Chester Pitts has gotten, and is giving, bad information

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We weren’t surprised by the hostile reaction of Seahawks guard Chester Pitts to the letter from Commissioner Roger Goodell to all players.  Though Goodell makes very good points and we fully support his call for continued talks (as should all fans), the players do not want to allow themselves to be divided and conquered, so they’ve stiffened their spines and dug in their heels, even if their short-term position ultimately hurts their long-term interests.

And their short-term position apparently includes a refusal to continue negotiations.  We currently suspect that a small handful of people (maybe lawyers like Jeffrey Kessler, maybe one or more players) want to push the process through the April 6 hearing in Minnesota, under the assumption that the players will obtain an order lifting the lockout, and thus giving the players more leverage.

But if the players lose the hearing and the lockout continues, the players lose leverage.  A lot of it.  (And anyone who says that the players definitely will secure an order lifting the lockout is lying or stupid, or both.)

Seahawks guard Chester Pitts, a representative to the NFLPA*, apparently has been listening to whoever is trying to force the process to litigation.  An entry posted by Pitts on his Twitter page this morning shows that someone is telling Pitts that negotiations can’t continue because the NFLPA* has decertified.

“He and the owners lie to the public every day,” Pitts said of Goodell.  “That letter is the equivalent of spam!  How is it all of sudden he now wants to negotiate when he knows that window has closed.  A trade association can not collectively bargain! The courts must now decide.”

In another message, Pitts said, “The movement of the case determines the next step. But no the class can’t bargain. Those are the rules of the antitrust laws.”

Chester, you’re just flat wrong, on both counts.

Negotiations may continue.  Period.

Specifically, the lawyers representing the class may continue the negotiations.  Packers president and CEO Mark Murphy recently suggested that the league would even consider signing paperwork that would allow the NFLPA* to be involved in exchange for a commitment that the NFL wouldn’t use it against the NFLPA* in court proceedings regarding whether the decertification is a sham, which of course it is — and Pitts knows it.

So how do we know that the lawyers can pick up where the non-asterisk NFLPA left off?  Because NFLPA* executive director DeMaurice Smith said so Thursday.

“We have lawyers and class counsel who are representing us,” Smith told Mike Francesa of WFAN.  “There’s no reason why those lawyers and class counsel and lawyers for the league can’t get together and talk and negotiate.”

Our guess is that one of the folks who have decided to push the case to the April 6 hearing and to resist further negotiations fed Pitts a line of crap when he started asking why negotiations weren’t continuing.

If that’s the case, Pitts should be upset.  And he should commence the process of finding out who lied to him, and why they did it.

44 responses to “Chester Pitts has gotten, and is giving, bad information

  1. These players who are speaking out and most of them are making foolish statements, why do they not run this stuff by their agents, I believe all agents are probably lawyers and might help them tone down this talk .

  2. I wish my Boss would lie to me and pay me millions a year. How about we pay you $50,000 a year,move you to the suburb and take away your fancy car. Enjoy.

  3. C’mon man,Chester wouldn’t have been STUPID enough to believe the line of crap that was fed to him…..Chester and his ilk prove thier stupidity every time they open thier mouths.

  4. Hey Chester, shut up! Your an idiot and your makin it more and more obvious every time you open your mouth. Btw your a terrible lineman I hope the hawks cut your ass when this is all over.

  5. Isn’t this the guy who said “We’re not that stupid,”? Everyday the players look more and more foolish and disorganized. You have guys getting arrested for weapons violations, other guys are mouthing off, others making dumb statements. It would be funny if it weren’t so sad.

  6. You might be giving this tool too much credit when you say somebody’s feeding him a line. He just sounds like a moron who shoots his mouth off.

  7. The players are all over the place. They need to get a deal done before they completely fall apart. Seems like the longer this goes, the more unstable they become. Should have struck while the irons was hot.

  8. I’m telling you…if this was tried in the court of public opinion, all the NFL has to do is mic up all the players and run a live feed on the internet…they’d destroy themselves in a matter of minutes…

  9. “Though Goodell makes very good points…”

    Except the main one, which he continues to ignore, no doubt on marching orders from his handlers.

    Open the damn books!

  10. Who the hell is Chester Pitts?? Even if I know him
    I’ll tell him to just shut up and no more moronic statements
    From him to cromartie and oh the slave comments from
    Adrian ” all dumb” Peterson.

  11. Not to sound bad or anything but IMO alot of the players have in some way been connected to the court system in the past and if they believe a lawyer can get them off (or get a better deal) in the court system they are going to believe their lawyer and go to court kinda like where the CBA is now so it doesnt suprise me that the players dont want to negotiate cause they think d.smith will win so why not go to court?? I hope they lose!

