Buccaneers could be headed for Hard Knocks


Raheem Morris may not break out as many f-bombs as Rex Ryan, but he’s always entertaining in front of a microphone.

And it looks like Morris could wind up wearing a microphone for much of the summer.

Pat Yasinskas of ESPN.com’s NFC South blog reports that the Bucs are the “leading candidate” to be featured on Hard Knocks this summer.

There is one major obstacle in the way, of course.  There may not be a training camp this summer.   Unless HBO is interested in Hard Knocks: Lockout, the show may take a year off.

It can often be difficult for NFL Films to get teams to agree to do the show, but Yasinskas says the Bucs and NFL Films have been engaged in talks to do the show.  While nothing is final, that indicates a willingness by the Bucs to take the plunge.

Doing the show would make sense for the Bucs.  The team struggles to sell tickets and they have a very low profile nationally.

A long work stoppage isn’t going to help the Bucs on either of fronts.

18 responses to “Buccaneers could be headed for Hard Knocks

  1. That should be fun.

    I can see the beginning of the first episode-

    “This is the home of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Training Camp. This is normally where all of the players would be preparing for the new season. Instead, most of the roster is a White Party at Nikki Beach in Miami being hosted by Peyton Hillis and Michael Vick, while the Roger Goodell and De Smith continue to battle it out in court”.

    (anyone who has watched ESPN at all today gets the Hillis reference)

  2. That would be a great idea. The Bucs NEED that kind of national exposure. I just hope it won’t affect their preparation for the 2011 season. I have no doubt that they’re going to be the trendy pick to go far…that plus “Hard Knocks” may get in the young Bucs heads.

  3. This would actually be pretty entertaining campared to what you saw with the Jets last year watching a bunch of overpaid narcissistic divas. The Bucs have a young energetic coach, and a group of young hungry guys who banded together last year and were more of a “team” than some of the squads that made it to the postseason. It will also give people a chance to get to know one of the rising stars in this league: Josh Freeman. I would watch for sure.

  4. I agree with long username. A lot of young players on the roster could do more harm than good.

  5. Hell, maybe that show will get them to the super bowl like it did for the Jets… ohhhhhh waiiiit….

  6. Completely ignoring the fact that there IS no football on the horizon, and pretending that all is well….

    From an entertainment standpoint, Raheem Morris would be great personality to follow around with a camera. The young Bucs and their own version of the triplets (Freeman, Blount and Williams) would gain the exposure and following the owners hope will lead to more butts in the stands.

    From a fan of the Buccaneers standpoint…. I think overexposure would be a concern. This is a team that while on the rise, has not acheived anything yet!! It might go to their heads and become too much of a distraction.

    I’m definitely torn between wanting to see as much of my team as possible, but I’d sacrifice the opportunity, if it meant less distractions in preparation for the season.

    Morris did an amazing job last year, considering the Glazers insisting that it be done without the aid of free-agency….. and with the possibility of having 2011 played under 2010 rules of no salary-cap floor, they’re asking him to “do it again” and this time, they wanna film it??

    Rah….. if you pull this off, [b]you da man[/b] and should insist to be paid somewhere in the neighborhood of Gruden’s last contract!!

  7. I think it is a fantastic idea. With Morris being one of the more entertaining and engaging coaches in the NFL and with the Bucs incredibly young core of dynamic football players, this would make for a great introduction to a team that could be a major force for years to come. I would be glued.

  8. I am not a Bucs fan but I like the idea of using them for the this years Hardknocks. You have a young team with a young QB and Coach. I know its not Rex Ryan stroking his own ego for an hour but we might actually get to see budding stars.

  9. Even though I would love to see more of my bucs, this is a very young team and that kind of exposure could do more harm than good, maybe next season -if there is one-, but not this one -if we have a next one-

  10. Why doesn’t HBO just do the Jets again?

    It would be even better than the last one…

    A coach big into foot fetish swinging who apparently is shocked that Youtube videos aren’t private…

    A QB trolling Junior Proms for his girl friends…

    Rookie RBs from training camp cut and allowed to help division rivals

    And Coach Laughingstock once again predicting that his team will be Champs, likening himself to Babe Ruth calling a home run – except that Rex strikes out in his prediction – yet again.

    That’s good TV!

  11. “A long work stoppage isn’t going to help the Bucs on either of fronts.”

    Why did I know this was written by Rosenthal.

  12. This is insane! The Bucs do not need this . The only positive I see is the national exposure. The negatives are too much personal exposure for this young team to handle . A very large distrction from game preperations. A lot of pressure to “perform’ for the cameras which are there 24/7. This is not a good thing at all for these guys. A slip of the tongue and some stupid actions could damage sucessful the team building that went on last season. DON’T DO IT!

  13. Even though the Raiders and Saints are in the running, I’m glad that the Bucs are in the lead.

    Being a Raiders fan, I think that it would be too much of a distraction for the players and coaches. I want them to be 110% focused on improving upon last years record. Plus the Crypt Keeper wouldn’t go for it.

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