Eagles sound poised to make Kevin Kolb available

When the NFL re-opens for business, it sure sounds like Eagles quarterback Kevin Kolb will be very available in a trade.

We noted last week that coach Andy Reid was following the same script as 2010, when he remained coy about his plans for Donovan McNabb before essentially putting up a for sale sign at the owners meetings.

Eagles G.M. Howie Roseman made it clear — like Reid did last week — that the team would entertain offers for Kolb.

“Obviously, there’s a lot of interest in a player like Kevin Kolb,” Roseman said via Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Roseman followed much of the same script as Reid.  They will look at anything to help their team.   Then he even tried to sell Kolb a bit.

“When you look at the history of quarterbacks getting drafted, you’re not looking at a group that’s a slam-dunk to begin with,” Roseman said.  With Kolb on the other hand, “You’ve got a bird in the hand, in terms of a guy who’s played at a high level and played against top-level competition.”

Trading Kolb makes sense.   Andy Reid knows how to develop quarterbacks, so the team may as well get something for Kolb now before he leaves in 2012.   Dealing him is a sign of a few things:

1) The Eagles expect to have Michael Vick for a long time.

2) The Eagles probably don’t love Kolb as much as they did a year ago.

3) The team is confident enough in Mike Kafka to envision him starting games in 2011 if and when Vick gets hurt.

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  1. 1) The Eagles expect to have Michael Vick for a long time.

    2) The Eagles probably don’t love Kolb as much as they did a year ago.

    3) The team is confident enough in Mike Kafka to envision him starting games in 2011 if and when Vick gets hurt.


    Mike Vick who they tried to trade last year but couldn’t even get a 4th round pick for him is now the Eagles savior and longterm solution. Heaven help us.

    I can only hope that Kafka is able to handle meaningful playing time this year because Mike Vick will not be starting 16 games.

  2. Kafka is goin to surprise a bunch of people in this league.

    but if they dont sure up the right side of that OL id doesnt matter whos back there. they wont last long getting thier heads knocked in.

  3. Hell, by the time this lockout is over, Vick might be too old to even play. Then again, with all this free time, he might get back into the dog fighting business and won’t be available.

  4. Doesn’t matter. They’ll get a late first round pick for Kolb if theyre lucky. They will then take that pick and trade down into the 2nd round, and take some 230lb defensive end who won’t last 2 years with the team. This is what the Eagles do.

  5. The Eagles would be crazy to trade Kolb. With Vick’s style of play he is bound to get hurt . Plus I saw him reverting to his old Atlanta self later in the season . That pick to close out the GB game was justg STUPID ! He had 1st down. 33 seconds on the clock. and Maclin open down the middle . When Vick goes down. do yyou really want to hand the keys to Kafka who has NEVER TAKEN A SNAP

  6. 3) The team is confident enough in Mike Kafka to envision him starting games in 2011 if and when Vick gets hurt and/or suspended for violating the NFL personal conduct policy.

  7. The Eagles are in a pretty good position at this point. They can listen to offers for Kolb, but they don’t *have* to move him, they can wait for a good offer knowing that if they don’t move him then they have a solid, young and inexpensive backup to Vick. Contrast that to the Bungles situation with Carson Palmer.

  8. As an Eagle fan, I view this as bad news. Vick was tremendous in a handful of games last season, but he was also VERY average in others.

    Does anybody REALLY think that this is the guy that can FINALLY get the Eagles the trophy? I know I don’t.

  9. Last year at this time Kolb was being touted by the Eagle’s organization as the future messiah. You can’t fault them for going with Vick after what he showed last year but how good can Kolb really be if the team is willing to give him up in a trade. If he really had the talent they would keep him given his age. Vick has to have decent value in his own right. I mean, why would you give up on a young QB if you really felt he was going to be a Brees, Rodgers or Roethlisberger to keep an older QB with a limited life span; even if that player has the talent of Vick?
    I say buyer beware on Kolb.

