Chargers’ Kevin Burnett: “Goodell’s full of it, he’s a liar”

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Kevin Burnett, a free agent linebacker who started all 16 games for the Chargers last season, has offered some of the harshest criticism of NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell that we’ve heard from any player in the days since the lockout began.

Goodell’s full of it, he’s a liar,” Burnett told XX Sports Radio in San Diego, via “You’re a blatant liar.”

Burnett then mocked Goodell’s claims that he aims to improve the whole league, saying Goodell actually cares about nothing other than the owners’ bottom lines.

“‘It’s our league, it’s we, we love the players, we want the league,’” Burnett said of the way Goodell speaks publicly. “But what have you done for the players? What have you done, in all honesty, to improve the game, besides fine guys, besides take money away from guys, besides change a game that you’ve never played? . . . He’s done nothing to improve the game.”

Burnett said former Commissioner Paul Tagliabue and former union chief Gene Upshaw were able to figure out a system that worked for everyone, and that Goodell is wrong to try to change everything when the league is more successful than ever.

“Paul Tagliabue, he would talk about the players, he would help out the players and, when it came down to it, he and Gene would sit down, ‘OK, we need to get this done,’” Burnett said. “Owners talk about players that hold out of camp and we talk about players who walk out of camp . . . well, the owners signed this deal. They signed this deal. Yeah, it was an opt-out, but they signed this deal and now they want money back. Now they’re the player that’s holding out.”

And Burnett thinks the players’ side and Goodell’s side are far enough apart that a labor deal won’t get done before September, saying, “We’re going to miss games.”

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  1. That’s too bad I was looking forward to the Raiders sweeping the Chargers again in 2011!

  2. With each passing day the players look more and more ridiculous. Can’t these guys just shut up? Or maybe he’s just getting in some cheap shots on Goodell without risking a fine…

  3. I said this the other day–most of these players haven’t been educated enough about what the league offered before the players walked out of negotiations. So Goodell isn’t doing enough for the players Mr Burnett; let’s see–

    1. He’s trying to shorten the offseason workouts–so you won’t have to go 14 weeks of poff season conditioning, only 9; you won’t have 14 days of OTAs, only 10.

    2. He’s trying to limit the number of 2-a-days that you do in camp and in season hitting with full pads that the players do.

    3. The owners offered the players medical benefits FOR LIFE–do you know what FOR LIFE means, Mr Burnett???

    4. They offered to guarantee a players salary for up to 1M the year AFTER his injury.

    And the players AND the owners BOTH had the option of opting out of this deal–the owners didn’t do anything illegal. ,Maybe you should blame your president, Kevin Mawae, for telling everyone who would listen that the players got a great deal.

  4. He’s certainly not wrong. Goodell demonstrates his prowess as a professional liar every time he speaks. What a piece of garbage he is.

  5. Another class act. And it’s a wonder the league doesn’t want these immature half wits as partners?

  6. I know its not considered cool to defend the owners in this mess, but can someone explain to Burnett and every sports radio host in America that the owners are not like a player walking out on his contact and holding out. Opting out of this deal was collectively bargained in the 06 deal. The owners just exercised a RIGHT they had just as any player would exercise a contact option they had if it got them a better deal.

  7. i hope they dont play for a year. the guy is a millionair because of the league. let him go pick cotten

  8. Several points –

    1 – Burnett is wrong as far as blaming the owners – two of his own, Kevin Mawae and Kurt Warner, both acknowledge the players tricked the owners into signing the CBA. If it were not a fatally flawed CBA the owners were never going to walk away from it, there’d be no lockout and everything related to it.

    2 – Burnett has no right to rip the commissioner for suspending players who warrant suspension. Why is it wrong to clean the league of punk players?

    3 – Having said that, Burnett is right in that Roger Goodell clearly is in over his head as a sports commissioner and carries himself with an air of moral superiority that is a complete insult to reality. Goodell’s handling of Videogate, where he took it personally that Bill Belichick understood NFL rules and bylaws better than he did, was the first fatal sign that he is a moralistic man who takes things personally and shows no maturity toward more rational, objective analysis.

    4 – Tagliabue had his own flaws (shown in that he basically strongarmed the owners into signing a fraud of a CBA in 2006) but was better a commissioner than even Pete Rozelle, in that Tagliabue worked with the players association and everyone else better. The labor peace the league had in his term testifies to a commissioner who understood the game.

