Akili Smith: Don’t saddle Cam Newton with comparisons to me

One of the worst things you can say about a college quarterback coming into the NFL is that he looks a lot like Akili Smith. Even Smith himself knows that.

So when Mel Kiper compared Cam Newton to Smith, Smith was gracious enough to come forward and say that in reality, Newton is better than he was.

I was nowhere near the athlete that Cam is,” Smith told Bengals.com. “He’s an amazing runner with great moves. And we ran different offenses. I never ran the zone option. But I’ll always believe I had as good an arm as anybody.”

But even though Smith doesn’t think he and Newton are similar as players, he knows they might be similar as highly drafted quarterbacks. And he hopes that whatever team takes Newton does a better job of easing him into the NFL than the Bengals did when they selected him third overall in 1999. He also hopes Newton does a better job of focusing on football than Smith himself did.

“If they feel he’s a one-year wonder, then, please, let him break in behind a veteran,” Smith said. “I love his game. I think he’ll be a very good NFL quarterback. If he does what I didn’t do and not get caught up in the clubs and the entertainment thing and he does what he’s supposed to do in the offseason, he’ll be fine.”

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  1. “If he does what I didn’t do and not get caught up in the clubs and the entertainment thing and he does what he’s supposed to do in the offseason, he’ll be fine.”


  2. Every year, the 90 days of hype that preceed the draft lead to unrealistic expectations about what prospects are capable of becoming, especially in the short term.

  3. Even as a Bengals fan, I have to appreciate Akili’s candor here. Looks like his head is screwed on straight in his post-NFL life.

  4. It isn’t a fair comparison. Akili Smith had better passing numbers in his big season. I think he had a couple more touchdowns, more yards, and the same number of interceptions. Plus Akili started two seasons in J.C. and two in DI, I believe. He was a much better prospect than the Newt. I don’t think he was ever arrested for theft, either.

  5. Akili and Cammie Newts ARE very similar and Akili is right, Newton needs to be protected by the right team drafting him, not thrown to the fire like Smith was in Cincy.

    I’ve never faulted Akili Smith for being the Akili Smith everyone bemoans. I have faulted my favorite organization. And for his part, Smith has been a very stand up dude over the years in the few interviews I’ve seen of him (here and there on bengals.com)

  6. Akilli it is ALL true you ran a ‘Pro-Style’ offense. Your offense was based on you starting FROM under center. You were coached/gurued by the same guy who coached Aaron Rodgers…. Jeff Tedford. Yes you were a ‘pass first’ QB with average to good athleticism. You played at the University of Oregon……Sounds like you were more Joey Harrington than Cam Newton.

    But you know comparisons in this business rarely go beyond Skin(tone)Deep!


  7. Well, Akili, I’m sure you will be pleased. In fact, Cam’s background has shown him to be a highly dedicated, smart, studious, hard working individual who would never let a bunch of money go to his head and steer him to clubs, and entertainment.

  8. Yep, when that Newton nag rode inta the draft he were saddled up, totin’ ol’ Akili Smith on his back. Not only that but they was pullin’ a freight wagon containing the bloated corpses of JaMarcus Russell and Vince Young behint them.

    Dang, that’s a load.

  9. He is vince young (with one year d-1 under his belt) not akili smith.Over /Under on how long auburn has till they have to give back national title 4 yrs.

  10. nacjim says: Mar 18, 2011 5:34 PM

    How refreshing. A football player who checked his ego at the door.


    Apparently, he did it a little too late, but kudos to him for admitting he helped ruin his own career.

  11. The same result will happen to Cam in he’s taken by the Bengals. That was what killed any chance of Akili making it in the pros.

  12. To late Mr. Smith, those in the media who are intentionally saddling Cam Newton with the baggaged of every failed black QB know exactly what they are doing and it’s not accidently. It’s simply low down dirty media politics at it’s best to undermind and ruin a good kid. They know the society they live in.

    Blaine’s agent must be picking up the tab for everyone of these bottomfeeders in the sports media to trash and destroy anyone who stand in the way of Blaine being the first QB off the board.

    Believe u /me, what’s happening to Cam is intentional, just like the smear campaign on Mallett.

    Good luck to both kids…Blaine will fall harder than a rock, mark my word. The man upstairs don’t like ugly.

  13. getweird4u says:
    Mar 18, 2011 7:06 PM
    He is vince young (with one year d-1 under his belt) not akili smith.Over /Under on how long auburn has till they have to give back national title 4 yrs.

    Keep holding your beath…Here’s hoping y0ur school don’t have to give back their hardware first…People who live in houses with dirty glass windows can’t ever see clearly out of them. Always confusing their own reflection as someone else’s

  14. Well, Akili, you know some of these pinheads can only compare QBs along race lines. It was like the ridiculous comparisons I hear of him to Jemarcus Russell although their games have nothing in common, their work ethics are at two seperat ends of the spectrum, and Russell was a much more polished passer from a more traditional passing offense (just check out Jimbo Fisher’s offense at FSU because that’s what he ran, which is no where near a spread).

    Newton would compare favorably to Tebow, except with more physical tools; much like Ryan Mallet would compare favorably to Russell; however comparing black people to white people seems to be a foreign concept for these morons.

  15. Another reminder of how bad the Cincy scouting department is and was. How’s Andre Smith working out?

  16. Maybe the Been-gals could sign Akili Smith again. That would allow them to get rid of another 1st round QB. They could then waste this year’s first rounder on yet another QB. Akili can show Cam specifically which clubs to avoid. Thus, assisting that another youngQB’s potential is wasted by the Been-Gals.
    David Klingler

  17. We would like same the same about the Been-gals’ bastard brother a little to the north. The Clowns.
    Tim Couch, Courtney Brown and William Green

  18. I completely agree, this guy is the second coming of Vince Young. If you miss out on Newton in the draft Young will be released as soon as the lock-out is over.

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