Report: Meriweather was the shooter

Last week, an attorney in Florida claimed publicly that Patriots safety Brandon Meriweather pulled the trigger on a gun that fired a bullet that grazed one man and struck another in the head.

An unnamed member of Meriweather’s family later claimed that Meriweather, though present for the fight that resulted in the shooting, wasn’t the shooter.

Earlier tonight, our good friend (even when he calls me a bastard) Dino Costa of Sirius Mad Dog radio said on the air, citing an “impeccable source,” that Meriweather was the shooter.

And here’s where it gets even more interesting.  Costa said there’s talk that the two victims aren’t, you know, alive.

Given that their lawyer claimed publicly that the two men believe that Meriweather was the shooter, we suspect that the victims have not, you know, died.  But nothing will surprise us any more.

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  1. Yea, well Costa also cited an impeccable source when he said MLB’s Matt Holliday was going to sign with the Mets. He signed with the Cardinals.

  2. I passed this story off as whatever when it first came around, but now… things are getting interesting

  3. Its possible the victim(s) died after the shooting in an unrelated incident. You know, people getting shot at a party with no police intervention kind of suggests maybe it’s sort of a rough area.

    But that’s one thing about Meriweather….the only thing he can hit is a head.

  4. Absolutely disgusting.

    I’d love nothing more than to have been blessed with the God-given physical ability to play in the NFL. So when guys like this hit the genetic jackpot and throw it all away over stupidity, it just pains me inside.

    Whether he is the shooter or not, the poor decision making ability of our professional athletes just baffles me.

  5. So you believe the part that says he the shooter but not the part that says the victims are dead? Either the source is credible or it isn’t. You can’t have it both ways.

  6. I’d want to wait till the source is shown to be impeccable or peccable. In either case it’s too bad that there’s a lockout. I’m sure Belichick could get a couple second rounders for Meriweather from the Bengals or the Vikes.

  7. “If I can direct your attention, your Honor, to these cardboard cutouts of my clients……as you can see from the photographic likeness, both suffered serious gunshot wounds…….”.

  8. This guy doesn’t sound very realiable. I mean if the can’t even deterine if the two victims are alive…that said, I wouldnt doubt that Merriweather is involved or the shooter.

  9. I doesn’t matter if Meriweather shot two men, killed three, robbed eight stabbed twenty men, or enslaved five men. As long as greedy Kraft and the “classy” patriots organization feel he can still contribute to the team( at the right price) then Meriweather will still be on the roster.

  10. I’m waiting for Costa to implicate Meriweather in the Kennedy Assassination next.

    This is either beyond silly or deadly serious. One tends to think if there’s actual evidence against Meriweather the police might, you know, want to talk to him in more detail about that?

  11. *******************
    Kave Krew says:
    Mar 17, 2011 8:25 PM
    Time to hire the Steeler’s law firm…..the one that got Big Ben off the hook AND got the suspension reduced……

    Please cite any references stating that charges were filed against him. Any woman that was truly violated would get that case in court. Obviously, parts of the story were fabricated. Sure Ben had bad judgement, but I don’t think he’s a “criminal”.

  12. So his “impeccable source” confirmed Meriweather is not only the shooter, but killed the 2 victims? What!?!

  13. The National Felon League. Only in America do you give these uneducated animals millions and expect them to behave. Please.

  14. “Ben? Brandon Meriweather. What was the name of that law firm you used last year?”

    “Yeah, well…some guy is saying I shot two guys with this gun I had and it went off, you know?”

    “Yeah, my bros got my back on it, but there might be some problems, cause we think both of them died, And there were, like, witnesses.”

    “No, no…the cops didn’t get there til later. We gtf out, you know?”

    Okay, thanks. I’ll call them in the morning. My agent is bugging me for a statement, so I gotta run.”

    “Hey, do you know if we’re gonna sign a new deal any time soon? Yeah, well my agent says lawyers make almost as much as we do, and they, like, don’t do credit, you know?”


  15. He should be punished for just being present…if he fired the gun then he should be punished more severely than Vick was. Why do these idot players always find themselves in these situations. C’mon man…be smart!

  16. It’s possible that the “impeccable source” is somebody close to Meriweather, and not the victims. In that case they very well could know that Meriweather was the shooter and not know if the victims survived or not.

