Mayock on Gabbert: “He’s the first quarterback off the board”

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Panthers coach Ron Rivera and G.M. Marty Hurney didn’t show to up Missouri quarterback Blaine Gabbert’s Thursday Pro Day. But in the mind of NFL Network draft analyst Mike Mayock, Rivera and Hurney should have.

Mayock was in attendance, and came away highly impressed.

“It was a better throwing-mechanics workout than what Matt Ryan had. Similar to Sam Bradford’s,” said Mayock on NFL Network’s Path to the Draft program Thursday night.

“He’s the first quarterback off the board.”

NFL Network league insider Mike Lombardi wasn’t in Columbia today, but has been in Gabbert’s corner all along. The positive feedback from Thursday’s Pro Day only reinforced Lombardi’s belief that Gabbert is deserving of the No. 1 pick in the draft.

“If I’m the Carolina Panthers, (Gabbert) is on the card I’m turning in,” said Lombardi. “… He can run any type of offense.”

The “type of offense” comment is relevant because Gabbert did not dominate in Missouri’s Mike Leach-like spread offense. Certainly not to the extent much less heralded quarterbacks such as Chase Daniel have. Daniel threw 72 touchdown passes in his final two seasons at Mizzou.

Gabbert threw 40.

30 responses to “Mayock on Gabbert: “He’s the first quarterback off the board”

  1. I’m not sold on any of the QBs in this years draft. I wouldn’t waste a second round pick, let alone a first round pick on any of them. Not only are you taking a someone very high, but let’s say they get drafted 10… when the “mock drafts” have them top 3. They want top 3 money. A bunch of divas i.e. Brady Quinn, Matt Leinart, Michael Crabtree, and so on.

  2. Chase Daniel, a Drew Brees clone, is one of the best college quarterbacks of all time. Period. Interestingly, he is now the Saints’ back-up for Brees.

  3. He is worthless and all teams should avoid him. I have knowledge of him that will keep him out of football.

    A Chiefs Fan

    pssst Pioli & Haley, I’m doing what I can to make slide to you guys.

  4. Don’t understand why these dime a dozen “experts” are so enamored of this guy–his college career has not shown anything that justifies the love-fest…..look at his poise, accuracy etc in big names for Missouri…no big deal

  5. Reminds me of Jay Cutler a few years ago. Guy who came from an average team and became the hot name for QB’s in the draft. Not the same type of player… its just the situation seems familiar. I’m a little leary of the fact that this guy didn’t blow me away in college. Then again, I’m not a personnel guy.

  6. Gabbert has navigated the process perfectly so far. He deserves the top overall pick for that reason alone. It isn’t easy.

  7. Hmm I don’t know. He might not have a catchy enough name to become an elite qb. Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, etc all have catchy names. Blaine Gabbert? I don’t see it.

  8. So Jimmy Clausen didn’t have a brilliant rookie season with the Panthers. Most Rookie QBs that get the starts don’t.

    If I were the Panthers, I would give the defense a boost with the # 1 pick.

    The Bills should pick Gabbert with #3 pick.

  9. Time to get off of Mayock’s jock Evan. Really don’t understand the love fest going on around Gabbert, he is no more a than a second round pick in my eyes. Though he will luck out (as will almost all the QB’s drafted this year) because the demand/need for a QB is so high in 2011.

  10. Draft at your own risk, so because Mike Lombardi says he can run any offense this makes it true? Hey maybe the reason why Lombardi works for NFL network and not a team is he would have Gabbert’s name on his card and set his team back another 5 years.

  11. I don’t watch college ball — although it looks like I’ll start doing that pretty soon — but I have noticed the argument year after year against quarterback X, Y or Z that he “didn’t do anything much” in college.

    By that reasoning Matt Leinart should be on his 3rd Super Bowl appearance, and Vince Young on his way to the hall of fame.

    Things could turn around for any of those guys, sure. But c’mon, Tom Brady “didn’t do anything much” at Michigan either.

  12. So let me see, just because Mayock and Lombardi say this kid should go first the NFL should just listen and do as they are told.

    Isn’t it funny how Cam’s sin, Mallett’s sins and Jake’s supposed inaccuracies are the things Mayock and Lombardi sit around and obsess over. But there seem to be something extremely strange about Blaine, that as much those guys and their friends in the sports elite media is hyping him, most folks simply aren’t buying him. Could it possiblely be the fact that his agent is a VERY well known agent in the sports world? Could it possible be that his agent is good friends with Mayock and some of the folks at ESPN? Could it be that this over-hype of Blaine vs. sports media maligned Cam Newton, is de-ja-vous of Sam Bradford vs. sports media over scrutinized Tim-Tebow? Could it possible be that everyone of Mr. Tom Condon’s clients have gone off the board at number one in the past few NFL drafts and he promised Blaine he will do the same for him by any means possible? IMO, when those whose job it is is to be fair in their and unbiase in reporting of someone and they can’t even give it up because it may outshine their “choosen One,” then that person gets no respect from me. I noticed Mayock and Lombardi’s hypocrisy with Cam and accepted it for what it was, but when Mayock did the same to Christian Ponder , who had a much better Pro-Day than Blaine gets such silly praise as “his throwing was adequate,” then it’s time to call Mayock out on his blatant biases. And the NFL Network for intentionally pushing it. If the QB ranking is a competition, then let the best QB FAIRLY WIN…

  13. Maybe he’s no guaranteed superstar, but there are many great quarterbacks who were vastly underestimated when they were drafted. When you are in the Panthers’s shoes, you are looking for a safe port in a gigantic storm.