  12. Does anyone still believe the players have ANY chance for a good outcome? If they lose the lockout hearing in april the owners might pretty much do whatever they want…

  13. Chester Pitts job is to play football, not negotiate contracts. DeMarcus Smith and his team right now are doing a grave disservice to the players, the game of football and most importantly the fans. Not having a deal is one thing, but to go through this sham and stop negotiating is borderline criminal in my book.
    The NFL owners are looking best of the two as of right now, simple because they keep saying come back to the bargaining table and lets get this hammered out. That is what collective bargaining is. Not I am taking my ball and going to my mommy to solve this problem

  14. Is that the guy from the axe commercials? “DOUBLE PITTS TO CHESTER”. These guys should just keep their mouths shut if only ignorance comes out. Twitter gives everyone a voice even if they are as stupid as this tard.

  15. It should not come as a surprise that not ALL NFL players are intelligent. Some have gotten this far on athletic talent alone. Don’t get me wrong, the NFL is FULL of smart men. It also has its share of not so bright players. At this point, it is easy to ascertain that Roger doesn’t always know what he is doing (a la training camp tour last year). At the same time though, players are, like Roger did last year, talking out their backside. Further proof that they are under informed by their “Ex” Union rep and their fellow NFL brethren. That in itself should lend caution to any NFL player looking to get into a media spat without a full knowledge of the situation.

  16. These are the kind of comments that are made when you have unintelligent players making statements to the public. We know that 70-80% of players never should have graduated high school or college and were given free passes because of their athletic ability. Now we are expecting them to negotiate a $9 billion contract?

    I liken it to the uneducated in this nation that attempt to talk politics, and can only repreat what is force fead to them from the media. We can’t really blame them, but they do themselves more harm than good.

  17. The owners are playing the players like a fiddle. They are staying relatively quiet and only making public what they believe is positive to their cause and letting the players talk themselves out of public favor. De Smith must cringe every time a player opens his mouth.

  18. I hope the players lose on the 6th and the owners pull the last deal. That may teach them for next time. They won last time, lose this time and meet in the middle next time without all the drama

  19. Most of these players are just being used as pawns by other people who are only thinking of their own interests (on both sides of the table). Sad. Go educate your self on the issue (no, not just listening to other people) then make your statement. NFLPA* leadership need to put a gag order on their players or they will continue to bury themselves. Even if they are right in what they claim, the court of public opinion will be against the players and that is a big deal in this case.

  20. Does anyone know how a better deal helps the players? If they get another Billion from the owners, where does that go? does every contract get a “raise”? does the salary cap go up?

    If i were a player, I would want to get paid this year…what am i really fighting for?

  21. Uh….the NFL did say they’d open the books within reason.

    Still waiting to hear from the players what the problem with the 3rd party proposal is.

  22. Players say they can’t trust the owners. And now it looks as if they can’t trust those who are representing them. They’re in a bad place.

    De Smith and others are being paid to negotiate a new deal. They’re shirking their responsibility and overtaxing an already bogged down court system. In the words of Bill Belichick, ” Do your job.” If the players can get a better deal via the courts, why are they paying De Smith and others millions of dollars?

  23. When are the owners going to speak up, using Goodell as their puppet isn’t cutting it, was obvious in the negotiations he couldn’t make any decisions, so why are they not stepping up to the plate, other then reiterating their same old corporate PR crap. Come on owners, let’s have some transparency here. Are you willing to be in negotiations ready to cut a deal at the table or not. Are you talking to the lawyers about negotiations or just banging on the NFLPA*, really we need a bit more coming from the owners, stop hiding behind the commissioner.

  24. Man PFT is a joke sometimes. The player want litigation because the Owners are currently in no better shape than the players and in some cases in worse shape.

    Jones and the like can go through the off season without football because the revenue they receive during the offseason is what they normally receive. The problem comes on day 1 of the football season. For all the arm chair analysts commenting on here, most of the owners can not raise enough capital to keep them from default in the long term. Even the bond market knows this (see their recent report). Do you really think someones floating a low interest loan to the Glazers about know?

    The players are playing the only card workers have played for over 150 years fighting robber barons, hit them in the pocket. Without the lockout insurance a lot of these owners are one year from default. They can talk all they want, but in the end the players best chip is to hold out until the owners feel the financial pressure. You know, the same strategy that the owners had if they were to get the lockout money from the networks.

  25. P.S. – I hope they hold out so the UFL gets up and going. Literally that is the only way Jersey, Ticket, etc . . . prices are going to drop. Last time I checked most of the NFL franchises increased by 100% what they were worth in the 90’s (see Patriots, Redskins, etc . . .) Do you really think we will see a dime of cuts if they win? Apparently you didn’t read the American Needle Case or the fact that the cost of jerseys went up astronomically when the owners agreed to only 1 supplier.

    I’m SURE THEY DID IT FOR THE FANS!!!! And I also love how PFT/National Media only repeat what minority players have to say. Why aren’t they interviewing Peyton and the like so the bigots on here can’t continue to talk about cars and diamond earrings. Last time I checked the NFL was not 100% African American nor 100% non-college graduate.

    But I’m sure the corporate buddies are scratching each others back!!

