Glanville says, “I may have the best coaching job in America”

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As mentioned during an early Sunday bout of insomnia, Jerry Glanville is back.

And he hasn’t changed all that much.

“I am delighted to be leading the Colonials into the 2011 UFL season,” Glanville said in a statement confirming that he’s returning to the pro game as both coach and G.M. of the Hartford franchise.  “How good a coaching job you have is judged by how good your support group is and with owner Bill Mayer, Commissioner Michael Huyghue and the Hartford fans, I may have the best coaching job in America.”

And so Glanville plans to hit the ground strutting.  “I am already fired up by the excitement of coaching new players in a new city,” Glanville said.  “There will be little or no sleep as we evaluate players, prepare for open tryouts and install our game plan.  I am putting together a new coaching staff in my mind.  The key will be that they are teachers that can get along and be able to hunt down players.  Everything is about to change.”

It’ll be interesting to see whether those changes include targeting NFL players.  If Glanville signs any of them while waiting for the lockout to end, Glanville truly will have some players on a “not for long” basis.

18 responses to “Glanville says, “I may have the best coaching job in America”

  1. no way paul82461 – this guy was a character of the game. great interviews. when he did color analyst on TV for NFL games/preseason this dude was really hilarious

    one of his all time quotes “thats straight ahead runnin – no fear dodgin” in his southern accent this guy made you laugh and made the games fun to watch

    good Luck Glanville – and you and Elvis can have a Zime on me after your first win!

  2. What he meant to say is, “I have the most annoying voice in America.”


  3. Who cares about this guy. There is a reason he is coaching where he’s coaching. I say cut him off now.

  4. jeez – what did all you guys have a bad weekend..i know it’s Monday but lighten up..dont take it out on my man Jerry

  5. I honestly did not realize Jerry was still alive. Dude went from being well quoted and eccentric coach to falling off the face of the earth

  6. As a head coach Jerry Glanville used to leave a ticket for Elvis Presley at the Will Call window of every game and for some inexplicable reason the national media and meatheaded fans thought that this was the height of cleverness and outright hilarious rather then imbecilic.

    Go figure.

  7. Hope he’s more successful at this than he was as a Nascar Busch (now Nationwide) Series driver.

  8. Glanville had the Oilers playing an aggressive style of football that lifted them up into a perennial playoff team. Unfortunately, his macho, penalty-loving style kept the Oilers from becoming an elite team. I expect the fans who show up to Colonials’ games will have a lot of fun and get their money’s worth.

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