More doubts about Blaine Gabbert as potential No. 1 pick

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In a pair of stories yesterday, we examined whether Blaine Gabbert was a little overhyped and whether Cam Newton is already locked in to the No. 1 overall pick.

The more that we hear on and off record, the more we think the Panthers prefer Newton to Gabbert.

Darin Gantt of the Charlotte Observer had some interesting comments on Gabbert Wednesday night on Twitter:

“Bottom line on [Blaine Gabbert]: Haven’t had one scout/coach/personnel type I know tell me: ‘Love him. Will be a star.’ Looks like one. Is he one?” Gantt wrote.

Gantt has also heard that Gabbert’s relative lack of production and average yards-per-attempt were not just a function of his poor wideouts.  All of this doesn’t mean Gabbert won’t go high in the draft.  But it sure sounds like the Panthers don’t love him enough to take him No. 1 overall.

If the Panthers don’t take a quarterback, Gantt believes they will likely go with cornerback Patrick Peterson or defensive tackle Marcell Dareus.

If they do take quarterback, it sure sounds like they’ll pick Newton.

21 responses to “More doubts about Blaine Gabbert as potential No. 1 pick

  1. Gantt either hates Gabbert, or he is carrying water for the Panthers. He says stuff without any accurate information at all. He doesn’t even like football, it’s just a living for him.

  2. Eh, probably better for Gabbert anyway to be in an Aaron Rodgers situation – fall far enough that you can sit behind somebody for a while on a decent team, and learn, and take over when the time is right.

  3. Problem is we don’t know whether they’re being honest or it’s another case of misdirection. I have a hunch scouting teams love playing games like this.

  4. Yes, don’t dare draft a guy with low percentage numbers throwing 30 yards downfield in actual football games.

    Draft one who went 11-21 with no defense wearing shorts.

    Of course, Gabbert does have all that off-field stuff- stealing laptops, cheating on papers and tests, extorting money from colleges- to consider.

    Oh wait…….that was the 11-21 guy.

  5. How many QBs can the Panthers get in 2 drafts? They grabbed 3 last year and are somehow considering a 4th as the #1 overall pick? Cam Newton is not worth the #1 overall pick. He is a me-first guy who is only interested in his own star-power. He can play against the college kids, but the NFL boys are bigger, stronger and faster. His advantage is no longer big and his accuracy flaws will be exploited by experienced CBs and safties. Good luck with that if Carolina picks him. Start the hold-out watch before he signs and then restart it the second he has a decent game.

  6. I’ve never understood all the hype for Gabbert while at the same time hearing all the negativity about Newton’s game.

    Both played in a spread offense and both are mobile QBs.

    That’s where the comparisons end.

    Newton led an Auburn team that wasn’t on the map at the beginning of the year to a National Title and an SEC championship. He was the 2nd QB in college football history to throw for 20TDs and run for 10. He consistently carried his team on his back to lead come from behind victories over teams that arguably had better talent (most notable being defending champion Alabama).

    Not only that, he did the same thing the year before when he led Blinn College to a NJCAA championship.

    The man hasn’t lost a football game in over two years and has proven at every level he’s played at that he’s a winner.

    Gabbert on the other hand struggled to maintain a 2:1 TD to INT ratio in a weak Big 12 conference. He has shown questionable arm strength and ability to hit his receivers consistently down field.

    So why is there any question which of these two QBs are the better player?

    You can blame it on Cam’s daddy, just like I can blame it on the fact that he doesn’t have long blonde hair and blue eyes.

    But at least they haven’t tried to force Cam to play WR. Yet.

  7. Player 1
    3722 Yards – 68% completion 8.76 YPT 28 TD’s 4 picks 161 QB rating…
    Player 2
    3186 Yards – 63% completion 6.71 YPT 16 TD’s
    9 picks 127 QB rating..
    Player 1 is Jimmy Clausen (junior year)
    Player 2 is Blaine Gabbert (junior year)
    And BTW -Clausen got better every year at ND, Gabbert got worse from soph to junior

    If Carolina gives up on Clausen after 1 year…they deserve EVERY bad thing that will happen to them over the next decade.

  8. Nobody know who the Panthers will select come draft day, so all of these mock draft etc etc is pointless.

    Lets say if they do select a Qb, they sure will be going backwards of constantly drafting the same position over and over again until they get it right(like the old Lions when Millen was Gm). Patients is key to a Qb being fully develop without being thrown in the wolves when they aren’t ready.

    As much I hear how these Qb’s aren’t listen as “can’t miss” prospect, I have to wonder why in the heck do they have them as top 5 picks? They aren’t day 1 starters in my eyes, who should sit and learn. But knowing how 8 of the top 10 teams needs Qb’s expect for some of them to reach of them.

    What a shame for a young Qb to be thrown under the bus after their rookie yr without given a 2nd chance to improve. What do owners and fans expect, a pro bowl/ All Pro Qb as a rookie lol? just kidding there.

  9. It’s not every day you hear a scout talk about a player’s production…

    …but man, was this guy high?

    Gabbert only averaged 40 pass attempts per game, with over 6700 passing yards in his two starting seasons. Match that with 40 touchdowns and 18 interceptions.


  10. If Tim Tebow had the game of Cam Newton he would have been the hands down #1 overall pick. Seriously should this even be a debate who should be the number 1 pick?

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