Report: Players to send group response to Goodell

On Thursday, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell sent a letter to all players regarding the current labor dispute, summarizing the terms of the league’s most recent offer and asking the players to urge the NFLPA* to continue the dialogue.

Several players have responded verbally and, in Chris Kluwe’s case, via whiteboard.  Now, a written response for the group could be coming.

Shalise Manza Young of the Boston Globe reports that players will be sending a joint response to Goodell.  The letter presumably is being drafted at the NFLPA*’s ongoing meetings in Marco Island, Florida.  (Hopefully, they won’t get too creative.)

We still believe that most players would be in favor of resuming negotiations between now and April 6, if they truly understood the nature of litigation risk — and if someone were to explain to them that there’s no guarantee Judge Susan Nelson will grant a preliminary injunction lifting the lockout while the Brady case proceeds through the litigation pipeline.

In the event that there are players out there who haven’t been informed of the risks and realities of the motion on which their leaders seem to be banking, we’ll break the situation down thoroughly on Sunday, hopefully converting the legalese into language a non-lawyer will be able to understand.

And it will be a fair, objective assessment of the motion.  We’ve been accused of being pro-owner and we’ve been accused of being pro-player.  Which likely means we’re striking the right balance.

33 responses to “Report: Players to send group response to Goodell

  1. I think it’s pretty tasteless, and very representative of the owners conceited stance, for you to keep assuming the players don’t understand the issues. Just because they don’t verbalize them very well all the time doesn’t mean they don’t understand them or are being duped by one or two lawyers at the NFLPA*. That’s why they have spokesmen…most people don’t verbalize legal issues very well. You aren’t striking the right balance here…if the players think they can get a better deal in the courts they should pursue that option. If the owners think they can get a better deal through a lockout, they should do that. YOU are arguing not based on logic, but on your desire to see a season. AND YOU SHOULD BE HONEST AND ADMIT YOU HAVE A CONFLICT OF INTEREST TOO. If there is no football, there is no PFT, not like today anyways. Your traffic would dry up like a raisin. And so you’re likely to argue whichever point ensures football for your business, not what might be best for either side.

  2. I’m sure the players will huddle together at each others houses in eager anticipation of your breakdown.

  3. I don’t care what either side has to say at this point. Just get a deal done so I can enjoy watching my team improve throught he draft and free agency to be competetive for the upcoming season. Whether the owners or players get more money out of this will not affect me at all so I really couldnt’t care less.

  4. The players not enjoying themselves on Marco Island should call their agents and tell them to accept the deal that was put on the table. It looked very fair to me.

  5. Only “the players are causing me to lose interest in the game”? The owners are innocent here? OK….

  6. “We’ve been accused of being pro-owner and we’ve been accused of being pro-player. Which likely means we’re striking the right balance.”

    You’re pro-fan, too, dammit! (And I’m profane?)

  7. @madmike66

    As a fan site, PFT is merely pointing out issues that can occur on both sides, being objective for the most part, & keeping fans informed.

    For you players, lawyers, owners, & NFL Reps who are trolling this site (& trust me, I’m not dumb enough to think that some of your posts are from fans), you need to start thinking a little more simplistic.
    Is it worth both sides to lose the 1 billion that you can’t agree on splitting currently? Essentially, that is what you’re doing. You are all, collaboratively, driving fans away from this game. You need to understand this: You generate $0 billion without fans. Every revenue stream to each of the 32 clubs, the league, & your own individual deals with Nike, Adidas, Reebok, etc is all based on FANS.
    Here is where your too simple minded in your views: Fans don’t appreciate or share your concern over 1 billion dollars. Nobody cares, we care about football & we KNOW that your all overpaid anyways. You’ve lost touch with the fact that you are paid quite handsomely to play a sport. What you are supposed to be doing because you love it & feel priveleged to be doing it for a living, you are instead taking it for granted & expecting hard working americans to support your ignorant requests for an owner who worked hard to build a billion dollar franchise to open his books to his employees.
    Quite frankly, we don’t side with any of you, but if we picked sides, we would pick the owners. Why? Because we don’t see your side of it all. If I were to go to my boss & ask to view his profitability statements as a privately owned, not publicly traded business, I would be told to go get ******. Hence, we don’t think that because you play football for millions that you have the right to do anything more than what we do. Your not special because you play football. If you feel you are, that is our faults as fans because we look to you folks as “heros” & “icons”. Instead, your nothing more than greedy idiots. Where did you get that from? Yep, a combination of fans & the owners your screwing now, you know, the guy who built that billion dollar industry so he could sign your million dollar checks.

