Tony Dungy and Ross Tucker join Thursday’s PFT Live

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We’ve nearly run out of football news on PFT, but we haven’t run out of quality guests this week for PFT Live.

Tony Dungy of Football Night in America joins the show to talk about the proposed rule changes in the league, which has been lost a little bit in the labor shuffle.

Ross Tucker of SIRIUS NFL Radio also joins the program to talk labor fun.

The show starts noon ET and you can watch live right here.

6 responses to “Tony Dungy and Ross Tucker join Thursday’s PFT Live

  1. jerseydevil –

    I’m new to this site so I will just continue our debate in the newest topics that pop up.

    In response to “who organizes the new league, makes the phone calls, buys the beer, etc.”….if you haven’t noticed, unemployment is sky high. There’s plenty of unemployed middle managers languishing around that would love this new opportunity.

    Also, you’re argument is missing one very crucial ingredient. At no point did I say that the owners are not entitled to any “giveback” if they are having problems making ends meet. If that’s the case and they prove it by showing the audited books, then by all means….they should get something back otherwise the league could fail.

  2. i cant believe the lenghts roger goodell will go to make sure he gets a 18 game schedule. i dont know who is going to watch the new two hand touch football league, why would anyone ever draft a pass rusher when all a qb has to do is put his arm up and your pass rush specialist can not touch them . goodell is ruining this game. the game is meant to be played by men and the very nature of football was built of physicality. i will not watch or pay for a two hand touch league , i sure hope somebody can come to the rescue and save the nfl because roger goodell will be the worst thing that ever happened to the nfl if he is kept in this job.

  3. I am just wondering aloud…..

    Is it just me or does Ross Tucker sound like he is on a “7-second delay” when he speaks??????

    He comes off as having been hit in the head a few too many times during his career.

    To me and again, it might just be me, he is so damn hard to listen to. I envision the short bus rolling up to take him to the broadcast studio unless he does this at home.

    Just wondering if there is anyone else out there that might think the same.

  4. I normally like Ross Tucker’s morning show, but lately, I’m getting a little tired of his agenda. NEWSFLASH: Don’t ask people to call in and give their opinions if you only plan to deride those with whom you disagree. Here’s what I’m talking about:

    RT: “So are you with the players, owners or neither?”

    Caller#1: “I’m with the owners, Ross. I was for the players at first, but at this point they seem unreasonable in their approach and I don’t like the leadership from Smith. I think he’s hurting their case.”

    RT: “It always surprises me when someone calls in and is so poorly informed on what’s going on…(insert more random condescending rebuttal)…we need to move along to the next caller…”

    RT: “Here we have another caller. Janet in WV, who are you siding with, the players, owners or neither?”

    Caller#2: “Ross, I am definitely siding with the players. I’m a _____ fan, but when I buy a jersey I don’t buy it cuz it has ______ written on it, or the NFL written on it, I buy it cuz it has ______’s name on it. This game is all about the players…”

    RT: “Thanks for calling, Janet. Hey are you that girl on twitter that I see contacting me named ___??”

    Caller#2: “Yeah, that’s me!”

    RT: “That’s just great Janet! I’m so glad we have great fans calling in and voicing their support…(insert random 5-minute long butt-kissing and pandering)…we need to hear from you more often. Bye Janet!”

    Ross, you can do better than this.

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