  26. Clownburger,

    You are absolutely right! I don’t understand why the NFLPA is asking for the last 10 years when they really need to go back to the last CBA agreement was made. But then again, many of the things the NFLPA is doing doesn’t demonstrate a strong desire to resolve the issues. They come across as someone who is trying to pound their chests and flex their muscle to the NFL without much common sense behind it.

  27. We always keep hearing about the lawyers this, the lawyers that. I do not at all believe that the players are innocent and just getting bad information from people with an agenda.

    They players are going down this path because they want to. They want war. They want to destroy. The feel it’s their social duty to make themselves the new royalty where those who make ther living possible must now work for them, instead of being simply thankful the league exists to make them millionaires before 30. That’s not good enough. Greed does that people.

    I think it’s simple, it’s not bad lawyers, it’s the players being total pigs spitting in the face of those who saved them.

  28. A professional athlete and union rep doesn’t understand the subtleties of labor law?

    You could knock me over with a feather right now.

  29. Players – especially running backs, apparently – should take a lesson on what to say and what not to say from Ryan Grant:

    “I put things in perspective. Japan is trying to keep from literally melting down[…] You’ve got the labor stuff going on in Madison with the budget. By no means am I trying to downplay this. But it will be OK. This needed to happen. Maybe this is necessary for the future of the league. The reason why I am so confident that both sides will get something done is because I know both sides want football.”

    Done, over with. Players come off as sane, sympathetic and down to earth. The process goes on as normal behind the scenes as it would no matter what certain players say.

  30. What the majority of the players don’t realize is that the April6 hearing means very little. If the union is granted an injunction barring the lockout, then (with no union to negotiate with) the NFL will determine what system they will use in the absence of a CBA (while the anti-trust suit goes forward; players look at your history; the Reggie White suit to YEARS, not months). The league can keep 2010 conditions in place which means no UFA until after 6 years of service, no salary cap and also no salary floor (2010 saved the owners millions), they could implement their last offer, or something in between. Once that happens, the players could strike, that would be awesome for their public position.

    What % kickback to you think De Smith is getting or will get on Kessler’s firms fees? Players are being played by their hired leaders. We’re not that stupid!, YES

  31. rpiotro1, that’s a nice find. Some players are down to earth, or at least have good agents to whom they’re willing to listen so they can learn the right things to say. Ryan Grant seems to be one of them.

  32. It definitely would have behooved the NFLPA* to have players like Ryan Grant and Larry Fitzgerald as their spokespeople…that’s for sure. The NFL may not be full of MENSA candidates (neither is the real world) but there are definitely more thoughtful and intelligent players out there who would have been better choices to present the NFLPA side than some of the ones who have spoken out.

    There are a couple problems inherent in having players speak out. One, their nature. They have to be very competitive and aggressive to play their sport. They aren’t “losing” oriented or “compromise” oriented. Two is that I would guess a majority are not or cannot be big picture thinkers about this deal. Partners HAVE to be able to do that…they can’t just be worried about “what will I get in the next couple years??” They have to consider what is best for the SPORT and the future players, just as partners in other businesses have to think about the long term future of their companies not short term gains. The short term thinking is an employee mentality not a partner mentality. Couple the players’ nature with a pugilistic trial lawyer with 0 negotiating genes, just “ATTACK “genes…this is a bad marriage.

  33. FoozieGrooler says: Mar 18, 2011 10:03 AM

    “Though Goodell makes very good points…”

    Except the main one, which he continues to ignore, no doubt on marching orders from his handlers.

    Open the damn books!


    The owners offered redacted copies. DeMoron turned it down.

    Time to keep up on what’s going on.

  34. Now Pitts is saying that only unions can “collectively bargain” but the trade ass’n can “settle” like they did in 93. That’s his big explanation.

    So basically he’s going nuts because someone used the wrong verbage. Way to be progressive.

  35. Take the pads off this guy , let him speak and you can see why the players will lose every time. Dumb asses running their mouth.

    College grads…yea ,right? They majored in football.

  36. “I think it’s simple, it’s not bad lawyers, it’s the players being total pigs spitting in the face of those who saved them.”


    If there were any doubt that PFT is either sponsoring paid corporate shills or allowing them to spam this site or both, the above line should disabuse all of that notion. These are the kind of statements that compel players to make ridiculous comparisons to slavery. Saved them from what? It’s more of this “We’re paying ‘them’ for something ‘they’ would be doing anyway.” crap.

    I already know this won’t get posted, so I’ll ask again: At what time can real fans begin to post to this site?

  37. To Foozie Grooler… Go to the owner of the company you work for and ask him to open the books or else… You’ll be goin’ down the road kickin’ rocks so fast it ‘ll make your head spin.. The owners books are absolutely none of the employee’s business. If the employee disagrees, he can seek other work. Hey, now that we’ve talked, let me see your financials…..rediculous.

  38. Anyone remember when the NBA was having labor troubles, and Patrick Ewing bought a pair of non-corrective glasses to wear at the table so he’d seem smarter?

    Chester Pitts need some of those.

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