Meriweather still not talking; admonished by high school coach

One week after being present at a shooting, Patriots safety Brandon Meriweather remains in his hometown Apopka, Florida.  He’s lifting weights with the local high school team and helping to motivate the young players.

Meriweather, who hasn’t been charged with anything, is not speaking with the media.

“I’m not talking about nothing. I’m just down here working out and helping out,’’ Meriweather told Bob Hohler of the Boston Globe.

In a compelling, broad look at the situation from the town’s perspective, Hohler spoke with Meriweather’s high school coach Rick Darlington.  He wasn’t afraid to talk, saying he’s admonished his former player for putting himself in a bad situation.

“It’s a hard situation because Brandon wants to remember where he came from, but sometimes when you make a lot of money and go back into a rough community you came from, there can be jealousy and bitterness,’’ Darlington said. “People can put you in a bad situation because, what do they have to lose? Nothing. What do you have to lose? Everything.’’

According to Hohler’s reporting, nearly everyone that Meriweather partied with on the night in question knew him from growing up.  Many played in his charity basketball tournament that weekend.

“I’m tired of going to funerals,’’ said one Apoka resident Bryan Mathew. “Brandon and them are lucky, man. We almost had some more funerals.’’