Steve Sabol begins treatment for brain tumor

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On March 5, NFL Films president Steve Sabol suffered a seizure while preparing to attend a banquet in Kansas City.

NFL Films has now announced that Sabol, 68, will commence radiation and chemotherapy treatments for a brain tumor.  Extensive testing over the past two weeks resulted in the diagnosis.

“[Steve] will begin treatments soon,” the statement said, via  “Steve is in good spirits and is deeply appreciative of everyone’s good wishes.”

The news is another reminder of the cruel randomness and speed with which cancer can dramatically alter lives.  In Steve’s case, it comes barely a month after decades of hard work culminated in the election of his father, Ed, to the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

For many of us, Steve Sabol has been the unofficial emcee of pro football, hosting so many of the shows produced by his family’s company that we felt like he was a next-door-neighbor or a member of the family.  Our prayers are with him now, and we wish him the best as he embarks on this fight.

27 responses to “Steve Sabol begins treatment for brain tumor

  1. May the Good Lord place his hand on him to heal him.

    Having lost several family members to cancer, am well aware of the scourge that it is.

    My prayers are with him.

  2. Wish Mr. Sabol all the best it wasn’t for him I and many other fans would not have the knowlegde of the past generations of football players and what they accomplished. The man has had a bigger impact on football than any player that’s for sure.

  3. God speed Steve. There are ever changing treatments for these types of afflictions. Lets hope that your system responds well…You have millions of fans rootin for your full recovery.(I like those odds)….

  4. Tragic news. My prayers are with Steve and his family. May God let his treatment be successful and give he and his 94-year-old father the health and strength to share their moment at the Hall of Fame induction.

  5. Without NFL films I would never have appreciated and enjoyed the storied past of the NFL the way I do and the Sabol family are the heart of NFL films.
    I was delighted to see Ed in the HOF and I’m saddened to hear about this illness.

  6. “For many of us, Steve Sabol has been the unofficial emcee of pro football, hosting so many of the shows produced by his family’s company that we felt like he was a next-door-neighbor or a member of the family. Our prayers are with him now, and we wish him the best as he embarks on this fight.”


  7. Mike, you captured my feelings perfectly. I feel bad for Steve even though I’ve never met him, because he seems like a friend and buddy after seeing him for years on NFL Films productions. Hang tough Steve. Put this thing on the sidelines and tell it to go grab some bench.

  8. Best wishes for a speedy recovery! Steve Sabol is one of the consistently positive personalities to support the NFL. His contributions are generational in their breadth.

  9. Man, I hope he pulls through. His contributions to the NFL are arguably as important as any owner, player or coach.

  10. Steve Sabol is a visionary. But he’s also a super guy, a class act, and the perfect son.

    I pray he beats this. He deserves to be in the HOF every bit as much as his Dad.

    20 years ago, Steve Sabol wrote a letter consoling Lyle Alzado when Alzado was diagnosed with brain cancer. He wrote “you were also yourself at your best.”

    Same to you Steve, same to you.

    You have our prayers.

  11. Steve, hang in there man… I just got over something very similar, I had it in the pancreas, I’m 29 and still not completely out of the woods yet, but the docs are hopeful and miracles do happen. Gotta keep positive mentally and know, not think, but KNOW that this shall too pass!!! We love you man, and in our prayers and best wishes, we will fight this together with you brother!! 🙂

  12. Sorry to hear the news. Scary stuff how fast things change.

    Give it a good fight Steve, you’ve got countless people pulling for your recovery.

  13. Godspeed, Mr. Sabol. You and your Dad’s efforts have made this league what it is by making it dramatic, condensed and so well presented. While the beneficiaries of your work squabble over the treasure you have helped build, we real fans pray for your continued health and contribution. Thank You, Sir for your effort!!!

  14. Mr. Sabol, my thoughts and prayers are with you during this difficult time. You work has created tremendous, fantastic memories that have lasted a lifetime. Thank you so very much for that. You can beat this. Nothing but the best.

  15. willie gallimore,eugene”big daddy”lipscomb,norm” wild man”willey,walt garrison,don meredith,steve van buren chuck bednarik,dick”night train”lane i’m 32 yrs old i know all these great players and characters of the game from watchin those great nfl shows late night as a kid still watch to this day one of the true pioneers steve sabol along with his father ed and john facenda get well soon mr.sabol.

  16. Finally, one thing ALL football fans can agree on! I hope and pray for the best for you Steve, for us fans you and your dad are the most responsible for our love of this game.

  17. Steve’s interviews of players and unique takes on them and other aspects of the game are just as interesting as his filmmaking. I wish him the speediest possible recovery. It would be so sad if he and his dad couldn’t enjoy Ed’s HOF induction together.

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