Andy Reid: Teams have already shown interest in Kevin Kolb

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A year ago at this time, Eagles coach Andy Reid suddenly changed his tune regarding Donovan McNabb.  After calling McNabb his starter then going silent, Reid announced at the league’s owner’s meetings that the Eagles were entertaining offers for McNabb.

Reid quietly made a similar admission this week about Kevin Kolb, even if it wasn’t as dramatic.

As pointed out by the Philadelphia Daily News, Reid told the Eagles’ website this week the team has received feelers on Kolb.

“People have shown a little interest [in Kolb], and as this thing picks up, I’m sure it will continue,” Reid said.  “Listen, we’ll sit back and we’ll evaluate.”

Translation: We’re open for business.   When it’s allowed.

The tricky part for the Eagles is that it may not be allowed until after the NFL draft, and they may no longer want to deal Kolb at that time.  The Eagles could benefit from the NFLPA winning their injunction to re-start league business, because Kolb’s pricetag figures to be highest before he draft.  It’salso possible that wouldn’t even happen until after the draft.

Either way, this is the clearest sign yet Reid is looking for a good deal on Kolb.   Just like he was with McNabb a year ago.

“[Kolb’s] ours,” Reid said.  “Everything else from there is easy.  It’s kind of like what I said last year. I f people are interested, they’ll come to you.”

36 responses to “Andy Reid: Teams have already shown interest in Kevin Kolb

  1. Pros & cons:

    Kolb’s trade value is inflated given his limited body of work, but teams needing an immediate upgrade at QB know they’d be better off with him than a rookie.

    Trading Kolb leaves Reid/Eagles vulnerable because Vick’s style of play makes it almost certain he won’t be able to play a full season without missing time due to injury.

  2. If Andy can’t get a #1 pick, straight up for Kolb the Eagles wasted that pick of Kolb when he was drafted.
    He was a second rounder that should have had a real impact, but there is no impact when he is on the bench.
    Projects that you draft for future trades need to be like A.J. Feeley was, a later pick that you trade for starter quality picks.
    Kolb is not a bust, but if they don’t upgrade the value of him to a true #1, he was a bad pick. Three years is a long investment to get nothing in return.

  3. Off the top of my head he’d be an upgrade in Minnesota, Carolina, Arizona, San Francisco, New England — nah, just wanted to see if you were paying attention.

  4. Andy is so funny. What is he going to say, “No, no one seems to want Kevin. We made a huge mistake drafting him & we feel we need to start a evil dog torturing convict over him so we have a chance to win.” Thos organization is really pathetic to watch & see in action.

  5. Why am I apparently the only who has thought of this?

    Being unable to make trades is only about one thing, the paperwork. You can still do trades.

    Say for example it’s agreed all around Kolb is worth a 2nd rd pick. The first team in the 2nd that needs a qb (NE has Carolina’s #33 pick) is Buffalo.

    Buffalo says we definitely want Kolb. The Eagles say, we definitley want your 2nd rd pick #35. Buffalo says we believe that’s fair, let’s do it.

    So on draft day since they can’t send the pick to Philly, Buffalo simply says, Philly tell us who you want us to draft for you. They do so.

    When there is a new CBA, they trade Kolb for whoever they told Buffalo to draft for them.

    And for the hysterical alarmists out there, if two teams are actually going to do this it means they’re serious on both ends of the trade, so no, they’re not going to back out when it comes time to make it official.

    This stuff ain’t rocket science.

  6. Kolb will get traded at some point. They are not going to resign him past this season so they will cash in the chip, even if its after this years draft for 2012 draft picks. Mike Kafka is ready to assume the role as backup. Reid will draft another QB to learn and hold the clipbaord.

    My prediction is he goes to Arizona for a 2nd this year and a 2nd in 2012

  7. Gotta be tempting to keep him. Vick tends to get banged up.

    But if Vick starts all 16 games this year, and teams don’t get any more film on Kolb, his trade value definitely goes down next offseason.

    Always kind of liked the guy, and I like to see him get a full shot somewhere.

    So, there’s that.

  8. Andy Reid is a proven liar. Nothing he says can be taken seriously.

    And no-I am not talking about standard NFL subterfuge/gamesmanship. Reid is just genetically predisposed to lie about everything.

    All I take from his comments is that Kolb will be starting for the Eagles over Vick by week 3 next season.

  9. @johnnyoclock –

    Rich Eisen: And with their first pick in the second round it looks like the Bills have selected…WHAT? Snoop Dogg?

  10. @johnnyoclock

    While that is a great scenerio and one that is used in the NBA all the time, there are problems that could arise. If Kolb or the player taken with that pick gets injured between the draft and when the trade could go through, one team might decide to back out. Since there is no binding agreement in place there is nothing stopping them from doing so.

  11. poor management if they get rid of him. Not that he is all that or that i expect vick to fail BUT if vick does fail or gets hurt, they have no fall back plan. if i were an eagles fan , i would be nervous although i journeyman backup can be signed no big deal

  12. Isn’t it amazing how quickly the winds can shift? Less than a year ago, everyone seemed to be talking about what a stiff Kolb was, and how he seemed destined to be a backup for good. A couple of years ago, everyone was talking about exactly how early of a pick some team would give up for the privilege of acquiring Derek Anderson. Now Kolb is the potential premium trade bait, and Anderson is the butt of jokes on PFT.

  13. it teams were smart they’d be calling for Kafka.. dude scored a 36 on the Wonderlic.

