Raiders lineman arrested on gun charge

The lockout launched nearly six days ago, and already two arrests have occurred.

Both involve guns.

Vikings cornerback Chris Cook was arrested Saturday for allegedly brandishing a firearm.  On Thursday, Raiders offensive lineman Mario Henderson was arrested for carrying a concealed firearm, according to NBC 2.

Henderson reportedly admitted to having the weapon after being pulled over for violating a Fort Myers ordinance that prohibits music from being heard more than 150 feet from a vehicle.

Henderson, who will become a free agent (possibly restricted, possibly unrestricted) whenever the next league year begins, was charged with carrying a concealed firearm.  He also was cited for failure to wear a seat belt, and for violating the noise ordinance.

A four-year veteran who arrived via round three of the 2007 draft, Henderson appeared in every game with seven starts in 2010.  In 2009, he started every game.

55 responses to “Raiders lineman arrested on gun charge

  1. It’s good to see that the players have continued to demonstrate what a responsible group of upstanding citizens that they are.

  2. NFLPA better hope they get that injunction or otherwise 3/4 of the players are gonna be in the pen on weapons charges come opening weekend

  3. ordinance that prohibits music from being heard more than 150 feet from a vehicle.

    What a great ordinance. Can we have that in Los Angeles?

  4. I live about 35 miles away from there & I think carrying a gun in We-high Acres is normal. It should be like that fishing permit that covers everyone fishing off the Pier here in Naples.

  5. a tiny piece of me wants to see the lockout continue long enough to see these morons go bankrupt or thrown into jail one by one now that paychecks aren’t coming in…these poor “modern day slaves”

  6. The evidence seems strong. But then you look into those big, soft, brown, puppy dog eyes and you know it can’t be true.

  7. there are an awful lot of arrests going on amongst nfl players, which are not being met with the obligatory piling on which generally follows an incident involving a player employed in cincinnati… just sayin’

  8. pretty soon we can have the games in the prison yard and cut out the middle man. The losing team can be beaten like slaves…right Adrian?

  9. ordinance that prohibits music from being heard more than 150 feet from a vehicle.

    What a great ordinance. Can we have that in Los Angeles? …And in Pittsburgh?

  10. And you all thought guns in mexico were a problem. The players pack more heat now days ,you know being Slaves and all you just can’t be too careful. At least the Raiders wouldn’t let us down. 1 for 1 the first week of the lockout. Sweet The Vikings will still set the record for most players in trouble during this lockout without a doubt.

  11. @saswear & 1buckeye76
    Be happy there are bengals in the news at all.
    Cincinnati Been-gals….hahahaha

  12. I’m sure that when the NFL owners look at this guy’s mug shot, they get the same reaction that I do; boy, he sure looks like somebody with whom I would like to be a partner in business.

  13. It’s a good thing the authorities are out there cracking down on those horrible crimes of loud music and such in an overly crime ridden area like Ft. Myers.

    Good thing they got this goofy, harmless guy because he was carrying his gun in the wrong place instead of dealing with those crack dealers, gangsters, and such that saturate that area.

    Good thing indeed.

  14. I guess it’s just me but I don’t really look at the Bengals as criminals anymore. They haven’t had any major incidents since Henry passed – and let’s be honest – he was a big part of the negative media attention Cincy was getting.

    The worst attention I’ve seen the Bengals get is the T.O/Ocho show. Those two clowns should be cut ASAP. When I think of the Bengals I think of Benson, the steady o-line (sry i dont know their names), Gresham, Peko, the USC backers and the talented corners. All of these guys seem like stand up individuals to me and basically get a bad rap because of the WVU kids.

  15. You ever see those photos of people who look like their dogs? How about players who act like their fans?

  16. Didn’t the old folks used to say “Idle hands are the devil’s playground” , or something like that? There are going to be lots of stories like this as the lockout continues; these guys don’t know what to do with their time….

  17. What I do not understand is why he just didn’t get a carry permit. Minnesota is a “shall issue” state. Pretty easy to get on. If he has not been previously convicted of a felony, or violent misdemeanor, he can get one. It isn’t hard.

  18. It’s inevitable….

    Like water on the ground….

    Locked out players will find their way…

    To a courthouse.

    Come on “De” get these guys into an off season program- STAT!

  19. I suppose cruising the hood, with a pimped out ride, with a killer sound system, sporting a glock is just the burden these “modern day slaves” have to carry…

  20. The guy played like he was already wearing ankle bracelets.

    They’ll be waiting for him at the Cleveland Airport. 🙂

  21. On a team filled with crappy offensive linemen, Mario Henderson is the crappiest.

    Too bad he didn’t take the firearm with him on the field. It’s the only way this turd is capable of slowing down the opposing pass rush.

  22. This guy will not even play for the raiders this year, PFT knows it thats why they wana hurry and print the story “raiders lineman”
    PFT hates the raiders they are still angry Their Steelers got whipped in the superbowl.

  23. If kimbo slice and beetle juice from Howard stern mated you would end up with Mario Henderson.

  24. I got to agree with Scooby here. As someone who lives in SWFL as well and If I had lived in Lehigh Acres I’d be carrying a gun too and FT Murder is no better..! For all of you that go on here to hate on the Raiders and trash Mario, he is actually a good man and very religious. Remember his crime is lack of a permit not knocking over a 7-Eleven..!

  25. Is it just me, or does this photo make him look a lot like that beetlejuice guy? You know, the height-challenged guy that pops up now and then on TV.

  26. Why did he admit he had a gun? And why didn’t he put his seatbelt on when he saw the flashing lights in the rearview? Surprized they didn’t get him for a DUI

  27. Roggy Goodell says that there will be no suspension, even though Mario was charged with three violations, the most serious of which is the concealed weapons charge.

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