DeMaurice Smith spells out NFL’s financial offer

We usually only post one short video per PFT Live guest in the rumor mill.

But NFLPA* executive director DeMaurice Smith had two segments on the show Monday, so we’ll post two videos.  (Considering Smith’s importance to the health of the game right now, you could argue he deserves a lot more than two videos.)

In the clip below, Smith explains what financial statements the league actually offered to the NFLPA* during their last negotiations.

If you want to view either Part I or Part II of the interview, head to the PFT Live homepage.    We also have the transcript posted from Part I.

Basically, there is no excuse not to watch or read Smith’s words from Monday.  Unless you are just sick of the labor dispute.

But that would never happen.

This video is no longer available. Click here to watch more NBC Sports videos!

20 responses to “DeMaurice Smith spells out NFL’s financial offer

  1. If you want to get technical, they were actually the NFLPA, not the NFLPA*, when the offer was made.

  2. I was sick of the labor dispute 2 weeks ago. Hanging on every word, like are going to somehow solve this in a week, is weak. It really has eased my NFL reading workload lately since there is nothing being written about the game, just the court room stuff. Boring.

    This thing is going to grow into something that will seem impossible to fix, until there is a breakthrough, but not until after much pain has been experienced by the union and the fans. At that point it will be up to the fans to decide if they want to come back like nothing ever happened. It will also be mid August or september before this happens.

  3. how can anyone buy what this guy is shoveling

    i can’t . so much so that I get nauseated reading any thread that starts with MEMaurice Smith.

  4. There’s no need for the League to show anything. The League last CBA gave the players a better than 50/50 deal. This time around, they want a credit first, and it’s without at all whatsoever reducing the players’ wages. That’s what compromise is.

    So the solution is simple. Players should just give them their credit, go back to laughing all the way to the bank, and stop behaving like animals and get back to football.

  5. Wait, why shouldn’t the league have to show anything? It’s a REVENUE SHARING program. If the league is claiming that they’re losing money, then they should have to show their books.

    Remember, before the Doty ruling, the owners were poised to make 9 BILLION dollars on just tv contracts. Yet they’re losing money? If you believe that, then they have some beautiful Ocean front property in Nebraska to sell to you.

    If they were truly losing money, the books would have been opened by now. They would not have let this drag on for so long.

    The solution is simple. PROVE that you’re losing money, therefor, proving that the players need to take a cut from the last labor deal.

  6. nmking26, where have you been? The NFL or the owners are not claiming they are losing money, just that they’re not making enough. That’s been stated over and over.
    I really don’t think that opening the books would help a thing anyway. The players would just say, well you’re still making money, so we’re still not giving any back. The owners know that.

  7. The CBA said that ANYONE had a right to opt out of the deal. Thgere was no requirement that owners could only do so if they were losing money or if they showed the books. obviously, both sides recognized the possibility that one side might balk because they put in the opt out clause where it was not in the other agreements. And, labor law does not require an employter to show books even if they want take-backs.

    People are allowed to say I want more and that right is not restricted to players. Plus, the players want more too! They want a giveback of the 18 game season that they approved in the last CBA; they want more pension money; different rules on discipline; more guarantees, etc. Why are they exempt from proving a need for these things under this bogus philosophy?

  8. Interesting that Mr Smith puts the lie to the claim often repeated by commentators on this blog that the owners offered 5 years of audited financials. Some say redacted. Others say unaltered.

    I wonder if anyone on the league side will pop up and say they offered more than Mr Smith says here?

  9. The owners aren’t making enough parkerfly? 9 BILLION in tv contracts isn’t enough? Hell, that’s not even all their revenue, and yet they aren’t making enough?

    How does that work?

  10. The NFL takes a billon dollars off the top. They want to take two billion off the top and reduce the percentage from 59 to less than 50. The math just doesn’t add up. Why would the players agree to that. Teams claim to be losing money while the value of the franchises continue to rise. If the old deal was so bad why did the owners sign the old cba. And the owners are suppose to be so smart and the players so dumb. Huh? Show the players the money (the books) so we can go back to football.

  11. realfann says:
    Mar 21, 2011 9:05 PM


    Now, now, we can’t anybody talking sense on this blog. What is the world coming to?


    That only makes sense to you. Site any law that states they need to “open their books” / “become transparent”.

    The players got a great deal during the last CBA….the ownwers want some of it back…..easy as that……just that simple. EVERYONE wants more money….this IS America.

    “What is the world coming to” when people start thinking ANYONE, in America, does anything for “the love of it”…..???

  12. @realfann

    oops…..and before you say it…..NO, it is not because they are actually losing money….some (maybe) are, some (maybe) aren’t. It IS that they aren’t making ENOUGH profit.

    Period….get over it.

    You side with the players making more of the profits…… problem.

    Doesn’t matter. Somebody will make more of the profit….somebody will make less of the profit.

    The owners…actually….OWN the franchise…so, I side with the owners.

    Why invest in something that does not produce profit?

    There were plenty of people lining up to buy St. Louis because buying a franchise is instant money……….right???

  13. nmking26 says:
    Mar 21, 2011 9:56 PM

    “The owners aren’t making enough parkerfly? 9 BILLION in tv contracts isn’t enough? Hell, that’s not even all their revenue, and yet they aren’t making enough?

    How does that work?”

    Well lets see what were player costs per team, about 120 mil each? (estimate by me, I don’t know what they were) Thats about 4 billion in total. Then there’s taxes on all those salaries. Then there’s benefits, health and medical costs, coaching and scouting staffs salaries, stadium costs, lots of other employees from maintenance and cleaning to accounting, utilities on stadiums that cost up to 1 billion each.

    NFL teams generate tons of revenue, we all know this. The point is NFL owners are putting up TONS of money to run these organizations and they are going to make sure they are making a reasonable profit %, otherwise they will sell their franchises and invest in something else.

  14. I may be biased, but I am beginning to think De Smith is on a power trip! It’s about him and the owners, nothing more. He is after the Slave masters!

  15. That last CBA was a big win for the players… If they thought they were going to do better, than they were living in a dream world. But it is the bar and the standard set.

    Obviously the fight is about the future expansion into foreign markets. It seems to me the owners wanna use part of that split money (originally the price tag was 1 bil) to grow the sport, but yet be allowed to keep all gains.

    Now how the heck did they think they were going to get away with that?

    I guess a bunch of people will get on her and lecture about how the owners taking a risk with other people’s money entitles them to a huge payday…

    Me? I just can’t believe there’s never enough when it comes to money…

  16. I’m over it. Wake me up when the draft gets here. After that wake me up when these idiots come to a resolution.

  17. Honestly if you were a player, would you side with the owners? Would you want to give back a piece of the pie. With all the risk you put on your body. With all it took to get to the NFL. With how you see players come and go in this league. With all the money the owners make? Yeah sure you would. You would just say I love the game. I would play for free. Yeah right, fans have lost touch with reality.

  18. nmking, I never said they weren’t making enough. I said that THEY said they aren’t making enough. You said that they were claiming they were losing money, and they never have. Just making sure all the facts are straight.

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