    5 – Goodell’s changes are indeed borne of someone who does not understand the game and is driven by overreaction to concussion scares. The game needs to trust in the toughness of the players, not tilt everything toward tissue-soft game philosophies such as those embodied in all of Bill Polian’s teams.

  9. What has Goodell done? He’s enabled you to earn more than $10 million over the past six years. Did you save any? Is that why you’re bitter? Or did you blow it all and now you’re pissed because you’re a free agent with nothing coming in to finance your lifestyle?

  10. Wow! I can only hope that Kevin Burnett will see what I am about to write in response to his assinine comments.
    Tagliabue signed off on a sweetheart deal the last go round, thats why Kevin Burnett likes him so much.- BTW Burnett, many people don’t even know who you are) Goodell and the owners are not going to let that happen again.
    You are grossly overpaid and receive a VERY generous benefit package. That is what the league has done for you spoiled, self entitled players. the owners had every right to opt out. If it was a terrible deal for the players you know damn well MEmaurice , your Pied Piper would have opted out too!
    Secondly I think it’s pretty well common knowledge now that you players and MEmaurice are the blatant liars. You haven’t negotiated, all you have done is lie about negotiating.

    I hope, I pray, that you and your band of greedy followers DO miss games. I know for a fact players just like you will be the first to start complaining and become a scab as soon as you miss 3 or 4 checks. I hope the owners cancel the whole damn season so you overpaid, underworked clowns will feel it in the billfold.
    Why don’t you go work a factory job while your off during September and see what the majority of the REAL WORLD earns per hour, receives for benefits, is treated at work, and then STFU!
    Thank goodness Goodell and the owners will not let the NFL become run by the players like the NBA. The NBA is a joke and is nothing but urban hiphop ghetto entertainment, run by uneducated, ill mannered, clowns instead of the owners. Goodell is not gonna let you players do that to the NFL. So follow the MEmaurice Pied Piper into the season and start missing those paychecks. Hope you miss many

  11. Did anybody notice how tan Goodell looked in his interview with Shefter. He had 2 massive white marks under his eyes from sunglasses.

    I guess he got a nice vacation in before taking his next vacation which is happening now.

    As much as im not on the players or owners side in this whole crapfest, at no time have I ever believed Goodell has any interest in getting anything short of the best deal for the owners and only the owners.

    Goodell would be great as the commish for a flag football league.

  12. Come on, the Players are NOT partners, they are now Independent Contractors.
    de Smith keeps pushing the “partners” line, but that is in error, as I hope it always is.
    Its refreshing to see the Players are not stuffing the comments now.
    I would love to see the NFL get a criminal conspiracy charge against the Players group that are suing them. Lets see Breesus in handcuffs on PrimeTime.

  13. Maybe he is just mad that he didn’t save enough money during the lockout and may have to get a job that aligns with his education at McDonalds flipping burgers

  14. The NHL canceled the whole season in contract dispute. The players caved finally, allowing owners to reign in escalating salaries, benefits, and costs. The players took a CUT in pay. Now the NHL is as healthy as it has ever been. The league is prospering, and the fan base is growing.

    Batterman was the puppet master in that dispute and you have in on your side now. Damn Goodell and ownership, do what the NHL did.

    Mr. Goodell. If you do what the NHL did to their players, i will come back and buy dozens of season tickets and sing your praise forever!

  15. Burnett would be the first one whining if some offensive lineman came in late and speared him crown of helmet first….

  16. Wow this is an uneducated union(I don’t mean schooling education, I mean about the facts of reality). This guy just doesn’t “get it”. And only question one side? Maybe Upshaw was willing to work witht he owners? It seems from ownerships perspective(for what it’s worth) the union intended this all along. So maybe this sage (no offense Rosenfels) would be wise to encourage his untion boss to work better with the owners to help everyone make the game better. Or just mouth off. His choice.

  17. pdxbolt says: Mar 16, 2011 6:34 PM

    Finally a little honesty.


    You must be one of the douche-bag players

  18. Everytime these players talk to the media it demonstrates just how out of touch with the real world they are.

    I hope they do miss games. The players are significantly overpaid in my opinion. Maybe the price of tickets will come down as a result and the fans will be able to afford to got to games for a change.

  19. @eaglebobby …

    Yes … as you’ve been saying since you showed up on PFT right after the union decertified. Gee, you’re certainly well-versed in what the owners offered, aren’t you? How is life in the league front office?