  17. I think its ridiculous that anyone can write anything about anyone and you all believe it. Fricking lambs

  18. milburg2 says: Mar 17, 2011 8:13 PM – “So you believe the part that says he the shooter but not the part that says the victims are dead?”

    This shouldn’t be an issue….

    Lets just go to Bill Belichick’s sideline video tape and see who’s behind the trigger… assuming Goodell hasn’t run that tape through the shredder too.

  19. joetorontosays: “Lock him up forever.”
    Joe, you are absolutely right, Dino Costa should be locked up forever because he has proven himself time and time again, beyond a reasonable doubt, to be a complete moron. As for Meriweather, let the police and the court system do its job to decide if he gets locked up forever. As of right now, even if no charges come from this, he never plays another down for New England, and he very well may have squandered the rest of his career. There are some people, no matter what happens, that will never, ever learn.

  20. iknowfootballandyoudont,

    Greedy Kraft? It sounds like you’re all but sayin Jewish Kraft and I take your anitsemetic rant offensive. So how about you check yourself before your wreak yourself.

    William Brandon Meriweather is a troubling case. I will reserve judgement until a police report is made available.

  21. These are the stories that make fans shake there heads. For the sake of many of these players they better sign a contract, won’t be any players left to play at this pace.

  22. This guy is a perfect Raider. Pats can probably get two second rounders from the crypt master.

  23. i just can’t help myself….. there is no way that we should not know if he were the shooter or not because the camera man should have that footage….oh wait the patriots only film other teams-my bad

  24. I guess this could be true, knowing Meriweather. But this guy Dino Costa is a buffoon. Anyone that has ever heard him speak agrees. Seems like an idiot talking. I’ll wait until a DA or a police source says he was the shooter and, you know, the victims are dead. Until then, its just an idiot talking.

  25. In a related story, Meriweather just rec’d email confirmation that he has passed on to Round 3 of Charlie Sheen’s intern search. He’s rich, in the NFL, the 2 victims have lost a lot, therefore Meriweather is…you got it….winning.

  26. Dirty D Fo says:
    I think Meriweather may have shot me as well.
    Me too…and I AM dead.
    He’s still confused about exactly what the safety does.

  27. @canteatgreens:

    OK – got it 😉 😉

    Me? I just can’t wait for the Goodell-Meriweather mentor-protege love fest and all the “how grown up Meriweather is” articles and tv pieces @ SB 46……

  28. Again…This is 1 month later…This whole episode reeks of money and payoffs.

    ANYONE getting shot, would have reported this to police immediately…as well as the name of who did this…

    What are the ‘victims’ waiting for?????

  29. i will train and play the sport of football for way less than these guys are paid, and better yet, i will realize that i cant make this kind of money anywhere else. if these guys wanna stay gangsta why even put all the hard work in, only to lose everything doing stupid things. these guys make me sick

  30. fellas…ease up……no charges filed……yet

    The Steeler fans are telling me that if you are not CHARGED with the crime then the stories are fabricated and no crime was committed.

    Bad judgement, but no crime, ie: Big Ben and the college girl rape- scratch that-college girl rendeveux with an off duty trooper – scratch that – bodyguard ‘locking out’ any friends of the girl into the bathroom to help….

  31. fatalities are not things that require hearsay to determine. It’s called the obituary section. did two men die or didn’t they?

  32. Big Ben didn’t need a law firm because there were never any charges filed but I know facts can mess up your joke sometimes so I apologize. Honestly, Ben included how can these football players be so stupid and ruin the opportunities they have?

  33. I’ve seen your work before, and it was OK.
    But you’re an ass to be so flippant about such a crime, no matter the shooter.

  34. Dino is entertaining but I wouldn’t exactly call him a pillar of journalistic integrity. I would not be shocked if Meriweather did it, but I would be shocked if Dino Costa was one guy who has the inside story.

  35. Now would be a good time for Brandon to call Ray Lewis, he is a godo source for getting acquitted on murder charges.

  36. In a related matter, Roggy Goodell has said that even if Meriweather is convicted of 1st degree murder, there will not be any suspension.

    He further clarified that suspensions only will be handed down in cases where accusations are made but no charges are ever filed, and, most importantly, no guns are involved.

  37. Yeah, let’s not let your enabling facts get in the way of a good joke…But if you believe his and the Steeler lawyers were not being aggressive in getting the facts distorted so there were not any charges, then you are drinking the kool- aid a bit too much….

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