Jonathan Kraft hopes Tom Brady was “conflicted” by antitrust lawsuit


The antitrust lawsuit filed by the NFLPA* will be forever known as Brady et. al. vs. NFL et. al.

That fact is a little awkward for Tom Brady’s employers, including Patriots president Jonathan Kraft.

“Look, on a personal level, myself — and I think every member of my family — feels extremely close to Tom. I’d like to think Tom was conflicted before he made that decision, but you’d have to talk to Tom about it,” Kraft said Monday via Tom Curran of   (Yes, that’s Curran doing work in the picture to the right.)

Kraft hasn’t spoken to Brady about the topic.

“He obviously feels like, I guess, that he made a business decision that was the right thing for him.  I’d like to think he was conflicted in making it, but I don’t know that.  I haven’t talked to him about it,” Kraft said, “so he didn’t consult me when he was making it.”

It has been theorized that NFLPA* used Brady and Peyton Manning in the case in part to make the situation as uncomfortable as possible for the NFL.

If that was the case, Kraft’s words are a pretty clear indication the strategy worked.

36 responses to “Jonathan Kraft hopes Tom Brady was “conflicted” by antitrust lawsuit

  1. Kraft is being naive. Tom Brady wants nothing more than to stick it to the owners right now.

  2. He wasnt “conflicted” when he left his pregnant girlfriend for another woman, so i doubt he gives a rats ass about Robert Krafts feelings

  3. Was not a good move for Manning and Brady, and especially not for Brees.

    They’ve probably lost quite a bit in endorsements. Not as many people will want to buy Brady and Manning jersees, and Brees looks more and more like a fool everytime he opens his mouth.

    I used to like them all. Now, not so much.

  4. Yep Brady and Manning are very uncomfortable cashing those huggggggge paychecks. If that was the NFLPA* wink wink strategy to make owners “uncomfortable” then it’s another epic fail for players.

  5. Dude knocks up one supermodel and marries another ain’t too bothered by conflicts it don’t appear.

  6. Tom Brady hopes Jonathan and Robert Kraft were “conflicted” before they made the decision to lock him out.

    Jonathan Kraft should be more concerned that Tom Brady was not “conflicted” before deciding to start wearing scrunchies and headbands.

  7. These individual lawsuits are going to have a residual effect.

    If and when there’s a new CBA (or whatever you want to call it since there’s no CB currently)…I see a really bad taste in the owners’ mouths and possibly a new way of handling holdouts and demands for trades.

    I think we’re going to see a lot more handling of players like Albert Haynesworth and Carson Palmer where ownership, almost out of spite, are going to make it very difficult for players to get their way…

  8. He did not “leave his pregnant girlfriend” – she got pregnant the weekend they broke up and announced two months later that she was pregnant – IOW two months after they broke up. He has never denied for a second that he was the father and has been very generous in supporting his son and has custody of his son for a good part of every year.

    You can tell how serious Kraft is about all this – he isn’t calling him “Tommy” anymore.

  9. No business decisions are ever ones your conflicted about. It would be different if it was a personal decision. This was clearly a move he was planning on. He didn’t think twice.

  10. “It is just a business decision.” How many times have owners and GMs used that phrase after freshly raping a player in contract negotiations or just cutting a player who gave everything to a team. The owners made this a business first league. Now they are all butthurt when the players won’t cut them an insider friend deal. Screw those dusty ol’ farts. I hope another league gets going.

  11. i think brady is smart enough to know what he is doing. he’s sticking it the kraft’s ___ , cause he didn’t get that new contract! always about the $$$ isn’t it

  12. Brady doesnt give a damn about the Krafts. All he cares about is the paycheck.
    As I said before, the owners are too damn generous to these ungrateful players. Time to step on them like the little ungrateful ants they are

  13. The players once a member of the NFLPA made a business decision to go after more of the owners money. Even though I don’t agree with them, I respect their rights as employees to seek a better financial reward knowing most of them are not “stars”, and understanding they are not “partners” since “partners” cannot be unionized against their own partner in their own business. But I am sh!tting my pants thinking that the players who are filing this law suit are Brady, Brees, Manning, and a few others whose paychecks could feed a small nation. Their greed fills me with disgust. And I no longer have interest in these “exceptional” players whose massive payroll diminishes the paychecks of their teammates who must play under the salary cap gobbled up by these primadonnas.

  14. I just had Deja vu……I swear I saw this article in a dream before it got posted…..I read it and commented on it too…..

    But the words were different in my dream.

    Hate when that happens….

  15. Tom Brady is always all about Tom Brady, he’s always been all about Tom Brady, and he’s always gonne be all about Tom Brady. That’s Tom Brady.

  16. How can you take Jonathan Kraft seriously? When has he ever worked hard in his life? He’s getting in on his dad’s money.

  17. Mayfield…these players were elected by the players assoc precisely because of their good reputations and prominence within the game. It is not them specifically that are asking for more money (obvious I thought but some people take longer to understand). i don’t know why owners shouldn’t have to show their books. If they have nothing to hide…..righht?

