Jets decide to decline all interview requests during lockout

In one of the great ironies in all of the sport, the team that soaked up attention like a sponge in the Sahara and that never saw a microphone into which its key employees weren’t willing to speak has decided to stifle themselves in the wake of the lockout.

Greg Bishop of the New York Times reports that the Jets will be making like turtles moving forward, refusing all opportunities to speak to the media.

“We believe an agreement will be reached,” Jets spokesman Bruce Speight told Bishop, regarding the status of the labor dispute.  “Meanwhile, we’re working through it and preparing for the draft.”

And so the team that previously wouldn’t stop talking suddenly won’t be.

We don’t agree with the approach.  Teams that crave attention can’t bury their heads in the sand at a time when they think they may face tough questions, including the decision to impose mandatory monthly furloughs at a time when few other teams will be using the inability of the league and the NFLPA* to figure out the money as an excuse for dipping into the pockets of employees who are bystanders to a $9 billion brouhaha.

So if the Jets won’t be talking at this critical juncture for the sport, the fans and the media should agree not to listen once the Jets decide that it’s safe to stick their heads back out of their shells.

That said, we think that Jets coach Rex Ryan will be able to adhere to the new approach for even less time than Kramer was able to stick to his vow of silence.

UPDATE:  Jets spokesman Bruce Speight advises PFT that the team’s approach to media requests has not changed, and that requests will be addressed on a case-by-case basis.

13 responses to “Jets decide to decline all interview requests during lockout

  1. Mike – the appropriate reference to Kramer and Rexy should have been “The Contest.”

    Five minutes in… “I’m out!”

    Of course in Rex’s case I guess that hits far too close to home, doesn’t it?

    (Who knew that Youtube videos weren’t private??)

  2. People are always screaming for the jets to shut up. Now they do and they get articles like this written saying that we don’t agree with them about staying silent. What a joke! I’m sure the first interview the jets do it will be posted on here and we will be back to normal with a hundred negative comments. I will say that 5 days into the lockout i don’t agree with the way they have cut their employees salaries. It’s a bit much at this point but I read if they get a deal before the season starts that the coaches get the money back. We’ll see, this whole situation sux and the owners and players are both useless idiots right now to me.

  3. “So if the Jets won’t be talking at this critical juncture for the sport, the fans and the media should agree not to listen once the Jets decide that it’s safe to stick their heads back out of their shells.”

    The MEDIA listens to the Jets. The fans of all the other teams have been ignoring this team since 1970. When you run into a typical Jets fan, on those rare occasions they leave the trailer park, you know they have absolutely nothing to say and will spend three hours saying it. You just throw a dollar on the floor, and when they dive for it, you run.

  4. “Jets decide to decline all interview requests during lockout”

    Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus.

  5. Well, if one good thing can come out of this whole mess that would be it. But if that promise is anything like Wrexy’s promise to win the SuperBowl every year, then we all will be disapointed.

  6. People are commenting as if Rex is now prohibited from ever saying a word again. Get over yourselves. Unless your teams Coach is Mike McCarthy or Mike Tomlin, Rex is better than your teams coach.

  7. Al Gore is applauding this move as a big help in the fight against global warming, because now most of Rexy’s hot air will be self-contained. Long live the polar bears!!!!

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