Antonio Cromartie: Players should attend the NFL draft

Once again, Jets cornerback Antonio Cromartie has gone on Twitter and said he disagrees with the players’ leadership in their ongoing labor battle with NFL owners.

Although the NFLPA* has suggested that top college prospects shouldn’t attend the NFL draft as long as the owners are locking the players out, Cromartie tweeted today that he thinks those players should be there.

“I hope all the top guys go to Radio City and get the experience as everyone else did,” Cromartie wrote. “I think the fans that go radio city loves it.”

Cromartie previously called the union leadership “a–holes” in a comment that led to several other players shooting back that Cromartie didn’t know what he was talking about. This time, Cromartie says he knows of what he speaks: “I’m speaking as fan and as a guy who got drafted. I couldn’t wait till that day.”

When a fan wrote to Cromartie that he should attend the draft and sit among the Jets’ fans, Cromartie answered, “ok I’m there.”

It remains to be seen whether Cromartie is the only player in attendance on draft day.

30 responses to “Antonio Cromartie: Players should attend the NFL draft

  1. Cromartie should also go back to school. For one, as a grown man he should know that “radio city” should be capitalized, and for two to “go radio city” isn’t a proper action statement. Antonio, “radio city” is not a verb, try using the word “to” in there so you don’t sound like an idiot. Your opinion will hold more weight if you don’t stand out as an uneducated dumbass.

  2. AC then went on to say “I mean, it was great, a once in a lifetime experience. I fathered at least 4 kids that weekend I was drafted…”

  3. “I think the fans that go radio city loves it.”

    He received a free education at FSU. Earns Millions of dollars for football. And is possibly illiterate.

    It’s to believe he went to the same school as Myron Rolle.

  4. We can judge Cro for being CroMagnum in the daddy dept but who are we to judge ‘his’ union? We really don’t know all the particulars.

    I don’t know who is right or wrong, all I know is it is ALL WRONG. And in his own seemingly innocent way, Cromartie knows that this is just another way to screw the fans with ‘no shows’ at the draft.

  5. ya they shouldve never told, i mean, “suggested” that they dont attend. D Smith and some of those players trying to run the show are shams…..all shams…

  6. @thestrategyexpert: I think maybe you missed the point.

    @waitingguilty: nice one

    I don’t agree with most of what cromartie (i should capitalize that but i wont) says or does, but he is 100% right on with this one. don’t take the experience away from these players for something that is going to be taken care of in several months. they might regret it…especially if that is the best thing to happen to them their nfl career. did V Gholston attend the draft?

  7. This is the same guy who was advanced 500K by the Jets last off-season, so he wouldn’t default and go to jail for missing child support payments. Everything Raw Dog say’s is motivated by his lack of money management. He can afford a protracted lockout, and this is just the beginning. Wait until the summer and God forbid gamechecks are missed. He is going to lose so much respect from his teammates through this ordeal. All because he doesn’t buy condoms and is basically broke. Move along folks, nothing to see here…just the Village Idiot.

  8. “Cromartie” …..aka the mouth

    Speaking like a true Team(less) player…

    Take note:
    His most memorable moment in history Monday night Fb no less–….. “In a game vs. the Minnesota Vikings on October 11, 2010 — Cromartie was covering Randy Moss when Moss caught Brett Favre’s 500th touchdown pass”

  9. Dude don’t u know anything about Twitter? All Tweet r like that. U can only use 140 letters.

  10. It’s amazing the number of “intelligent people” that are so quick to point the grammatical errors of a “Tweet”. Too bad they’re not intelligent enough to realize that when texting, grammer and spelling errors are accepted due to the limited number of allowed characters.
    If you want to grade someone’s grammer, become a teacher and get off the blogs. Quit being childish and petty.

  11. Why are fans showing up to the draft? I wouldn’t go this year if someone gave me a ticket, hotel room and a plane ticket. Could you imagine what kind of message would be sent if all you could hear were crickets and the ramblings of Steve Young after each draft selection?

  12. In most things I’ve seen about him, I haven’t liked him much. But on this, I agree. It would be a great move to go to RCMH and sit with the Jet fans at the draft. And it would be a nice show of support for the kids getting drafted. They didn’t ask for any of this and as such they should not be used as pawns.

  13. manderson367 says:
    If you want to grade someone’s grammer, become a teacher and get off the blogs. Quit being childish and petty.


    That’s spelled “grammar” there tough-guy. I am a teacher and the grammar police, judge, jury, and executioner. I don’t care if somebody spells words wrong on tweets or texts…but not being able to spell a rudimentary word correctly like “grammar” shows that you’re ultra-sensitive about your stupidity.

  14. Wow, I personally believe he is the biggest douche in the world so if he is practically calling demaurice smith a douche does that make demaurice smith the biggest douche in the universe?

    Do the math, it makes sense doesn’t it?

  15. Here’s the hypocritical nature of the NFLPA. They recommend that the rookies don’t attend the draft BUT it was their proposal for a rookie wage scale that drastically cut into the earnings of the 1st round picks they’re asking not to attend.

    So basically, the NFLPA is saying, “Hey guys, support us, even if we won’t support you.” That’s BS.

  16. Absolutely the players should go to the draft. Why should they miss out on an important event just because they’re being used as a pawn in a labor dispute? It’s insulting to everyone that college players are even being asked to choose sides in this farce of a labor dispute.

  17. Please stop quoting player who can’t speack English let akoneput a sentence together! The COLLEGE players should not go to shake hands with the NFL owner’s rep without an agreement.
    The people who want toi players to show are ESPN and the nerds that waste three days on the draft. I just sayin’!!

  18. I hope that the college players don’t show up at the draft, simply because ESPN can’t get it through its thick corporate skull that viewers DON’T want to know who got picked until Commissioner Goodell makes the actual announcement at the podium!

    Sadly, we have to endure the obligatory shot of a smiling young narcissist chatting with the NFL general manager currently on the clock–as if the four-letter network is afraid that somebody is going to scoop the selection.

    Mr. Berman & Co., please step back-back-back-back and allow the fans to hear the announcement in real time. THEN post a shot of the prospect reacting to the phone call or leaping off the couch at home.

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