A couple of votes for the Cardinals preferring Gabbert to Newton

At this point, it would be a surprise if the Cardinals even had the choice whether to select Cam Newton or Blaine Gabbert.

If they do have that choice, a couple of close Cardinals watchers believe they will take Gabbert.

“I’m still not sure that A) the Cards would go QB with their first pick or B) that Gabbert will even be there to be picked,” Darren Urban of the Cardinals’ official website writes.   “I do think that if the Cards took a quarterback in the first round, they’d be much more likely to go with Gabbert than Newton.”

Urban believes the Cardinals think Gabbert is the “safer” pick.  ESPN.com’s NFC West blogger Mike Sando agrees.

“That is my sense as well, based in part on comments the team has made about needing to make sure a quarterback drafted that early has no question marks,” Sando writes.

There was a school thought that coach Ken Whisenhunt may see Newton as a similar quarterback to his former charge Ben Roethlisberger.  But Whisenhunt and Big Ben often butted heads, in part because Roethlisberger freelances so much.   Whisenhunt’s greatest success as a coach came with a polar opposite quarterback in Kurt Warner.

In that sense, Gabbert really does look like the safer pick for what the Cardinals want.

11 responses to “A couple of votes for the Cardinals preferring Gabbert to Newton

  1. There are certain teams that regardless of who is in charge are just kind of lousy at picking a quarterback.

  2. When Cam Newton is chosen first and doesn’t show up because he’s boycotting the thing, not because he’s hung over or anything, I still want the entire crowd to start chanting “She said no. She said no.” It’ll confuse anybody with a low Wonderlic score.

  3. So take one of them and sign Bulger to mentor them for a year or two? Especially if there is a rookie wage scale in place. Don’t “have” to play them if don’t have to pay them $50m guaraneteed.

  4. Newton would be either boom or bust. That pendulum could swing either way.Why would anyone want to take such a risk with a high pick? Gabbert or even Locker or Mallet would be safer picks.

  5. So those in the media aren’t pushing talent with these QBs this year’s draft. They’re pushing “safe bets.” Or is it more a player who happens to have an agent name is Tom, cause Christian Ponder is good and he’s barely mentioned.

    Back to the Blaine and Cam show…Yeah, the media has made it their business to slap the “bust” tag on Cam right out of the box because of the many preceived biases that the media seem to enjoy using against him. While the rich white kid, Blaine, is preceived to be a “safe bet,” not good or GREAT but a “safe bet” by those at ESPN and NFL. Like Blaine getting richer won’t force him to go snorting his money up his nose like the other famous white QBs or ever get in trouble.
    But every team should be leary of Cam because of what he did when he was 18 and because of of his father. And I thought after the year long BS with Tiger Woods and the non-stop distrusting of Michael Vick, the sports media couldn’t sink any lower with their smear campaign. BUT I was WRONG.

    It’s clear they know that there is a segment of our society who will forever judge and discriminate against blacks no matter what. And once they get them out of the woodworks and regurgitating their bias, it’s just a matter of time before others will follow.

    It’s clear blacks and whites are still treated so differently by our not so racist media. Just ask Charlie Sheen, Brett Farve, Ben Rothleisburger, John Daley, and Greg Norman, and I haven’t even mention the many white QBs flamed out by drugs but let’s us not “trust” Cam because those at ESPN and the NFL said so.

    Welcome to the 21 Century.

  6. They may be lucky enough and get Gabbert. But some idiot GM will probably take a flyer on him and quickly find out it was another draft mistake.

  7. I can think of a number of other players the cardinals would be better off picking in the first round than any of these 2 qbs.

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