    Hey andy,, please do not draft anymore 5’8 CBs or any 225lb LBs or any 6′ DTs or any DE’s that you wanna convert to LB

  14. Alex Smith had better numbers then Kevin Kolb did last year with an arguably much worse team. The Eagles would be better off getting something for Kolb now while he’s still seen as a promising QB despite having only a 76.1 rating last year (73.1 career).

  15. There are only two teams where Kolb is an immediate upgrade; Cardinals and the Vikings.

    At this point, a ham sandwich is an upgrade for the Vikings.

  16. Well, the day of the first round pick for Kolb is gone the moment they put a rookie salary cap in place. No need to overpay for a rookie anymore who may or may not pan out. Kolb may or may not pan out either. I wouldn’t give up anything more than 2nd for him.

  17. johnnyoclock

    It doesn’t really work that way. What if the player the Bills draft gets hurt? What if he gets caught with a hooker? What if a better offer comes along in the meantime and the Eagles just change their mind? These and literally hundreds of other scenarios could make a handshake agreement like that go awry, and the Bills would be in a position in which they’re left with a player that they may favor less than other guys that were still on the board.

    Would the Eagles like an agreement like that? Absolutely. They get to sit back and let another team assume all the risk? As an Eagles’ fan, sign me up.

    But there’s no way in hell the Bills would ever just trust that the Eagles wouldn’t back out.

  18. i guarantee reid and banner find a way to screw this up. every potential trade opportunity we’ve had in the last few years, we’ve ruined it by asking for too much or waiting too long.

    look at the recent eagles traded and how the front office stubborness did not allow the team to get maximum value.
    -lito sheppard
    -sheldon brown
    -donovan mcnabb

    the only example i can think of where it worked out in the eagles favor is the aj feeley trade.

  19. @sdffa11

    Lito Sheppard and Sheldon Brown? What were you expecting in return for those guys?

    Donovan McNabb? Show me anyone that thinks the Redskins got the better end of that deal.

    And yeah, AJ Feeley was a lopsided trade of epic proportions. Those don’t come around too often.

    Trading in the NFL isn’t quite the same as trading guys in Madden.

  20. “People have shown a little interest [in Kolb], and as this thing picks up, I’m sure it will continue,” Reid said. “Listen, we’ll sit back and we’ll evaluate.”

    Translation: We’re open for business. When it’s allowed.


    Translation: We’ll sit back and entertain offers and only accept an out-of-the-park deal. We have no need to get rid of him.

    This is how this organization runs. They will get the most out of a deal. If the deal doesn’t exceed their expectations, they will not do it because they know they don’t have to get rid of him. I fully expect the Eagles to take no less than a 1st round pick plus another later pick for Kolb. That may be excessive, but its what the Eagles are waiting for. And if it doesn’t happen, Kolb goes no where.

  21. They don’t think much of him as a Qb, but having read of his penchant for hunting deer with a knife, they are interested in having him patrol the stadium at night as a combination security guard/pest irradicator.

  22. Kolb has all the attributes and better historical statistics then did Cassell, when he was with N.E. If we can keep him, “Better for us,” if not, certainly worth a “First Round, Draft, Choice. All you “Football Nostradamas’s,” Get Real!

  23. My only complaint with Kolb and his limited action, “He doesn’t seem as durable as I thought he would be.” McNabb, was a, “Medical Burnout,” who lost his wheels. Never able to achieve the attributes of a “Pocket Passer.” We got a deal when we got rid of him. Three years to late!!!

  24. For those that think the Eagles should keep kolb-

    NO WAY!! hes not valuable as a backup. If he gets in there he is going to struggle…he’s a young player.

    He’s only valuable to a team thats starting over (thats not us), we dont have 2 Great qbs… we have 1 great qb and 1 qb who COULD be good someday.

  25. From all I’ve heard and read, the Eagles DO NOT believe that Mike Kafka is ready to step in as Vick’s backup. However, there will be plenty of backup type quarterbacks available in free agency. The Eagles shouldn’t have any problem sticking a body in there if/when Vick gets hurt. The question remains though how effective that body will be. But they really have no choice, other than to hold onto Kolb for another year and watch him walk away with no return on their investment.

  26. tommythek says:
    Mar 18, 2011 12:31 PM
    Kolb’s trade value plummets next offseason-he’ll be a free agent.

    So, there’s that.

  27. Trading a first round pick may be the only option for the Cardinals. Kola would be a stopgap but it would cost them dearly.

  28. Although Vick is a risk as the #1 due to potential injury and propensity to be a bonehead, there are options for #2 absent Kolb that can win games.

    Paging Jeff Garcia?

    Maybe Kafka is ready to be the #2? (unlikely)

    But Vick-Garcia-Kafka is servicable.

  29. Keep him!

    The Eagles are only on the hook for about $1 million next year, Kolb got his bonus up front in 2010. It makes zero sense to trade that guy when your starter is made of balsa wood. If Vick is the opening day starter in 2012, then I’ll say I was wrong. But I think they should keep Kolb because they’ll need a starter in 2012 (or sooner). And Mike Kafka shows no signs of being the answer, despite the fact that he, like most third string QBs who haven’t had a chance to screw up in a game, has his little cult fan club.

  30. They’d better fleece another team while they can, similar to what they did to Miami a few years ago.

    Kolb isn’t that good and, his trade value will never be higher.

    Why this guy gets all of these accolades is beyond me. The only decent team he’s beaten was the Falcons this past year when Vick was down, and their defense was pretty mediocre in retrospect.

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