    In closing, drop your sense of entitlement. Drop your greedy lawyers & take the advice of one Mike Vrabel. Go back face to face with the owners. NFL, get out of the way of them doing so. Owners, embrace those who work hard for you & risk their health. All of you collectively, think more about the hand(s) that feed you. The fans have nothing to gain, we just like that 1 or 2 days out of the week when we can lose all our financial problems & just enjoy some damn good football! Instead, you all spit in our faces by acting like the morons you are.

  8. your right tweener just because roger goodell is a very good liar , everyone is jumping on the players back , wihick i dont understand. roger goodell is doing a great deal of damage to the game of football with his mat dillon aproach to fines and now he will stop at nothing to make sure a 18 game schedule will take place, he wants to take the hits out of the game has anyone of you looked at what he wants. monday the rules committee is getting together and good old roger has a bunch of new rules making hitting someone illegal. he wants to turn the nfl into a track meet. and i for one will not pay for a track meet the game of football is a physically brutal game and that is what i want it to stay. i truly hope the goodell is fired very very soon i hate that p.o.s

  9. I’m officially rooting for scabs, or a lost season. This is getting ridiculous. Spend your time writing a counter offer instead of a letter to Goodell (probably in crayon). If they think they can get a better deal through litigation than so be it, but the leaders of the union need to stop letting the players make themselves dispised by working public that they are obviously out of tune with.

  10. The owners are not innocent. They are being far too condescending towards the players. However, the players are attempting to hold the owners financially hostage. The players do not share the financial risk, yet want more and more of the benifit of that financial risk. Be Fair! players, pay your share of operating costs.

  11. @ madmike66

    it’s not a conflict of interest to want a football season….both the players and the owners would benefit from a football season.

  12. Yes for me the players are causing me to lose interest in the game, not the owners. Yes I understand that the owners want another billion off the top. Im ok with the owners making more money than the players, as they are the owners.

    Why is ok for Bill Gates to take his “idea” and get rich off and not NFL owners? I wonder how much he would be worth if he paid his workers the type of salary the NFL did.

  13. Players come, players go…. I cheer for the logo on the helmet. Put different players in the uniform, I still cheer for my team. Sign replacement players and move along.

    Hell, putting in replacement players gives some of us with hopeless teams…. hope!

  14. I see more and more players posting comments, on this site. Let me put it in a way that you can understand: WE DON’T CARE who is right or who is wrong, you are fighting over “fan” dollars that CAN AND WILL dry up. How would you like to be back in the 1970’s wages???? We as fans can and will make it happen, if you don’t pull your heads out of the lawyers butts, and listen to what we are saying.
    Are the owners any less at fault, NO, but you walked and decertified leading to a lockout. Instead of a lock out you should have continued to negotiate. THAT would have proven more to the fans that you are on our sides. BUT O NO you are spoiled childern and just took your ball and went home. OH that really showed your true colors.


  15. @ jpmelon
    It absolutely is a conflict of interest for this site. The reason being, unlike you and me (fans) they are a business that makes their money off of reporting on the NFL, and they are here every day influencing public opinion by explaining the legalese AND repeatedly stating what is or isn’t a good deal. They have a dog in this hunt…this site’s interest is to get a deal done regardless. That’s fine, but as a journalistic outlet they should be forthright that they care most about any deal getting done so they don’t lose money, and that could cloud their judgement when explaining to us non-lawyer morons in the public what is a or isn’t a good deal, or what the players should o shouldn’t accept.

