Montell Owens clarifies comments about Roger Goodell’s letter

On Friday evening, we noted some comments from Jaguars fullback Montell Owens that were a welcome change of pace.

Owens said he recognized Roger Goodell is just trying to get a deal done, and that he understands the CBA will ultimately get settled at a negotiation table.  There was nothing controversial in the statements, just a player being even-handed.

Owens felt the need to clarify those seemingly benign remarks:

I would like to further state that I am completely sided with the players,” Owens said in a follow-up email to Tania Ganguli of the Florida Times-Union.  “To clarify, the only thing heartfelt is the commissioner’s attempt to get a deal done, but let’s be FAIR.”

Fair enough.  We just hope Owens’ comments were inspired on in his own.  We hope he didn’t clarify because someone at the NFLPA read PFT, then contacted Owens about the remarks.

Of course Owens sides with the players.  Of course players can say reasonable things about ownership (and vice versa) without the public suddenly thinking either side is weak.

A deal will ultimately get done by players and owners that bridge the labor divide, not by the strident among them determined to point out differences we already understand at every turn.

20 responses to “Montell Owens clarifies comments about Roger Goodell’s letter

  1. Mr. Owens,

    Contrary to what your leaders are telling you, the owners were being fair. Your leaders are being unreasonable in their financial demands. The sooner you realize it the better.


    All logically thinking fans.

  2. I’d like a reporter to ask Mo Smith these questions:

    1. Why have you spent all this time on a PR tour to get fans on your side when you could have been spending that in a room negiotiating room?

    2. Why do you guys keep leaking information attempting to get fans to be on the NFLPA*’s side when no matter what side the fans are on it doesn’t matter?

  3. LMFAO!

    “furthermore I’d like to clarify that contrary to speculation, my black eye is due to me running into a door and has NOTHING to do with Deloris Smith’s goons kickin my ass”

  4. Only us DIE HARD fans even know what is going on. I just talked to five guys that watch football every year, that said they heard something about it, but didn’t care because when September rolled around they would be doing the same thing as last September, WATCHING FOOTBALL!!! So why am I so stressed over this, because I see bull heads, or is it a bulls arse I can’t even tell which end I am looking at anymore. Please get something done guys!! We need a free agency before the draft not after.

  5. Chap, since you seem to be so “wise” in the ways of things and obviously have inside information that you can represent “All logically thinking fans”, please tell us all of the details that you are privy too that makes it “fair”.

    Since “Fair” is a subjective word that is really defined by the person uttering it and the parameters of which are generally defined by their current state and relative position to the argument, “Fair” could mean any number of things to any number of people.

    See, players are looking for the deal they can all agree on. And SO ARE THE OWNERS. When both sides get to that point, a deal will be made. Not until then.

    What that deal is will be left up to the principal players in this mess and not “Logically thinking fans”. That’s why we are posting on websites and not running billion dollar businesses and/or being world class athletes in a very specialized field.

    Eddie Murphy once said that if you are starving, you will eat a Saltine cracker and think it is a Ritz.

    But after a while, eating Saltines everyday, you realize….YOU ARE EATING A SALTINE CRACKER. So we, the fans, eat Saltine’s. We want the players to take less because our Saltine is all we have. So let the PLAYERS WHO PLAY this game figure out what is fair. Rich owners sure do enough of that with their historically low taxes and business breaks they get on the backs of the middle class.

    Logical thinking fans, as you call them, should really keep their nose out of what is essentially NONE OF OUR BUSINESS and let those truly involved figure it out and then watch football once it is done.

    What cracks me up is that YOU do have a say, but, unlike the players, will you back it up? If the players get a deal YOU find “unfair” will you withhold your money? Will you “side” with the owners and boycott until the owners get that “fair deal”. Will you REFUSE to watch these bastard players who DARE exercise their rights guaranteed by LAW?

    Hmmm….I doubt it. Which says all that needs to be said.

  6. Sure he got talked to by his union and once again had to explain in very simple basic terms what the letter meant and was intended to do. I already ready said the ill-informed and unprepared players will speak out of turn every now and then. He wants to play, just like the rest of the players. The Union is strong and why doesn’t the owners take up the players offer of owners and players in the room only to get a deal done? I know a secret….the owners would get owned….Anyway please go to UStream this morning and ask the players all your questions.

  7. “To clarify, the only thing heartfelt is the commissioner’s attempt to get a deal done, but let’s be FAIR.”

    Ok, Dude, be fair. Why don’t you pay your share of money towards stadium staff, stadium upkeep, etc.
    I am sure you pay for your plane ticket to each game. Pay your share of operating fees, instead of just collecting a paycheck. You are not a partner, you are an employee.

  8. This is just another example where speculation from this pro-owner site contributes to further distrust between the two sides.

  9. in other news Montell Owens also has been admitted to the hospital with a broken knee, a broken nose, 2 broken ribs, and severe bruising. He’s claiming he fell down a flight of stairs.

    The unions are reverting back to old tactics it seems lol

  10. Given time to think it over, Montell realized that what he was trying to say is that the Raj is really a jerk, and his letter was about as credible as an email from the former Nigerian Finance Minister.

  11. and to everyone who says the players are partners and there couldn’t be a league without them. BS get rid of all of em throw some scabs and rookies in there and ill watch it like i always have. I don’t watch it because of the players I watch it because i love to watch the game. I love watching Ray Lewis Ed Reed and Terrell Suggs, but once they retire that doesn’t mean I’m gonna stop watching. so i guess my point is, the players aren’t partners, they’re employees, just like you and me. so shut up let a third party audit the books and get your whiny butts back to the negotiating table.

  12. Who is this guy? Is he even on some teams taxi squad?
    How about some that matters make a comment – like the leaders, Manning, Brady, et al. Or, can’t they speak to the situation since they are named in the lawsuit?

  13. Moderators … you’re the ones who let a guy call the players “uppity.” You shouldn’t censor me for commenting on it.

  14. I loved the clarification. The only thing heartfelt about the commissioner is his desire to get the deal done. ROFL That’s probably the truest comment in the whole process.

    @chapnastier …

    Logical-thinking fans understand that points driven by powerful propaganda machines aren’t always accurate. Logical-thinking fans can separate their envy of high-paid athletes from their assessment of labor negotiations. Logical-thinking fans can disagree with an African-American labor lawyer without using some of the distasteful nicknames that have been applied to De Smith.

    Those who back the owners don’t have a monopoly on logic.

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