Cowboys deny report of Jerry Jones’ conduct at March 2 meeting

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The recent report from Jim Trotter of Sports Illustrated regarding the alleged antics of Cowboys owner Jerry Jones at a March 2 negotiating session with the players lacked one thing that the classically-trained journalists in the crowd would regard as essential — a response from the Cowboys, or an indication that a response was sought.

Daniel Kaplan of SportsBusiness Journal adds the missing ingredient.  Predictably, the Cowboys have denied that which Trotter has supplied.

“It wasn’t as dramatic as Trotter made it sound and Jerry never left the room as some might infer,” Cowboys V.P. of P.R. and Communications Rich Dalrymple told Kaplan.  “A lot to do about a little.”

Trotter, per Kaplan, claims he contacted the league for a response.  (Usually in such situations, the league’s response is, “Check with the team involved.”)  The Cowboys claim that Trotter never contacted them for a response.

Either way, Trotter’s story says nothing about a response from the team or the league being sought or received.

I don’t think we’ve got your attention,” Jones reportedly told the players.  “You clearly don’t understand what we’re saying, and we’re not hearing what you’re saying.  So I guess we’re going to have to show you to get your attention.”

Jones then tapped his fists together and got up and started to walk out.  Trotter specifically said that Jones walked “toward the door”; the report was interpreted by many (including us) as indicating that Jones actually walked out, Animal House-style.  Kaplan writes that Trotter concedes he should have made it clear that Jones did not leave.  Trotter now says that Jones stood in the corner of the room for 30 minutes.

Said Dalrymple:  “Just one side of a closed door meeting from a guy who wasn’t in the meeting.   Jerry’s not going to get into it.  Knuckles or no knuckles.”

Trotter contends that the story was based on four sources who were in the room.

We’ve got a feeling that the report is a lot closer to being completely accurate than completely inaccurate.  However, by failing to seek a response on such a potentially inflammatory item that was published not in real-time on the Internet but in a weekly magazine, Sports Illustrated invited the criticism it will now receive.

51 responses to “Cowboys deny report of Jerry Jones’ conduct at March 2 meeting

  1. Cowboy PR guy, Dalrymple, goes on to say that Jerry pounded his fists together after his “attention” statement because he ripped a huge juicy fart that produced a bit of a pile in his shorts. He then had to leave the meeting to change his diaper.

  2. i think it’s funny the players are offended that he warned them of a lockout by gesture….considering the players bragged about the rumor one of the them stormed in and signaled a lockout with a hand across the neck

  3. It says quite a bit about Jerry Jones that we all read Trotter’s report and instantly thought, “yeah, that sounds right.”

    It doesn’t matter if you actually did it just like that, Jerry. What matters is that we all thought you very well could have done it.

  4. Jerry is likely freaking out some what because he has big time stadiums payments to make and no real income to make them with for the foreseeable future.

  5. We already read the Cowboys’ response to the seating fiasco. A response from that team is worse than no response at all.

  6. And anybody figured the ‘Boys would do anything different than try to defend thier egomaniacal moronic owner ??? Even after his ” Super Bowl Favorite ? ” team tanked in 2010 , and the BIGGEST Super Bowl fiasco EVER , he still doesn’t have the brains to just SHUT UP ???

  7. I’m sure Mr. Jones will ask the City of Arlington, Texas for another one half cent sales tax if the Cowboys don’t play. Greedy bastards!!

  8. Hard to believe that the Cowboys PR staff is sticking up for the guy that pays their checks.

    We all know you suck Jerry.

  9. “I’m not going to sit here and listen to you bad-mouth the United States of America.” Jerry then tries to exit but can’t find the door. Stares at the wall for 30 minutes. Classic.

  10. Was the Cowboys spokesman who denied what Jones did in the room? Nope. Has he got 4 people who were in the room saying Jones didn’t do it ? Nope. Believe what you choose.

  11. “A lot to do about a little.”

    Do people often dumb down still-commonly used classical phrases?

    Do they have to do that in Texas? Because honestly when I first read the quote it made absolutely no sense.

  12. As I said at the time, why the need for anonymity for the source(s)? The owners knew who was in the room.

    Even if 1 owner out of at least 3 in the room acted badly, why is that an excuse for having thin-skin and not trying to reach a deal?

    Why the search for excuses? Why are all the excuses emotional claims of being insulted? For the record, Heath Evans repeated these excuses today in an interview with WEEI’s D&C and I’m sure can be found in the audio vault on their site. Heath wasn’t even insulted directly. He got his insults vicariously through Brees.

  13. Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to witness Jerry Jones going right past the altar, heading down the ramp and out the door!

  14. Trotter is largely biased towards the players, which I guess is to be expected since he is a former player. I wouldn’t even mind if his articles were presented as a “insight” into the players views.

    However, when he was covering the lockout, it was presented as SI covering the lockout, not just the players. Therefore his very biased pieces were not in keeping with journalistic standards and expectations.

  15. This is comical.. Yes Jerry hurt their feelings that is why they walked away from a 400Billion dollar deal.. makes sense.

  16. The people in the room just didn’t understand Jerry. They can’t possibly comprehend him. He has Adonis DNA. Duh!

  17. I don’t believe that Jerry Jones is known for his patience. Still, with the intransigence of the NFLPA I would have probably put my fist through the wall. Sometimes people just drive you crazy.

  18. The other owners should apologize to the players for JJ being an A$$hole. The players weren’t ready to settle with the owners anyway. Jones mouth just made matters worse. Where were Kraft, Rooney and a few other owners when JJ stepped in IT?