  16. BTW, I don’t favor the owners or players. This is a business negotiation, and both sides need to fight for max share. That is business. And we can cry about not having football, but there are other things to do in life on Sundays. If this were YOUR business you wouldn’t want John Q Public butting in with their opinions.

  17. elrushbo2 says: Mar 19, 2011 10:14 AM

    “DeMoron wants to play the race card sooooo bad he can taste it.”

    Is this is indicative of the pro-owner stance, I think I see the problem.

  18. When it’s all said and done, the owners will still walk away winners, and players will still whine about what they would’ve, could’ve, should’ve, got and didn’t.

  19. I have a solution to this whole mess. The owners open their books. The players open theirs. The league gives the players 60% revenue and the players give 60% of their endorsements to the league. Nobody wants Peyton Manning Fry Cook to sell their tvs. They want the Colts QB Peyton Manning to sell their crap. So without the league Manning is just another college QB selling cars.

  20. I’ve been critical of your stance on other issues, but think you’re doing a terrific job of striking a fair balance on this. Keep up the good work.

    Both sides have made mistakes, but it blows my mind how many people seem to think the owners are victims of greedy players. From the beginning, this has been about securing more money for the owners and nothing more. It’s illogical to hate the players for trying to maintain what they have because that’s what most of us would do in the same circumstances regardless of our salaries.

  21. I stopped caring about the millionaire players when Peterson made the slave remark.
    I stopped caring about the billionaire Owners when they pushed the 18 game season.

    Eventually, The fans will be paying higher ticket prices to feed the greed of both players and owners. They will still piss on our backs and tell us its raining.

  22. The players really are morons. Yes, write him a real nasty letter, then 6 months from now when the agreement has been made and football is being played, and you are standing in front of Goodell with your 4th DUI, please don’t be surprised when you are suspended for a season without pay. At some point he will be your boss again you dumb asses!

  23. I would love to know from someone with legal expertise whether the judge can reject the decretification of the NFLPA. It seems to me that they obviously are still coordinated and acting in concert and that the NFLPA is still a de facto active union. For a judge to act as if the union is truly decertified, shouldn’t the union have to act like they are no longer a union?

  24. The players are starting to realize that De Moron sent them up the river without a paddle.

  25. elrushbo2 says: Mar 19, 2011 10:14 AM

    “DeMoron wants to play the race card sooooo bad he can taste it.”

    Is this is indicative of the pro-owner stance, I think I see the problem.

    No…… I don’t think you do.

  26. My post was from the heart. I’m just a fan. I have followed the Eagles for a long time. The last thirty years from Georgia. The baseball strike finished my interest in baseball. Even after the year everyone got pumped up and hit a gazillion homeruns. Even when the Phillies won their second WS, I didn’t care. The football situation is about to do the same thing. I’m sure I am not alone in my feelings. I am personally sick to death of greedy unions ruining everything in America. The owners put up the capital and took the financial risk. They deserve more of the pie to compensate them for the risk. As a group of generally self-made business people, they are accustomed to negotiating in good faith. The players are mostly a bunch of kids who cruised through college. They are the ones who seem to have the entitlement mentality. They are the ones who will ultimately lose as this drags on.

  27. Deb says:Mar 19, 2011 12:23 PM

    Both sides have made mistakes, but it blows my mind how many people seem to think the owners are victims of greedy players. From the beginning, this has been about securing more money for the owners and nothing more. It’s illogical to hate the players for trying to maintain what they have because that’s what most of us would do in the same circumstances regardless of our salaries.

    You keep saying that the players are giving money back to the owners. I don’ t think you understand what you are saying.

    Every player still get’s the money they are contracted for. Also, in the future they guarantee there will be more money available for the players. Maybe if you broke it down for me on a player level. Peyton Manning is guaranteed $23 mill. next year. How much money is the Owner proposal taking out of his pocket? Brees pocket? Brady’s pocket? I’m really curious to understand where all this salary that the players are giving up is coming from because for the life of me i can’t figure out how the owners are asking for these players to take pay cuts?

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