Packers P.R. director Jeff Blumb resigns

After 22 years on the job, Packers public relations director Jeff Blumb has resigned according to the Green Bay Press-Gazette.

“Jeff’s moving on, and we’re going in a different direction,” Packers VP Jason Wied said. “Jeff and I have talked for a while. He’s been doing this for 22 years, and it’s become a grind for him. We both felt that maybe it was time to look at what else is out there.”

The Packers will look to replace Blumb or restructure despite a hiring freeze elsewhere in the organization during the lockout.  Blumb’s name has been removed from the team’s website.

While Blumb isn’t quite Michael Strahan, he’s going out in style with a title.  We wish him all the best in the future.

14 responses to “Packers P.R. director Jeff Blumb resigns

  1. Blumber.

    “Going in a different direction” in company parlance is similar to what you do when you see the barf pile on the sidewalk.

  2. Interesting that the Steelers P.R. guy, Dave Lockett, also resigned. Dave did a great job and got three SBs in his realtively shore tenure.

    So both SB 45 PR guys gone within a few months of the Debacle near Dallas.

  3. Blumber wears a “sad-sacked” expression at the press conference.

    He was ill suited to upbeat nature of public relations work, but may have a job notifying familys of the death of relatives or friends.

  4. Something about Jeff’s demeanor at the press conference announcing the Packer’s SB win led the team to think he may be struggling with depression.

  5. as long as it is not Robbert Gibbs coming in….

    the language they used seemed vaugely familiar to a situation i remember but dare not mention…haha

  6. “While Blumb isn’t quite Michael Strahan, he’s going out in style with a title.”

    So when is Brett Favre gonna fall on the ground so Blumb gets the sack record for PR guys?

  7. My brother and I spent half a day with Jeff as our host after winning a radio contest during the Lindy Infante era. He was very reluctant to answer any of our questions about the team, which really ticked my brother off.

    But then we realized that he was performing his job very professionally. Had he betrayed any personal info, such as revealing that a particular player was in danger of being cut, etc., we might have passed that news on to a reporter who would have cited Blumb as an anonymous but highly-placed source. Then the player’s wife might have gotten on Infante’s case demanding the truth, and so forth.

    So, yes, we basically got what my brother described as “a dog-and-pony show.” But that’s the route Jeff had to take, and we wish him well.

  8. viking fans having a laugh about PR? Ha ha ha!

    Really, you guys wanna have this discussion? You wanna say being the Packer’s PR guy is a nightmare job?

    Do the vikes even have PR people? Didn’t you guys hire a Mondale to get another trash bag stadium? I can’t imagine the PR guys did much when the vikes killed a player… Oh wait, that trainer is in your ring of fame… Great PR decision there! Or how about the Love Boat? I could go on and on with that soap opera you think is a football team…

    I think I know why this guy wanted to quit, it’s like being the Maytag repairman. You just kinda sit around and nothing bad really happens. I mean, setting up Super Bowl parties is fun and all, but it’s kinda uninteresting for a guy trained in putting out corporate fires.

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