of us average Joes, having to show up for work every day to do what your boss tells you to do in order to receive a paycheck is called “employment”. I find it disturbing that that Peterson, Mendenhall and some of the people posting here don’t seem to understand the concept.

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