Jerod Mayo says Pats players have yet to talk about lockout workouts

So with the lockout eight days old and the calendar well into the time of year that players would be working out at their teams’ facilities, the men of the NFL are currently left to their own devices.

Pats linebacker Jerod Mayo tells Ian Rapoport of the Boston Herald that the New England defensive captain has taken to his home gym.

“Yeah, I’m working on the Bowflex, just trying to get better, trying to stay in shape, waiting for the phone call, to be honest with you,” Mayo said.  “All this uncertainty is there.  At the same time, you have to prepare like it’s going to be a season, and that’s what I’m doing.”

Mayo apparently was joking about the Bowflex.  (Maybe he actually has the Chuck Norris Total Gym.)

The Patriots have not yet organized group lockout workouts.  “As a captain of the team, I’m going to try to hold everybody accountable and try to do something later on,” Mayo said.  “I’m not sure when, but we’ll probably try to do something.  It’s all about beating the lockout at this point.  Whatever team can beat the lockout has a good chance of success in the upcoming season.  So we’re going to do the most we can.  Whether it’s on the phone, or on Skype, whatever we have to do, we have to do a lot of stuff.”

Quarterback Tom Brady, another team leader, occupies an unusual position, since he’s one of the named plaintiffs in the class-action lawsuit against the league seeking to lift the lockout.  Also, last year Brady didn’t spend much time working out with his teammates in New England.

“You have to hold everybody accountable,” Mayo said, “and make sure everybody’s minding their Ps and Qs and ready to come back to work when it’s time.”

By “everybody,” Mayo clearly is including Brady.  And the first step on the road to accountability should be telling him to get a damn haircut.

14 responses to “Jerod Mayo says Pats players have yet to talk about lockout workouts

  1. Why would the players organize workouts? Surely one of the threats the owners should consider is that when the season starts, the product is unwatchable.

    I understand players on the roster bubble working for their jobs, but guys like Mayo and Brady shouldn’t be doing the owners a favor.

  2. A) I don’t buy this for a second. The Pats players are smarter than than. And anytime someone says “to be honest with you”, they are usually lying.

    B) Another Brady hair comment. It amazes me how many guys care about how another guy looks. Way to prove how manly you are!

    C) Why don’t people ever tell Troy Polamalu or Clay Matthews to “get a damn haircut”?

  3. I really like Tom Brady’s shampoo, and I just LOVE his condtioner. Oh, and his wife ain’t getting thrown out for eating potato chips in bed.

  4. Mayo said,”Im not sure when,but we’ll probably try and do something”. And,”Whatever we have to do,we probably have to do alot of stuff.”….Wow! pure genius.
    Also, last year Brady didn’t spend much time working out with his teammates in New England.
    Is Brady too upper-class for them?…whats that all about?

  5. @robsterny

    He lives in California and was taking care of their new born son, all this means is that he didnt train in New England but he did show up for rookie camp and all other team avtivities.

  6. To robsterny,

    Guess working out in California contributed to the lousy season TB had last year ? Has anyone thought that Tom Brady wanted he could fly the entire team to Brazil to work out for a month or more for pocket change to him?

    Unfortunately for the Pats we don’t have organized workouts like the Jets have arranged at Greenwich High School while your QB waits for his 17 year old girlfriend to get out of class.

  7. Johnny Unitas had an awesome haircut……Funny how Pats fans take the ball busting of Brady’s hair serious….Hell, you commented on it as well, i guess you miss the Justin Beiber look he sported at the Celts game huh….Too funny

  8. Geez, blackglass3, people constantly comment on Clay’s hair and Troy’s hair. Where have you been?

    Davo, it’s not about doing the owners a favor. These are pro athletes. They didn’t get to that level by viewing workouts as a favor to owners or coaches. They’re competitive people, and when they come back, they want to win. Most have home gyms (heck, even I have a home gym–and a Total Gym LOL). You can bet they’re working out. And if the lockout continues much longer, we’ll hear more about players working out together.

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