Kurt Warner: Marc Bulger would be great fit in Arizona

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A year ago at this time, there was a widespread belief that the Cardinals were interested in bringing Marc Bulger to town should he become available.

The Rams knew this, and didn’t let Bulger go until the Cardinals had already spent their money on Derek Anderson.  (Doh.)  This time around, Bulger will be an unrestricted free agent and Arizona’s need for a quarterback is even greater.

A certain expert on the Cardinals offense thinks Bulger would be a great fit.

“If the Cardinals want to do what we did when I was there, I think Marc fits the bill extremely well,” Warner said on 1060 in Phoenix via Mike Sando’s ESPN.com blog.   “He is a very accurate passer down the field, he can read defenses, he understands the system they play there and can do those things very well.”

It’s easy to forget what a reclamation project Warner was when he arrived in Arizona.  Heck, there were times during his Cardinals career that he looked close to done before he rallied under Ken Whisenhunt.

Warner believes Bulger could have a similar career arc as a “nice stopgap” for a few years.  He also said Carson Palmer could be “tremendous” in that system.

Anyone beats Derek Anderson.

18 responses to “Kurt Warner: Marc Bulger would be great fit in Arizona

  1. I don’t really know why, but I still kinda like Derek Anderson!

    As of Palmer and Bulger: I think any half decent QB in the world can thrive with Larry Fitzgerald. He and Boldin made Warner look good we he was a very declining Quarterback.

  2. Would love to have Bulger. His last couple years in St. Louis he looked like the walking dead, but he was beat to heck. A couple years to recover, and great receiving corp, I know he could do great things as a Cardinal.

    It’s probably up to him.

  3. I think NFL teams should hire a guy to head down to the local bar on a Sunday and watch games with people.

    Everyone I know…. let me repeat that… EVERYONE I KNOW… facepalmed when the Cardinals signed Anderson.

  4. I’ve the only team I think that is as bad at evaluating QB as Arizona is the Browns. Paying Delhomme starter money when he hadn’t been an effective QB in over a year was almost as bad as releasing the only legitimate QB on your roster the day before the regular season and going with Derek Anderson. Anderson had one good half-season and has been living off it for years. I have no idea why GMs and coaches continue to salivate and throw money at him.

    I don’t know if Leinhart has it in him to be a quality QB but Whisenhunt never liked him and had that kid looking over his shoulder anytime he got a chance to play.

  5. Just how many games did he win at St Louis? Any playoff games? I don’t think he’s the answer even as a stopgap.

  6. I have to really laugh at after just the luck of the draw a guy like Warner’s does ok in a place like Arizona and all of a sudden they are the Goose That Laid The Golden Egg. And now they are expert at placing QB’s around the NFL when many years they were lucky to have a place to play themselves.

  7. Bulger has no arm. A quarterback has to be able to throw the ball. Bulger’s a weaker, less savvy version of Chad Pennington.

  8. mike83ri says:
    Mar 18, 2011 7:45 AM
    “Anyone beats Derek Anderson.”

    Matt Leinart couldn’t.


    I’m pretty sure Matt Leinhart did play better than him in the preseason and definately would’ve been the better play during the season.

    Leinhart being released right before their first game was a real head scratcher. I think it was extremely disrespectful to the player to release him that late and obviously a disastrous move for the team. My feeling is that Whisenhunt wanted to get rid of him all offseason but didn’t want to deal with the fan backlash if he caught on with someone else.

    Anderson is the NFL equivalent of a “workout wonder”. He looks like an NFL QB and has all the measurables you want. He just can’t play QB but coaches keep believing they will be the guy who can “coach him up”.

    Next up on the washed up QB tour for the Cards : Jake Delhomme. He replaced Anderson in Cleveland and could be had for a low draft pick.

  9. @thefiesty1

    Just how many games did he win at St Louis? Any playoff games? I don’t think he’s the answer even as a stopgap.


    When Bulger first started in St. Louis, the Rams had a decent O-Line in addition to Holt, Bruce, Shaun McDonald, Kevin Curtis, and a younger Steven Jackson. With those assets, I believe Bulger initially had 24-6 record as a starter, in which he did in fact lead the Rams to a playoff win against Seattle. He was also the 2004 MVP of the ProBowl. It was only after Scott Linehan destroyed the Rams, the O-Line went to hell, and the receiving corp evolved into a high school unit that Bulger was driven out.

    He’s not Kurt Warner, but he’s heck of a lot better than Derek Anderson is, and he would be a major upgrade especially with Whisenhunt and the Cardinals’ receivers.

  10. As a Cardinals season ticket holder forever…

    Marc would be a nice addition to the Cardinals but they can’t stop there. They still need to go looking for McSoup, Kolb or Palmer.

    If they go into training camp with

    Marc, (Kolb, Palmer or McSoup) and John Skelton I can be happy with the QB core.

    DA was a nightmare…how we fell for the one pro bowl season thinking he could be serviceable was a joke.

    Larry Fitzgerald was running patterns wide open and the reject couldn’t throw the ball within 15 feet of him.


    Ken Whisenhunt wanted to bring Marc to the Cards, but the front office (GM Graves) wanted Derek Anderson, just so they wouldn’t spend the money.

    So hopefully they get it right this offseason, but something tells me 2012 will be a better year.

    Cardinal RED all the way!!!!!!!!!!

  12. I think bulger, palmer, or mcnabb would be a descent option for arizona. But only at the right price. No “pay me like I’m 28 years old and i’ve never had a bad season in my life” deals. Kolb is not that good as a starter and never will be. but he would make a great back up (again no pay me like i’ve made the pro bowl five years in a row and can garuntee a super bowl) I think Skelton might some day be a good QB and I would hate to see the cardinals take a QB with the 5th pick. Please trade down or wait until the second round. Also Fitzgerald is not the same without Boldin on the other side. They could use another WR. But I think they should focus on defense with there early draft picks anyway.

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