PFT Live takes live calls today, requests e-mail questions, too

In the first week of ProFootballTalk Live, we took live calls during one of the shows.  But after we got “Baba Booyed,” the slacks-and-open-collar-shirts at 30 Rock became concerned we’d eventually get em-effed.

So we obtained a “dump” button (it doesn’t mean what I initially thought it meant), and we can now do it live.

We’ll give it a shot today, in segment 3 of the show.  (Eagles president Joe Banner joins us in segment 2.)

Call us at 888-237-5269.

As a fallback to a lack of quality calls (we have a screener, too), we’re asking for e-mail questions and Twitter questions.

2 responses to “PFT Live takes live calls today, requests e-mail questions, too

  1. These players need to get their heads out of their butt’s while should the owner’s open their book’s. Its a business and they are in it to make money and if the player’s want part of it then they should work out a deal to be become part owner’s of the team then they would have the right to see the books. And as for that comment that AP made yesterday her on PFT about modern day slavery where does he get off he get’s paid millions to run around a field carrying a football. I would do it for 1/4 of what makes. I have no use for the man now. If the Vike’s are playing Dallas I’ll find something else to watch. I wish they would get this done for us fans.

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