Robert Kraft not attending league meetings due to “private family medical matter”

As the NFL gathers in New Orleans for annual meetings occurring during the first work stoppage since 1987, Patriots owner Robert Kraft won’t be present.

Per Ian Rapoport of the Boston Herald, team P.R. chief Stacey James said that Kraft will be absent due to a “private family medical matter.”

Mike Reiss of reports that team president Jonathan Kraft will arrive in New Orleans on Sunday night.

Robert Kraft, one of the most influential owners, was on a trade mission to Isreal during the league’s most recent labor negotiations.  Former Patriots linebacker Mike Vrabel, who now plays for the Chiefs, said that the players want to negotiate directly with Kraft, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, and Panthers owner Jerry Richardson.

We extend our best wishes to Mr. Kraft and his family at this time.

5 responses to “Robert Kraft not attending league meetings due to “private family medical matter”

  1. Oh dear. I’ve hard rumors about Myra’s health. And he will tell you how critical she has been to all that he has achieved.

    If it is something linked to that, clearly, that would be more important. Jonathan will step in admirably.

    Best to you and yours, Mr. Kraft.

    Go Patriots!

  2. 8man,
    I haven’t heard many other Pats fans who take a positive view on Jonathan but I admit that I don’t know much about him.

    Keeping good thoughts for Mr. Kraft & his family whatever the situation is.

  3. The players actually want to meet with Jerry Jones and Jerry Richardson? Wow, their union* is in worse shape than I thought. If you throw in Bill Bidwell and Mike Brown as well it could be a real Algonquin Roundtable.

  4. sorry vrabel u dont get to pick the exact owners u would get to negotiate with.

    howsabout u go to green bay and negotiate with numerous thousand people? who, btw, arent rich.

  5. Best wishes to the Kraft family, of course, but if he’s not able to negotiate right now I’d hope he secured a surrogate with authority.

    A consistent complaint from the players is that Goodell and Pash et al aren’t able to agree to anything, they just pass offers on to the owners.

    In that context (if it’s true) Kraft has to make sure his responsiblities are in trusted hands.

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