    Of course, the players made an offer a few weeks ago that dropped the request to see the books and would have taken their revenue split back to 2002 levels, but the owners just blew them off.

    And the owners spent a couple of years preparing for a lockout, which might be what led players to believe that was the route they intended to take all along. That little arrangement they tried to make to keep themselves flush with TV revenues while the players were locked out without pay … well, I believe the courts ruled that a big no-no, didn’t they? With the owners pushing negotations to the brink of the lockout deadline and Jerry Jones threatening to teach them a lesson, no wonder the players were concerned about waiting until they had no recourse options.

    By the way, the fair arrangement you’re touting didn’t address the revenue issues in dispute, did it? As usual when dealing with Big Business, there’s more than meets the eye. The owners may win the PR battle, but you might bear in mind that public perception won’t sway the courts.

  20. I am so sick of players thinking that somebody doesn’t belong in their position because they never played the game professionally.

    Some of the worst announcers on TV played professionally, some of the worst writers played professionally, and one of the worst owners played professionally.

    It doesn’t mean anything especially since Tagliabue didn’t play professionally either but he let the players get away with murder so that’s why this dip$hit liked him so much.

  21. Hey so, where were all you pro-owner shills for that article yesterday “Jerry Jones’ gesture may have set the stage for decertification” – the one that explained how JJ may have single-handedly sabotaged this whole thing?
    We didn’t hear nary a peep outta the lot of you over there…

  22. eaglebobby…he also wants 18 games, which sure will shorten the number of exhibition games and shorten summer camp, but only to pad the owners pockets. The players were happy like it was til GodHell came along.

  23. thedudesnotin says:
    “Oh boy, another player without a clue!

    superfbfan says:
    “With each passing day the players look more and more ridiculous. Can’t these guys just shut up? Or maybe he’s just getting in some cheap shots on Goodell without risking a fine…”

    mick730 says:
    “Another class act. And it’s a wonder the league doesn’t want these immature half wits as partners?”


    I’m really surprised at the level of animosity directed at the players vs the owners. IMO, they are both a bunch of greedy bastards who have little interest in we poor slobs who ultimately foot the bill.

    There’s no question that the owners have done a better PR job in selling their position, but the willingness by so many to let them skate is remarkable, particularly when you remember some of the world class scoundrels among the owners…Jones, Snyder, Davis, Brown, Richardson. I don’t think any of us would knowingly place a loved between any of the aforementioned creeps and a $100 dollar bill lying on the sidewalk.

    As far as the PR contest between Goodell and Smith, the glib pasty-faced snake oil salesman beats the obnoxious little ambulance chaser by a mile. But his superiority as a spinmeister doesn’t make Goodell any less a soulless, lying hypocrite.

    A pox on all their houses.

  24. Another big-mouthed crybaby. The owners had every right to opt out of the last agreement.

  25. Without these “immature half wits” you wouldn’t even be on this site… You wouldn’t even be a fan… You wouldn’t have a favorite NFL team… You wouldn’t have an NFL…

    To all those talking about players being uneducated about THEIR situation… and thinking YOU have all the answers… I’m pretty sure an NFL PLAYER would know MORE about this situation than anyone who has the time to post on this site…

  26. Don’t people realize that the owners were not born owning an NFL franchise? Jeez, the financial exposure must be horrendous. They invested, risked greatly and now the folks whose lives are bettered the very most are the ones complaining the loudest. Think of it like this… If the NFL never was, the owners would still be wealthy successful business people. The players? Not so much.. So now who has done the most comin’ up in this whole deal? Think it through.

  27. What a POS. Worse, a POS without a clue. Google search Kevin Burnett and you’ll find a Hollywood want-a-be. Check Wikipedia and you’ll find a has-been. Roger Goodell… education and dedication… no hype. I fear we have another Terral Owens on our hands. Can’t these guys just play football. It’s amazing their heads will fit in their helmets….

  28. He hit the nail on the head.

    Take Roger’s “the fans want an 18 game season” – flat out lie. Every poll proves it. So why does he say it? Because what the fans DID say is they don’t want to pay full price for pre-season games and he & the owners will be damned if they are going to charge less for those games or get rid of them! So ‘obviously’, he concludes, the fans want an 18 game season.

    Roger is a POS – glad the players are starting to say it.