  18. Get over yourself, Kraft. Brady isn’t your house pet. Your pop is demanding Brady take a pay cut and won’t tell him why. I doubt he was conflicted at all.

  19. Please tell me if there is anyone out there that isn’t interested in money?…..the owners flat out only care about their pocketbooks now that a few high profile players join in on a lawsuit and the players are getting greedy? C’mon!!! Maybe the players are asking for a little much but I have no problem with the players stickin it to the owners!! I forget is it the player or the owner who goes out and punishes their bodies and their competitors bodies every week..who puts butts in the seats? The only thing most owners do is lobby for bigger and better stadiums and then expect the fans hard earned money to pay for a good chunk of it.

  20. Do you think Kraft will feel “conflicted” in 3 to 5 years when Brady gets replaced?

    Do you think Kraft felt conflicted on locking him out?

    Don’t be fooled… the only allegiances in Pro Football are to the Dollar Signs… on both sides

    Also, it seems that lots of comments are made on behalf of the owners… I don’t give a rats behind who is right and who is wrong… I just want my football

  21. Still a little lost on the hating the players for the money they make…

    The money made is divided 50/50 basically. All the players get about half to divide among themselves the way the owners want it between 1200 people (franchise players make more than 3rd stringers). The other 50% of the money goes to 32 owners.

    Seems to me that the owners make a lot more than any one player. So let’s say the highest paid player makes 20 mil. An owner still takes in 140 mil…

    And I should be mad at the players? I should covet their wealth more than the owners? I dunno… Because they took a risk?

    And the risk is all mitigated by revenue sharing and the fact that only the NFL can ok any expansion. Not much risk there, hasn’t been any since maybe the mid 60’s? And the merger was really just added growth which meant more money.

  22. Brady’s the only one of those plaintiffs who has a long term deal right now. I’d say he’s probably feeling pretty secure.

    I think it was somewhere else on this site where a poster made an excellent comment about why these guys were chosen for the plaintiffs…there’s absolutely ZERO chance they suffer any ramifications of this from their teams while if it were one of the lesser paid/lower profile players they could usher him out “for other reasons” with not as much effect on their team.

  23. jc1958cool says:
    Mar 21, 2011 9:38 PM
    i think brady is smart enough to know what he is doing. he’s sticking it the kraft’s ___ , cause he didn’t get that new contract! always about the $$$ isn’t it

    Uhhh did you not see what happened in the beginning of the season? He did sign a new contract. Way to be on top of things….did you know that we landed on the moon too?

  24. It has been theorized that NFLPA* used Brady and Peyton Manning in the case in part to make the situation as uncomfortable as possible for the NFL.

    It should make it uncomfortable to the NFL and the players to see the two highest paid players in the game at $18 million per year and $20 million+ per year associate their names with the lawsuit. That just makes us real people continue to see this as a tiff between overpaid millionaires, and overpaid billionaires, and we hope they both lose so then maybe we can afford to take our families of four to games.

  25. Last time I saw a player..or namely QB with a relationship that close to the owner was Montana/DeBartolo.

    Actually is kind of refreshing..because it reminds me of old time baseball players like Williams , Musial etc…Sure is a job like you guys put it…But this one is more, just like Montana.

    Kraft & son smart enough to realize that Brady exudes winning and is face of their franchise. When this is over, Brady will say he did this for his teammates and fellow players…and yes, he was conflicted. Montana would have done same.

  26. We are unfortunately dealing with astute businesspeople and prima donas who seldomly hold on to what they’ve earned during four to six years of their lives. Players have no frame of reference in reality. Many of them never would have graduated from college were they not athletes. I’ll bet most of the owners find most of the players to be spoiled brats. There will be residual bad blood.

  27. I would hope that Kraft feels conflicted about Ted Johnson, who suffered 100+ concussions while playing for the Patriots, have serious brain injury that has sapped all quality of life from him and likely will lead to an early death.
    I would hope Kraft is conflicted when he is making over $100MM every year off of the Patriots while each year players on his team than have made very little over the course of their career suffer career ending injuries.
    I bet Kraft feels no remorse or responsibility whatsoever.

  28. Still amazed at how short sighted people are….you want to know why the economy is screwed up while the rich keep getting richer at a record pace? Because the rich are taking a bigger and bigger slice of the pie, not paying anything close to their fair share of taxes (corporate or personal), and because they are outsourcing jobs in the name of even greater profits…but yeah, lets side with those that do little and make unconscionable amounts of money in the process. These guys don’t work harder and aren’t smarter, they are just buying votes and manipulating the system for personal gain while screwing everyone else over.

  29. stixzidinia says:
    Get over yourself, Kraft. Brady isn’t your house pet. Your pop is demanding Brady take a pay cut and won’t tell him why. I doubt he was conflicted at all.

    So you are completely ignorant of the fact that Brady just signed a new deal with a fat bump in pay, is that about it Chuckie?

    They made him the highest paid player in the league on the day he signed his new deal. Tom Brady is NOT being asked to take a pay cut, moron.

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