Mark Murphy talks about different feel to these labor meetings

The NFL product on the field this Fall could be rather altered if the Competition Committee’s proposed rule changes go into effect at this week’s owner’s meetings in New Orleans.

And those rule changes will basically be an afterthought for the next few days.   These aren’t your typical owners meetings.

The whole focus is going to be on labor,” Packers President CEO Mark Murphy told Rob Demovsky of the Green Bay Press-Gazette on Sunday.  “Obviously there’s a number of issues related to the health and safety of the players, but the whole focus is going to be how are we going to resolve our labor situation?”

The league’s owners arrived en masse on Sunday.  The ownership council took the opportunity to meet in the afternoon in advance of the official meetings starting Monday morning.

It’s safe to say they didn’t discuss the proposed rule to move kickoffs to the 35-yard line just yet.

4 responses to “Mark Murphy talks about different feel to these labor meetings

  1. i might have missed a post maybe but all i see is the league and the owners taking the first step/first move on everything, gathering as a group a day early, i know these rich dudes dont have alot of time.
    would be nice to see some positive moves from the players, granted itd be harder for them to organize as there are so many of them. jsut a thought though, owners are winning the PR front, to bad there is one…

  2. that’s just the thing–the NFL DOESN’T need :the: players. They just need players, and they will pretty much sell out. At least Lambeau will.

    :The: players need the NFL. They will cave. And De Smith will go down in flames.

    32 Smart Rich guys against a thousand guys that mostly mismanage their money. Led by the biggest mis-manager in sports–De Smith

  3. The owners have to figure out how long they’re going to let this thing go. The now decertified players union has said if the owners want to negotiate then contact the lawyers representing the players.

    If the new rule changes are in place then there will be no point in having a defense on the field. Defensive players can be suspended if they hit a quarterback while in the process of throwing, receivers are in the process of catching and running backs in the grasp of one defensive player. Beyond belief. Goodell is attempting to defang the game while everyone’s attention is on the contract. So be it, I won’t be watching.

    The NFL is dead.

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