  19. Exactly Goldsteel ! One side compromises over and over and attempts for weeks to get a deal and the other side (union) stares at them and never responds with any counter proposals and then WALKS OUT of the negotiations and runs to their Mommy (Court).
    I would also feel like putting my fist through the wall !
    The players better tell their inept new leader to hurry back to negotiations and make a real counter proposal to the many compromise offers the owners have made or when and if thew new Judge in Minnesota rules against the sham decertification the owners might just decide to really play hard ball and stop being so reasonable.
    A deal was there to be made,but not by WALKING OUT !!!

  20. a lot of frustrated people.

    frustrated players get the benefit of the doubt.

    frustrated owners are painted a mean old bullies.

    still waiting for the oakley-ewing moment. some near broke 3rd or 4th year player will pin some superstar to the wall and make him squeal like a stuck pig. better yet pin duh face first to the wall.

    wedgie time! or worse…

  21. I’m a huge Cowboys fan, and I’ve watched Jerry for a long time. But I think we can all agree that if our choice is “Jerry acted like a jackass,” and “the story about Jerry acting like a jackass is totally off,” we can assume the former is closer to the truth.

    Mark P.

  22. actually, jerry’s botox started to revert and his face distorted badly (like eddie murphy in that dumb flick). the players crapped their pants.

  23. “Trotter now says that Jones stood in the corner of the room for 30 minutes.”

    Maybe Jerry should have some temporary seating installed???

  24. Problem is that the players really do understand what the owners are trying to do.

    Jerry has figured that out. So the owner’s game plan needs some half time adjustments. And the owners need a QB that doesn’t fumble on a game winning field goal. Good luck with that Jerry.


  25. @thefiesty1

    The players had a deal with the owners 2 years ago.

    They both signed it.

    And now the owners ripped it up.

    Let me guess what you would say if a player wanted his contract re-negotiated after 2 years.

    Now say the same thing to Kraft, Snyder & Jerry Jones.

  26. A business is sopposed to make money…. F the union….you dont wanna play…..f u…..plenty of guys who want tooo.

  27. “butch815 says:
    Mar 16, 2011 7:56 PM
    Jerry is likely freaking out some what because he has big time stadiums payments to make and no real income to make them with for the foreseeable future.”

    And I honestly can’t blame him for that if that’s the case. I’d be freaking out too. But he’s still a douche, and that’s coming from a Boys fan.

  28. “mrcowpatty says:
    Mar 16, 2011 8:03 PM
    I’m sure Mr. Jones will ask the City of Arlington, Texas for another one half cent sales tax if the Cowboys don’t play. Greedy bastards!!”

    I live in the area and I’ll take a 2 cent increase in return for getting Jerry the hell out of here!

  29. Who cares if he contacted Jones or the Cowboys organization? Acting like this is some sort of requirement is the same as the cable news stations (all of them) acting like everything is debatable. Everything is not debatable. Some things are either factual or not factual. If Trotter had 4 sources from inside the meeting, then that’s more than enough to run the story. The league, and Jones specifically, have all the right in the world to challenge the assertions made by Trotter’s sources. It’s not like they are lacking for access to the media. Besides, the big rebuttal here is that it wasn’t as dramatic as the article makes it sound. Kind of like how Jones claimed reports of him ripping on his past coaches was made up…right up until a video of him doing so became public. Then, the story they put out was how horrid it was for someone to record him talking when he didn’t know he was being recorded.

  30. Not a Pats fan, but the one thing that stood out to me was the image of Robert Kraft being the most sensible man in the room. Not only does he not go in for Jones’ histrionics, he keeps Richardson from doing so as well. Apparently Kraft was the one owner mentioned that was less worried about throwing his weight around than he was about trying to a deal done. Here’s an idea, kick Jones and Richardson out of any future negotiation sessions and let Kraft, Mara, Rooney, and Goodell represent the league. In exchange for keeping Jones and Richardson out of the room, the players can agree to keep Kessler out. Maybe then a deal can get done.

  31. thefiesty1 says: Mar 16, 2011 8:57 PM

    The other owners should apologize to the players for JJ being an A$$hole. The players weren’t ready to settle with the owners anyway. Jones mouth just made matters worse. Where were Kraft, Rooney and a few other owners when JJ stepped in IT?
    Well, if you read Trotter’s article, you’d know that Kraft was right there in the room with his hand latched onto Richardson’s arm to keep him from following Jones’ lead.

  32. You guys seriously let your hate for the Cowboys cloud any judgement you have. You’re responses aren’t even well thought out for the most part. We get it, he’s rich, you aren’t. He own’s the Cowboys, you’ve been raised your whole life to hate the Cowboys.

    I’ve got 5 sources in that were in the room too, and they said Kraft got up on the table and started stripping. I won’t tell you my sources, but i’ve got 5 of them so you gotta believe me.

  33. What’s the big deal here? What do his so-called antics mean? Reaching a little too far for a story, aren’t we?

  34. Classic “Crossfire” style P.R. tactic. You can’t undo the damage that bad press has done, so you attack the messenger instead.

  35. Jerry has plenty of events to make money for those payments.

    He has concerts, boxing, probably going to get UFC 150 if not one sooner, and all sorts of other huge events. The regular season is only 8 games at home, well 10.

    Or he can keeping renting out the screen for 5k a night to the Jonas brothers to play xbox live

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