  29. Wow! I’v been watching NFL for 22 yrs now and the words that come out of people’s mouths amaze me. I mean doe’s anyone have empathy for these football players? I know they choose to play a dangerous sport and get paid quite well for it. While we all sit around with friends watching football drinking beers & eating chip. Did it ever occur to any of you that they put their health and lives on the line everyday? Or maybe you go to your job everyday expecting a concussion, broken arm, or leg. They do it to help feed their families, friends and community. Would you want your boss asking you to do more work with less pay? Professional football players suffer LIFETIME health injuries due to the game. Can you really put a price on that? Maybe your desk job takes 10 yrs off your life expectancy. If you disagree then maybe you should read this article here.

    If you still disagree, then maybe your just not human.

  30. A grosbeak to win friends and influence people. NOT! You don’t have to like the boss but you don’t cut off your nose to spite your face. The players obviously don’t have a clue how conduct themselves.

  31. roger goodell is a pos. has anyone read what he wants to take out of the game , no hitting no longer alowed to hit qb while in throughing motion cant touch kick off returner . and touch qb after a turnover . he wants to take all the action out of the game so the owners can find a way to extend the season. i do not want a two hand touch football league

  32. Says Goodell never played football…Guess what smart guy, the guy you as players picked to represent you never played the game either. Picked a damn lawyer instead of 2 former players. That makes sense

  33. Claymus1 You are WRONG! See Cincinnati Bengals as proof.

    to the rest here, I am convinced that this comment section is filled with Team Employees masquerading as fans…..You seriously have to be BLIND to not see this…

    As to my opinion (which is like an ***hole) they can cancel the whole season this year, I will get more surfing, mountain biking, and house work done this fall. The owners are the ones with the most to lose as well as the most to gain here, hence forcing the LOCKOUT to TAKE MONEY BACK that were already CONTRACTUALLY OBLIGATED TO PAY these so-called CONTRACT EMPLOYEES.

    If the owners of the business I worked for tried to take salary back that was already contracted to me then I would take my talents elsewhere, but then again my talents aren’t limited to a sport, but to business.

  34. @certified49er

    Are you freakin kidding??????
    Are YOU FREAKIN KIDDING ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You say “The players put health and lives on the line everyday”

    Hey bud; if they do, then so does every kid on Pop Warner, High School and college. What do those kids get paid? What do NFL players get paid?

    U.S. military personnel put their health and lives on the line everyday too. What do they get paid? What do the NFL players get paid?

    Do you really think ANY NFL player will offer to change jobs and compensation with average Joe? HELL NO!
    Do you think the average JOE would offer to change job and compensation with an NFL player? HELL YES!!!

    It’s people like you that should be screened for mental health abnormalities before being able to post ANYTHING

  35. What he says is true. He and the other players that have come out bashing the league have to be a little retarded

  36. I keep coming back to the PLAYERS also alnog with the OWNERS both COLLECTIVELY bargained the opt out clause….

  37. Little boys should be seen and NOT heard. They spoiled players acting like little boys when someone took away their toys. Just shut up!

    The players should be seen and NOT heard. Cry babies.

  38. If there is no NFL season this year, there will still be football. The NCAA will have no problem adjusting some games to played on Sunday. As for and the rest of the players who did not save any money, no I do not want my order supersized.

  39. The players dont pay Goodell,the owners do.What the Practice squad going to do in the next couple of weeks?They dont make squat

  40. Please, if you are going to call someone a liar, tell me what the lie is. Just because you do not like someone does not give you permission to call them a liar.

  41. I agree with most of Kevin’s points.

    I’m sick and tired of Roger Goodell and the NFLs arrogance and greed.

    Roger can take his league to Europe and Canada and they can keep it.

    Roger, it’s OUR GAME…that’s right…our game not yours. You can take YOUR League and YOUR Network and go see if the Euros will pay to watch it, good luck with that.

    Remember Roger, a brands reality lives in the perception of the buyer and this buyer has had enough of you, your owners, a lot of your players, your frickin network and your big deal League.

    You have done little on behalf of the fans…you’re nothing more than a probation officer for the NFL.

  42. Boohoo I make millions for playing a game,:| how many fans who pay to watch these guys can afford to go on strike?

  43. Certified 49er:

    Youve been a nfl fan for 22 years, how many men have died in the nfl, the entire NFL.

    Now take a look at say police station in a major city, not them all, just 1. Nevermind you wont get it.

    Bring on the scabs, players just go away. We want our GAME back, not YOU!!

  44. I can’t believe people are actually backing the owners. They are arrogant, narcissistic windbags. They ask for public funds to make their stadiums bigger and their franchise more valuable…but ask them to pay their taxes? Riiiiight. Then it’s “wah, wah, wah…poor meeeeee.”

