Cowboys cornerback Bryan McCann arrested


The lockout hasn’t kept NFL players from running afoul of the law, with Cowboys cornerback Bryan McCann the latest to show up on a police blotter.

WFAA-TV in Dallas was the first to report that the Cowboys cornerback was arrested early Saturday morning. He was charged with public intoxication, taken to the city detox center at 3:00 a.m. and released eight hours later. The television station had no details about what behavior led to the arrest. Neither McCann nor his agents responded to a request for comment from on the incident.

The NFL plans to deal with McCann, and other players arrested during the lockout, under the Personal Conduct Policy once the league resumes normal operations. It remains to be seen if they’ll be successful in punishing players for what they do while away from work during a time that they are prevented from working.

McCann joined the Cowboys as an undrafted free agent out of SMU before the 2010 season. He was mostly a backup, but made two standout plays during his rookie season. He returned an interception 101 yards for a touchdown in a win against the Giants and took a punt back 97 yards against the Lions the next week.  He was named NFC defensive player of the week and NFC special-teams player of the week for his efforts.

19 responses to “Cowboys cornerback Bryan McCann arrested

  1. Cue the “typical Cowboy” turd comments even though he was arrested for what 85% were likely doing last night.

  2. So instead of being “locked out” this guy was “locked in”.

    Kind of like Otis staggering around Mayberry only to have Sheriff Taylor throw him in the cooler to sleep it off.

  3. Bring in Falco and the rest of the replacements!

    These clowns were way over-paid under the previous CBA. If we get some guys that actually play for the “love of the game” maybe the average fan can afford to go to a game.

  4. 3 players arrested since the lockout began 1 week ago. 2 on gun charges (Cook, Henderson). That doesn’t even include Meriweather.

    If the players keep it up there won’t be enough players to play after the lockout is over.

    I just can’t see this ending well for the players. They are proving once again that without supervision and structure of the league that a number of the players would run afoul of the law.

    And these are the people who were disrespected in negotiations. Hey Brees, why don’t you go bail out your union members. You have enough money to pay to make this all go away.

  5. At least he wasn’t driving. And btw, if he was so wasted he needed detox, he needs actual help and not a slap on the wrist fine or suspension.

  6. When these guys have no structure you see what happens…just wait it will get worse…I’d say the over and under on arrests will be 10% of the league if this lockout continues….GROW UP PEOPLE…

  7. Seems improper for your employer, who has laid you off, should reserve the right to punish you for something once work resumes. If you worked in a shipyard, got laid off for three months and got called back, does your employer have a right to suspend you because you broke a guy’s jaw in a fight? These guys have a free pass for now and should not be subject to anything other than their own good judgement and their consciences to act like adults and professionals. Too often these man-children still think that they can get away with anything because they are professional athletes. Unfortunately the system supports their perceptions through the specical treatment law enforcement and courts afford them. Being an NFL player in some jurisdictions means complete immunity to prosecution for practically any behavior, which could include killing people. If the feds failed to get involved, Vick would be fighting dogs today, since the the locals did everything they could to look the other way. Burris went to prison for shooting himself because New York has zero tolerance for those kind of asinine decisions.

  8. Par for the course when it comes to Cowboy players. It’s sad when they have more arrests than playoff wins in the last 15 years.

  9. Flash in the pan. Two plays last season, what are the cow babies going to do with him suspended four games next season?

  10. I’m almost to the point where I wouldn’t mind hitting the reset button. Shut this clownfest down for a year and come back with players who want to actually play and tickets that cost about a fourth of what they do now.

  11. how is public intoxication even a valid arrest….hes a grown man whos old enough to drink alcohol so everyone talkin ish needs to shut there mouth

  12. Alper opines:

    “It remains to be seen if they’ll be successful in punishing players for what they do while away from work during a time that they are prevented from working.”

    “Slaves” work 24/7/365, Mr. Alper.

  13. Maybe the new CBA needs to stipulate a minimum Wonderlic score for a player to be drafted… looks like there is quite a segment of “slave millionaires” in need of structure and supervision…..maybe there is a relationship between low Wonderlic scores and poor impulse control, immaturity, and criminal behaviors….

    People who are privileged, overpaid and idolized, should be held to a higher “character” standard…..if one is too stupid to appreciate the “privilege” of being paid millions to play a game, one should not be allowed to play the game…..

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