Marvin Lewis accepts that Carson Palmer won’t be back

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Carson Palmer insists that he won’t return to Cincinnati, while the Bengals insist that they won’t trade him. But while that might sound like a recipe for a lengthy battle between player and team, it might not be.

In fact, Peter King writes in this week’s Monday Morning Quarterback that Bengals coach Marvin Lewis is telling people he knows in the football world that Palmer won’t be back, and the Bengals are taking a close look at all the quarterback prospects in this year’s draft.

“Marvin knows how stubborn Carson is, and he thinks no matter what happens, the guy won’t change his mind,” one club executive told King.

But while Palmer would like to be traded — preferably closer to home, like San Francisco or Arizona — Bengals owner Mike Brown has continued to say that he doesn’t want to trade his quarterback. So the only remaining option for Palmer could be retiring.

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  1. Of course Palmer is available for trade. Brown is only saying that to maintain leverage. Otherwise it would be a firesale.

  2. This is just silly, this who situation. Two stubborn men who are going to cut off their noses despite their faces. As a Bengals fan I’m disappointed in both men who are acting like children.

  3. Why wouldnt they trade Palmer and get a good draft pick and try to improve their team? Dont get it.

  4. Brown is one owner who should be forced out. Not a big fan of players making stands, but in this case Brown is wrong.

    He reminds me of that toolbag Garth Snow in hockey who put a waiver claim in a player who he knew would never play for his team and simply made a powerplay to stop the guy from returning to the NHL.

    The Palmer thing is distasteful because Brown has to know, that Palmer gave the best years of his career to a team who never could manage its parts correct.

    I like to think of this a a huge D-Move.

  5. Another brat player not getting his way and throwing a tantrum. You signed a contract Carson, be an honorable man and stick to it.

  6. I believe the phrase is “cut off their noses to spite their faces.” But I agree, Mike Brown is too stubborn to give in to anything even if it is better for his team. He would rather win at negotiating, etc., than on the field.

  7. Until trades can happen and don’t, or football starts and he retires, it’s all just bluster and posturing. Carson can’t change his mind before trades are even possible. It defeats the purpose of the last few months of having everyone but him demand and threaten for a trade. Mike Brown can suddenly say he wants to trade Carson. It looks bad to cave to demands, and lowers Carson’s trade value. Finally, Marvin Lewis has to tell everyone he knows he’s moving on without Carson because he doesn’t have a choice…

    I think the only way Carson plays football again is if a CBA gets done before the draft, and a team offers significantly more than Carson’s worth in trade. I think Carson’s serious about living on the West Coast, and I think Mike Brown will force him to retire unless a team makes a knockout offer.

    In the end, I think he retires. I can’t imagine any team offering enough for him. He’s getting older, has suffered some terrible injuries, and hasn’t played well the last three-ish years. More to the point, he’s never been the guy to pick his team up when the chips are down, and now he only has a passion for football if he’s in the right time zone…

    How much do you offer for a quarterback who absolutely doesn’t have football at the top of his priority list?

  8. meshnuts says:
    Mar 21, 2011 10:40 AM
    Trade him to SanFran for Frank Gore and a draft pick. Do not draft a QB with #4.

    – – – – – – – – – –

    The Niners counter that by laughing and then offering a goalpost for Jermaine Gresham, Carson Palmer, and Leon Hall.

  9. Kinda wish the Palmer stories would go away until after the CBA. Until then there will always be misinformed people questioning why the Bengals haven’t traded him (Players can’t be traded right now). This is a story that can’t go anywhere until the labor situation is resolved.


  10. meshnuts says:
    Mar 21, 2011 10:40 AM
    Trade him to SanFran for Frank Gore and a draft pick. Do not draft a QB with #4.

    – – – – – – – – – –
    citynative says:

    The Niners counter that by laughing and then offering a goalpost for Jermaine Gresham, Carson Palmer, and Leon Hall.

    Don’t you have to find the end zone first before you use a goal post to bargain with?

  11. meshnuts says:

    “Trade him to SanFran for Frank Gore and a draft pick.”


    You can always count on Bengal fan for some comic relief.

    There is no one on the Bengals roster the niners would trade Frank Gore for. Let alone a broken-down QB at the end of his career that’s never even won a playoff game.

    Why hold back? Just trade Palmer to the Pats straight up for Tom Brady (and a draft pick).

  12. Heh. The comment tangent seems more interesting that the actual topic. I’m fascinated by the value Niners fans are putting on Frank Gore. He’s a really good running back, and seems to be a good guy, but people here seem to be placing him quite the pedestal.

    He’s played a 16 game season once, broken 1,200 rushing yards once, has a history of putting the ball on the turf, is turning 28, and has more than 1,300 touches…

    That guy has been lights out for the Niners in a time when their wasn’t anything else going for their offense. The statistics don’t speak well for runners of his style, at his age, with those touches, and with an annual history of injury.

    I hope he defies the odds and punches out a few more years of superlative football. That said, there would be talented, young players on every team in the NFL I’d trade him for (Not Carson Palmer thought).

    It’s such a cruel twist of the sport that the guys who are the most fun to watch and cheer for (who just laugh at the punishment others dish out) are the ones with the shortest football expectancy.

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