    Think about two scenarios:

    1. You replace all 32 owners with ANY other 32 arrogant windbags.

    2. You replace every player in the league with the next level of talent.

    Which of the two would change the league most? Which of the two would KILL football? Would you really want to see some arena league QB running the Colts against some division II QB for San Diego.


    You people need to get a clue. IT’S THE PLAYERS THAT MAKE THIS GAME. It’s a 9 billion dollar industry because of the PLAYERS.

    When was the last time you saw a Jerry Jones jersey?

  45. Har Dee Har Har Har! Burnett is a borderline talent who has already earned more than he would in his natural environment as an assistant manager at Payless shoes!

  46. I read sports blogs around the country. Small blogs by local papers and local fans.

    Most are overwhelmingly in favor of the players in this dispute. Most have not altered over the past few weeks.

    This blog used to be that.

    But every since the owner PR blitz it has changed dramatically. Now this blog is solidly behind the owners.

    I smell a rat.

    I wonder how many of these new owner fans created their id’s last week.

  47. lostsok says: Mar 16, 2011 9:34 PM

    You people need to get a clue. IT’S THE PLAYERS THAT MAKE THIS GAME. It’s a 9 billion dollar industry because of the PLAYERS.


    Riiiiiiiight. The players are irreplaceable. That’s why the 49ers were okay after Montana left; in fact they won a lot…maybe you remember. The Cowboys still manage to field a team after Aikman, Smith and Irvin hung it up. Bledsoe left NE, and that Brady dude has done ok for himself. And Brees left San Diego….who’s that QB they have now…I hear he’s pretty good.

    Bottom line is that the players come and go, and there’s always new talent out there. Players are replaceable.

  48. @josephkerr …

    NCAA games are scheduled a couple of years in advance, so I don’t know where you get the idea that they’re going to be playing on Sunday. Why should they screw up their schedules because of the NFL?? 🙄

  49. lostsok as jerseydevil mentioned players can easily be replaced. Also players are worthless without coaches/trainers, who are worthless without the front office, who are worthless without owners. Its not just the players who make the game…its the team. Any increase in player wages decreases the amount of money spent on the rest of team.

    All of you look at it as owners vs players when its really the owners, coaches, trainers, scouts, practice facilities, cheerleaders, stadium upkeep, and marketing against the players.

  50. Hmm….do I see stiff “excessive force” fines for this cretin in the future next time he tackles somebody? It is not smart to piss-off people who have power over you…….

    Perhaps if you bought less BLING and invested your money wisely, you would not be so irritated at the Comish… worries, when you lose your job, you can always find another at Mc Donald’s!

  51. Deb says:
    Mar 16, 2011 10:52 PM

    Why should they screw up their schedules because of the NFL??

    See this is why you side with the players you also have no business sense. Its called meeting a demand.

  52. oneeyedhito says:
    Mar 16, 2011 8:26 PM
    If the owners of the business I worked for tried to take salary back that was already contracted to me then I would take my talents elsewhere, but then again my talents aren’t limited to a sport, but to business.
    Where does it say contracts are being ripped up? The renegotiation is for percentage of total league/team revenue allocated to salaries. It doesn’t limit what any one player’s ceiling is other than a rookie cap, and you’re a douche if you don’t think NFL needs that badly.

    To your statement above, sure these guys have rare talents, and they are WELL paid for them. Problem is those talents aren’t needed elsewhere so where exactly do they take them if they are upset over something?

  53. Didn’t the article say Burnett is a free agent? Yeah, good one. So, which of the 32 owners do you think is going to give you your next grossly inflated paycheck, buddy? Way to think that one through. (Open mouth, insert foot)

  54. It never ceases to amaze me how many commenters on this site side with the owners in the labor dispute. Do Cowboys fans all wear Jerry Jones jerseys for the game each Sunday? Do Giants fans cheer when John Mara cuts another endorsement deal? And for you people who claim the players are replaceable, if you can’t tell the difference between Adrian Peterson and Joffrey Reynolds then you are just not a serious football fan.

