Joe Banner on PFT Live: Players offered $2 billion over next four years

Florio had Eagles President Joe Banner on PFT Live Wednesday, and they got into some nitty gritty financial talk.

That’s basically all this work stoppage boils down too, right?  The players seem satisfied enough with the safety, health, and retirement issues.  The rookie wage scale won’t be a problem.

Boil down all the emotion and the two sides are just trying to divide up money fairly.

Banner believes the ownership’s offer was fair.  He says the players were offered an extra $2 billion over the next four years in ownership’s final proposal.

“If you looked going forward over the next four years, this would produce somewhere between $19-20 billion in cash and benefits to the players.  If you look back at the last four years, that number was a little bit over $17 billion,” Banner said.

The players would surely argue with how Banner arrived at those numbers.   You can decide what you think for yourself by watching Banner’s full interview below.

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11 responses to “Joe Banner on PFT Live: Players offered $2 billion over next four years

  1. I look askance at people who tell everyone that they are humble. If you’re compelled to tell everyone that, then you likely aren’t humble.

    Same deal with the full-court press ownership has going. They’ve got a different owner or executive coming out every day crowing about how reasonable they were in the negotiations and what a fantastic offer they made to the players. Sounds like a used-car sales job to me. If the offer was so wonderful, the players would have jumped all over it.

    Smells like BS to me.

  2. As I’m sure to get a thumbs up from any Eagles fan that reads this, could Joe Banner please just STFU please?

    He’s a snide, mouthy prick who is the President of the Eagles and puts his nose in things that have nothing to do with him constantly.

    He’s like Mr. Burns of Philadelphia. The guy always has to comment on everything and no one in the city wants to hear his opinion. He thinks he’s the GM, head coach, publicist and czar of the Eagles.

    Sit in your office, play with your calculator and shut up Banner. You run your damn mouth too much and you’re a huge, huge pain in the butt in Philly.

    I’d love to hit this guy with a sledgehammer.

    Sorry, I know it has nothing to do with your story…the very mention of Joe Banner’s name makes me want to vomit.

  3. This comment from Banner is an insult to every fan’s intelligence.

    You’re going to make the argument to us that the players share goes up from $17 Billion to $19 Billion when you’re still significantly reducing the percentage of the revenue they receive?

    The overall revenue is skyrocketing! That is why the players would technically get $2 Billion more overall. This does not change the fact that the owners want to go from a system where they took the first $1 Billion and then around 41% to taking the first $2 Billion and a LARGER percentage of the remainder than they used to get.

    I really hope Banner does not think that the fans he is preaching to with this comment are so naive and uniformed that they do not see right through this.

  4. Anyone that would believe anything out of Pinocchio-Joe Banner’s mouth is an idiot……

  5. I had moved from “owner fault” to “both” after the draft stunt the players trade union pulled.

    But all of this continued “we want to talk, we were fair” sounds like whining coming from the owners.

    The players stood firm and clearly weren’t going to be budged. But the owners aren’t any better with waiting until Friday afternoon to partially agree to do something the players had been asking for.

    Its clear to me that the owners gave the players a “save face” offer that was intended to allow the players to do a deal and still save face but the deal gave the owners pretty much what they wanted.

    (and as predicted the 18 game thing was just a negotiating ploy from the beginning)

    The owners are counting on fans to not look very deeply at the offer.

    Still… the players should have took the offer. The NFL had a chance to once again be the best of all sports. They could really show it to owners and do that deal and renegotiate again in 4 years this time with the full weight of public support for taking one for the team back in 2011.

    But no, they sued. Exactly the type of thing that would be done by the greedy money grubbing players we all feared they were.

    What is ridiculous is that this isn’t about money so much as power. Both sides have put their foot down and are waiting for the other to blink and its really freaking ridiculous.

  6. believe what you want about the 2 billion dollar amount.. the fact is the players essentially bailed out and didnt even propose a counter offer in an effort to rail road this into the court system. If you think that benefits the fans in any way, you’ve never been involved in anything dealing with a legal court.

  7. Three Cowboys/Giants/Redskins fans and/or idiots voted in this thread so far for my reply to get three thumbs down just out of pure hate. LOL.

    Banner is such a douche.

  8. If you don’t have a season it costs the NFL ~$9 Billion in one year, that seems pretty stupid for both sides.

  9. Of course Banner is right. During the last capped season, the salary cap was under $130M (and that included some topping up. It was really smaller).

    The new cap was going to start at $141M, and rise.

    Based on the published numbers, over just the first three years there would be an extra $60M paid per team. That’s roughly $500M/year or exactly what Banner was saying.

    Obviously if the cap is going to go up (and everybody seems to agree on this), the players are going to get more. This idea that players are being asked to give money BACK to owners is nonsense.

  10. Banner’s shell game sleight of hand is nothing new to Philly fans. He plays all kinds of games with numbers. At the end of the day, when it comes to money, the guy with the most money in his pocket is always Banner. True, when it comes to paying players who are the at the end of their string, the Eagles tend to be pretty good at that. Give the devil his due, but overall, it’s the way in which they go about it, ruthlessly, cold-heartedly. They crap all over fan favorites like Dawk, and you know, with him it wasn’t about large sums of money, but over a year or two of salary including a hometown discount. But Banner lied and then went cheap on Dawk. No doubt that when he retires, they will make a big splash by putting him in their ring of honor. They paid Jason Peters all that money to be nothing more than an average lineman, who miraculously made the Pro Bowl. If they had it to do over, they would have gotten a cheaper alternative to play the way he is playing. Plus, they keep missing on high draft choices, something that teams like the Patriots don’t do. Eagles usually go cheap and just miss when they go big $$$. How’s that for the self proclaimed smartest guys in the NFL!?

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