  10. What would be typical of the Eagle$ is to get a high draft pick for Kolb and then squander it on a quick but smallish defensive end, or a quick but smallish linebacker, or an offensive lineman that can’t play. They are mostly inept drafting in the high rounds, and overcautious when it comes to trading picks. They value their own counsel too highly. These guys think they are the smartest FO in the league, but forget about the Patriots, Packers, Atlanta, etc. that demonstrate year after year that THEY are really the smartest FOs in football. I love my Birds, but hate the HC, Banner, Roseman and Lurie. More humility, less boasting until you actually do something. Sure, posting winning records is better than losing, but we now expect and need more. All this FO wants is more $, and that is what irks us fans.

  11. Buyer Beware!!! If you look at Kolb last season he was very ineffective and seems as though he could not move the offense which he has been apart of for over 5 years. The Eagles are looking for a sucker to give them a 1st rounder.

  12. @stinkfingers (great name by the way)

    As an Eagle fan, I view this as bad news. Vick was tremendous in a handful of games last season, but he was also VERY average in others.

    Are you serious? The man was the clear-cut, no doubt about it most valuable player in the NFC. I count 2 games where he didn’t play at an elite level, no games where he was just flat out bad. I’d temper my expectations of the QB position a shade if I were you, because seasons like the one Vick had last year don’t come around too often.

  13. Big Red likes Kafka more than we know, but won’t say so until after the trade. There is no mystery regarding if a trade will go down, only regarding when the haters will honestly assess how great a player Vick is now.

  14. I’m an Eagles fan, and hell i hope Kafka turns out to be the next freakin Joe Montana, but where do eagles fans get this…Kafka is gonna suprise people, he’s a solid young inexpensive backup etc.., he hasn’t taken a damn snap, he was a 4th round draft pick. Is it because Banner’s hand puppet Roseman says so? Hell these bozo’s have wasted so many first round draft picks, you expect anyone to believe Kafka is ready to start in the NFL? Kolb hasn’t done a damn thing in the league, and now Kafka is the next greatest thing?

  15. Kolb is a starting QB in today s NFL and deserves the chance to start on his new team.He is a accurate passer and can hit receivers in stride as I watched him in all of his games.He is not very mobile and I felt would have been killed playing behind that weak o line in Philly……I like the kid and wish him the best on his new team plus I think we could get a 1st rd choice for him and Philly has plenty of needs to fill at this point

  16. Everybody can say all they want about either QB but, The entire situation rests on a good OL. Both can make things happen with good protection.

  17. When Vick got into trouble I was dead in his stuff, especially due to the nature of his crimes. However, the man has paid his debt to society and has tried to conduct himself in a civilized manner.

    There is an old adage that says, “No man can change, unless you let him.”

    With that said, I believe Vick has the football tools to succeed long term. Kolb has proven he can start in the NFL, and has earned the right to do so. The Eagles do no one any good by hanging on to him just to sit and backup Vick.

    A good trade to the right team would result in a win-win situation for all concerned.

  18. Who’s going to bale them out when Vick busts or is injured. Kola didn’t show much when they couldn’t decide aver shipping off McNabb. Apparently the Eagles still don’t have a clue either.

  19. everyone that says Kolb sucks is either a miserable philly fan that hates life, or hasnt watched all his games. he started and finished 6 games and played really well in all of them. and out of 6 he had 2 nfl offenive player of the week awards. he struggled agianst tennesse in the wind but other than that he played well. he threw 4 pics last season that were all basically hail mary plays, and he played the last game of the season with all our scrubs against dallas’s 1st team. kolb might not wind up being the best qb but to say he sux doesnt make sense.

  20. The third-string QB’s name is Kafka? This somehow seems fitting for the team which seems poised to ship off its second QB in 2 years who was named the clear starter the year before and which believes that a man who went to jail for killing dogs shows award-winning leadership skills.

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