  55. Deb:

    While most games are scheduled a year or two (and sometimes more) in advance and many of the big schools would not move a game to Sunday (unless television dictated such) because some alumni would not be able to be at the stadium for a game moved to Sunday on short notice, don’t be surprised if some of the non-BCS schools, especially in conferences on the fringe of moving into the BCS (i.e., Mountain West) did move games from Saturday to Sunday and even Monday night to fill the void left by the NFL (and even BYU, which will be playing football as an Independent in 2011 I suspect would be asked by ESPN to fill some MNF slots). I would further not even be surprised if NBC pressed Notre Dame to move its game with USC (which is at Notre Dame in 2011) from Saturday to Sunday night to help NBC keep some ratings from Sunday Night Football if there is a lockout.

    This would not be unprecedented. When the baseball strike happened in 1994 and the NFL didn’t move a game on TNT (which had the first half of Sunday night games at the time) from Thursday to Sunday after the World Series was canceled that year, I believe Rice University moved a home game to Sunday night to accommodate ESPN. I suspect schools in smaller conferences, and even some of the lesser schools in bigger ones (plus the Big East, which is not adverse to having games on any night of the week it seems) move games to Sunday and Monday in particular to fill the void if one happens. Even the SEC I could see at the request of CBS possibly move a few games to Sunday afternoon if there is enough notice with a lockout.

  56. It amazes me how many posters on here know more than the players! Are you serious? Have you forgotten that what you know about whats going on is because of media reports? The players are actually involved. The players who have voice an actual opinion without fear of the BIG BAD COMMISH, have all begun to say negative things about ownership. I guess it will take more “acceptable” voices before some of you get it.

  57. no season would be a disaster to all the cities that have a NFL team… the world does NOT need that with all the craziness going on everywhere, the weather changes, earth shifting on its axis, the natural disasters and religious wars and the bad economy, just to name a few… we MUST have a season SOMEHOW… it should be a NOBRAINER that a deal MUST get done… just in Baltimore for example… all the stadium employees that depend on income from gamedays to survive or the local everyday merchandise vendors that depend on selling their team apparel to support their families… all the taxi drivers that lose sales from not having to give people rides on gamedays… all the restaurants and bars that treat Sundays like a religious ceremony and is one of their BIGGEST business days of the week… the peanut, hotdog, beverage vendors that make a living from football season… these are all just off the top of my head… fall and winter were turn into outright turmoil for these cities, especially when the economy is bad and people then turn to other means of survival like stealing and burglary and robbery… people are gonna do what they have to to survive… c’mon guys, put your egos aside and look at the big picture, if you don’t get this settled the world is gonna suffer BIG TIME

  58. Looks like the opinions on Burnett are split. I have to remind some of you that the Commish is hired by and works for the owners. It’s not his job to make Burnett feel happy. No, he’s not Tagliabue. There is alot of unemployment out there and Kevin Burnett makes alot of money. No pity felt here for you. You’re a free agent now, good luck getting a job with those comments. If I was an owner, I wouldn’t want you on my team.

    How about the players tell us what they are putting on the negotiating table. Sounds like the league is giving some here and the players haven’t put up a thing.

    He’s is right about one thing, there will be missed games. Because of people like him.

  59. Kevin Burnet is just another employee of a large corporation. Players seem to forget they are employees , not share holders. Typical union mentality argues the employees are more important that the corporation.
    The players did not go into debt millions of dollars to buy a franchise. The players aren’t responsible to the massive cash flow necessary to operate an NFL franchise. The players don’t have long term financial commitments in the form of leashes on stadium and office space.

    The average NFL player is dumber that Forest Gump with a few exceptions. They have it made and too stupid to realize it.
    Players… Agree to whatever terms you get and go play your stupid game.

  60. puregreed says:
    Mar 17, 2011 12:31 AM
    Deb says:
    Mar 16, 2011 10:52 PM

    Why should they screw up their schedules because of the NFL??

    See this is why you side with the players you also have no business sense. Its called meeting a demand.


    My business sense tells me the NCAA isn’t going to rework schedules set at least two years in advance to accommodate a lockout that won’t last an entire season. You see, I have some horse sense, which is why clients come to me to contract for my services. I also have a lovely Southern backside, and you can just kiss it, jackass.

  61. Before any more players open their mouths seeking sympathy or trying to win points; I offer the following advice that has been proven:


  62. If those of you on here think the players are such idiots, why do you watch the game? Why do you visit this site?

  63. lostsok – given Peyton Manning’s demonstrated failure as a playoff quarterback I’d suspect an AFL QB might have more playoff courage than him.

    It’s the TEAMS and the GAME, not just the players. OF COURSE we want the players to do well, but not to the point it hurts the game or the teams.

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