Looking at Randy Moss’ free agent value

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Randy Moss’ heart may be in New England, but it’s hard to imagine the Patriots bringing him back next year unless it’s for a very low price.  Even then, we’re not sure they would want him.

Moss mentioned returning to Minnesota as another possibility, and that seems like a long shot at best.  He also threw out Seattle and Cleveland as potential teams with a wideout need during his recent KFAN appearance.

The Browns seem unlikely based on some comments Mike Holmgren made last November.   The Seahawks make a little more sense.

The entire discussion got us thinking: What is Randy Moss’ value?

John Clayton said on 710 ESPN Radio Seattle that he thinks Moss will get a short-term deal worth $6-7 million-per-year.

We think that’s insane.

Moss does not deserve a Terrell Owens-in-Buffalo deal after the season he just had.  Production has to mean something and Moss is coming off a season in which he only gained 393 yards.  In eight games with the Titans, he had six catches.  He wasn’t particularly useful with Minnesota.

If he had any other name, Moss’ career would probably be over after a year like that.  Moss is now 34 and we think he’ll have to accept a deal closer to a one-year contract around $2-3 million if he wants to stay in the league.

It’s possible Moss’ pride won’t allow him to take that big a pay cut and he winds up not playing again.

30 responses to “Looking at Randy Moss’ free agent value

  1. Randy is about done, Clayton is dillusional thinking Moss is worth over million a year. Dont you have a racing team? I hear them calling your name. Bye Bye Randy thanks for the meories.

  2. Didn’t Moss take a huge pay cut to go to New England in 07? I can see him taking a pay cut. Better to make 2 mil than nothing. The Titans did not know how to use Moss other than as a highly paid benchwarmer.

  3. I liked Randy for the three years he was here in New England, but he got stupid and greedy, and impatient.

    He got what he asked for, and he got what he deserved.

    No love or sympathy for him now.

    Three teams in one season; a trade, and the ultimate embarrassment of getting cut. The worst season of his career with under 400 yards, and a virtual non-factor for the last 12 of the 16 games this season. And he reinforced ten-fold his previously corrected trait of being a team “cancer”.

    Yeah Randy, you’re worth millions now. Right. You’d be lucky to get an offer for league minimum right now.

  4. Moss’s value is 0. This is a guy that couldn’t even start in Tennessee. The ship has sailed Randy.

  5. Belichik may take him back as Brady does have a lot of influence. (See Branch trade). Brady and Moss are tight and if Tom wants a vertical threat, BB may give in and sign Moss for a much lower number and tons of incentive clauses, as well as conduct clauses.

  6. Really hoping Uncle Al does NOT bring him back to Oakland!… Even though we could use an experienced #1 receiver, we need one who will play 100% on every down… Not Randy-I play when I feel like it-Moss…

  7. Once a great gifted player with an attitude……now a slower, below average and bad cancer of a teammate/player with little value. What does he have in common with TO and OCHO — big mouth washed up clown.

  8. Randy Moss won’t be going the Marvin Harrison route. He’ll catch on next year for somewhere between 3-4 million with playing incentives, I’m sure.

  9. The lockout is bad news for Moss. If a season is lost, it becomes 2 full seasons since he’s been remotely useful. If not, there is a good chance owners are going to be a bit frugal with their player salaries, especially for a player whose last season was the embodiment of “locker room cancer” and “over-the-hill”.

    I would be surprised if Moss played again, as I don’t think his ego will tolerate a contract for what he’s worth now (think veteran minimum). Even if he was signed, I fully believe that he would play down to his contract, likely earning an early exit from whichever team was foolish enough to sign him.

  10. Also, Clayton has been ingesting some sort of crazy pills if he thinks Moss will get 6-7 Mil per year. This is a guy who, back when he was still useful, managed to underperform his way out of Oakland, for gosh sakes.

  11. I wouldn’t mind the Giants throwing 4mil at him for a year. Don’t know if Steve Smith is going to be healthy, and their WR’s are smurfs.

  12. As a Patriots fan–and I’ve taken into account everything involving Moss the past seven months–I would like to see him back in New England.

    Obviously, he would apologize within the locker room.

    The Patriots could use a deep threat opposite Branch.

    Moss would know that going back to NE would give
    him the best shot at winning a championship. He knows the offense well, obviously, and he has a great relationship with Brady. Besides, Tom has already voiced his opinion on Moss speaking out and being released, and he said he had absolutely no hard feelings.

    If Belichick can go after Moss–and BB loves Randy Moss–then the Patriots can save off on drafting a deep threat until round three or four.

    But the Patriots are apparently very interested in Torrey Smith from UMD, so I wouldn’t be surprised to hear from Moss ever again…

  13. New England got rid of him for reasons other than money he won’t be back there.

    Cincy has to be the favorite for his services. Sorry Cincy.

  14. please tell me Dan Snyder is already on the phone with his agent. Give him 40 mil for 3 years please!

  15. I highly, highly doubt he goes to Cincy. As poorly run as that organization seems to be at times, I think even that is beyond them.

  16. I really hate PFT commenters. You guys try so hard to act alpha and you’re all incredibly smug.

    That said, Moss has no free agent value.

  17. Cleveland would not give you 2 million for T.O., Moss and OchoStinko combined.

  18. love to see him back in MN. i wouldn’t pay him more then 2-3 million but i want randy to retire a viking.

  19. He is done. I still don’t know why the Titans took him off the Vikings hands. He was done there last year and added nothing to Tennessee. Of course, Bud Adams isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer. Some other idiot GM will make a mistake taking him.

  20. Moss is done. His years in Oakland, his playing when he wants to, and this last embarrassing season should keep him out of the HoF.

  21. If Randy can wait out the pre-season (whenever and assuming we have one this year) and a contending team has a major injury or loss of their deep threat then Moss might be a solution and going to a contender might keep his interest and focus. Otherwise save your money and team chemistry.

  22. Moss needs to return home to Minnesota. The Vikings are about to lose Sidney Rice to free agency so we’re going to need a lot of help at WR. It makes a lot of sense for both sides.

  23. Moss should take his act to Dallas. JJ likes the PR and his mug in print. Moss would fit right in.

  24. I think Moss is about 3 GM’s too late to land in Cleveland unless he takes a SERIOUS pay cut. That teams current directions seems to be in developing the 3 guys they have now into stars. My guess would be he lands in the NFC West somewhere (they all could use him). Either way he will be playing in the NFL this season if the NFL does play.

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