  14. i was intrigued by this guy until I actually watched him play. I’d be surprised if he’s not one of those guys with all the physical tools who just can’t do it in the NFL.

    I’m always of the opinion, if you were an underachiever in college (and he was), why are you suddenly going to succeed in the NFL, much less succeed in the very difficult position of being a franchise saviour since you’re such a high pick?

    Somebody needs to point me to the guy who’s done that, ever because I can’t find him. And you can’t say it’s Missouri’s talent because that’s a pretty stable program these days.

    Christian Ponder, barring injuries, will be the best of this class. He’s going to surprise a lot of people in the NFL in 2 or 3 years.

  15. Id take Gabbert if I’m the Panthers. I’d much rather have Gabbert/Clausen/Moore going into the season than Clausen/Moore.

    They just have such a big hole at QB. There is a chance that Clausen becomes a starting QB but that is a huge risk to take for an entire season – much less 2 or 3 seasons.


  16. whatswiththehate

    that was an embarrassing nonsensical rant. There are reasons guys like Blaine Gabbert and Sam Bradford go #1 overall and guys like Cam Newton and Tim Tebow do not, and it has nothing to do with their agents or the media. It’s their onfield ability. Group A (bradford, ryan, gabbert) have the skill set that translate to the NFL, Group B (tebow, newton, young) have the skill set to exceed in college and flounder in the NFL.

    And I don’t understand what your saying about Ponder, Mayock has been very complementary of Christian Ponder as of late. He raved about his pro day and believes Ponder will be a first round pick.

    So go sell crazy somewhere else, this site is all filled up

  17. i notice the bias as well, it appears that these qb’s agents put out misinformation on each qb so their qb can be drafted high, so that they can recruit for next years draft. these so-call experts are mouth pieces for these agents, so that their qb can receive favorable media attention. i still think mallett who is being bombarded with negative media, is the best qb on the board and one of those top 10 teams will get a steal, because this kid will have a chip on his shoulder to prove the naysayers wrong and will also get the opportunity to sit and learn before taking over a offense, with an excellent offensive staff around him as well as players.

  18. Gabby will not be the QB in Carolina and all you who act like you have no idea who the Panthers are, Will see this year. You guys forget that Since 95 We have only been to 3 NFC championships and a Superbowl if you u are a Patriots fan or a colts fan or a Steelers Fan or a… freaking Packers Fan you cant say anything about us other than the Fact we had a 2-16 Season!! Big deal I guarantee we will not have that type of season this year When we Draft CAM NEWTON say what you want you freaking Haters but Cam will be our QB and Lead us to the Promise land weather he starts right off the bat or not, and for all of you Carolina fans who’s yelling Gabbert please don’t come to the stadium all on CAM’S nut sacks when he leads us to the playoffs! SMDH at you none knowing football douche’s

  19. txchief says:
    Mar 17, 2011 10:16 PM
    Maybe he’s no guaranteed superstar, but there are many great quarterbacks who were vastly underestimated when they were drafted. When you are in the Panthers’s shoes, you are looking for a safe port in a gigantic storm.
    You’re right but all of QBs are vastly underestimated. Blaine is the one these folks are telling us is the sure deal. IMO, Blaine is this class of QBs Brett Farve and I’m not talking the talent.

  20. “So Jimmy Clausen didn’t have a brilliant rookie season with the Panthers.”

    Understatement of the year. He sucked out loud.

  21. Gabbert is ‘The Manchurian Quarterback’. This dude was just another ‘Guy’ through most if not all of his career. Let’s face it, any quarterbacks with the label ‘Mike Leach Spread Offense QB’ should be like an albatross medallion for anyone coming into the NFL Draft. His agent, Tom Condon from CAA, has done a masterful job in his role as ‘Wizard of OZ LIKE pay no attention to the guy behind the curtain’ guy…..Ha! He obviously has the studios of ESPN, NFL Network etc..etc on speed dial. And I wouldn’t doubt that there have been many …..Many ‘Gift Baskets’ Full’a’Swag between the offices of CAA and anyone that is a Draft opinion maker(Bristol, Park Ave, SI Monday Morning QB column writers….and on..and on)


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