Rex Ryan: I’m like Babe Ruth calling his shot

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Jets coach Rex Ryan is continuing to predict his team will win the Super Bowl. And he says that in doing so, he’s a lot like another New York sports icon.

“They talk about walk softly and carry a big stick. I love that. I agree with that 100%,” Ryan told the New York Daily News. “But I guess I feel more like Babe Ruth. I’m going to walk softly, I’m going to carry that big stick and then I’m going to point and then I’m going to hit it over the fence.”

Ryan seems to be recalling both Babe Ruth’s “called shot” in the 1932 World Series and Theodore Roosevelt’s use of the African proverb “Speak softly and carry a big stick, you will go far.” But Ryan made clear that he’s comparing himself to Ruth, not Roosevelt.

“It’s like he had the courage to do that. I think I’ve got the courage,” Ryan said. “Now granted, I can’t hit anywhere close to Babe Ruth and I’m not as good a coach as Babe Ruth was a player. But I still feel the same way. I still feel like, why wouldn’t I say it? It’s easier for me to say it because I have people with me. Babe Ruth had to walk up there by himself. But if everything was up to me and that we were going to win [if] I’d hit one out, I believe myself I’m going to hit it out. More importantly, I believe in everybody – our players, our coaches, the fan base we have established here, everybody in the organization.”

So Ryan isn’t losing any confidence. Even after striking out in two straight AFC Championship Games.

52 responses to “Rex Ryan: I’m like Babe Ruth calling his shot

  1. When Ryan’s coaching career comes to a close, he’ll always be known as the loser who predicted he’d be a winner, but never was. Stay classy loser.

  2. “Rex Ryan: I’m like Babe Ruth calling his shot”
    Yeah, except for Babe Ruth actually delivered when he called his shot, rather than call it, then fail, then call it again, then fail again, then call it again……

  3. Yes, except Babe Ruth hit a home run when he called his shot and Rex flies out at the warning track every time. Big blow hard!

  4. This guy is a big fat blow hard. I have always been taught that actions speak louder than words. Guess it doesn’t hurt if you teach your employees to cheat either.

  5. Ruth back up his words. He delivered.
    Hell, I can call my own shot too if I predict each week I will win the lottery and in 2058 I finally win it.
    As pathetic as Jets fans are, even they must be getting sick of the fat guys act. Does he even know how stupid he is making himself look as each day passes?

  6. Championships: Ruth 7, Ryan 0. Called shots: Ruth 1 for 1, Ryan 0 for 2. Let’s give credit where it’s due, though. In the gasbaggery and blubberosity contests, Rex is a winner.

  7. Ryan’s vow of silence —- starting now

    How about that for a coincindence – Jerry Glanville Sr in the same news cycle as Jerry Glanville Jr —scratch that – Rex Ryan

  8. >>So Ryan isn’t losing any confidence. Even after striking out in two straight AFC Championship Games.

    maing it to the championships 2 years in a row with a team that prior to that hadn’t done much is excellent. twice they came close to going to the superbowl. Did Rex bring them to teh superbowl, no, but he did a lot better than most other coaches the last 2 years.

    Many of you dislike him (he has a big mouth), but he has produced. Look at the Jets before and after.

  9. i LOVE this guy! Wish he was the coach of the Browns.He makes things fun and interesting,how can you not like that?!?!

  10. Give the guy a break. He has done more in two years as head coach of a new team with a rookie, 2nd year QB quarterback than most of your teams will ever do. Two consecutive AFC championships. Many coaches will gladly trade places with Rex. Unless you are a front runner who is of course a packers fan. You can say whatever you want about the guy but he knows football, his players love to play for him and his coaches love to work with him. If he keeps knocking on the door with these AFC title games, it’s only a matter of time before he gets over the hump.

  11. I disagree… He’s more like Sloth from the Goonies crying “Babee Ruuf.”

  12. I will give the guy credit for what he has done in the last two years.

    But at the same time, he has fallen short two times in a row. And really, until he actually makes a Super Bowl appearance, it will only ever be talk.

    I mean really, playoff appearances are nothing more than over rated stats without a Super Bowl win.

  13. I swear the headline could read “Rex Ryan donates a million dollars and saves 8 babies from the Japan Tsunami wreckage” and people would bash him.


    “Hahaha this fat man probably saved 9 but had to eat one on the way out. What a loser!”

    Keep hating.

  14. The sad thing is… he could “call winning the Super Bowl” every year, just as he has so far, for another five years, and then whenever he eventually does, media networks like ESPN, will all drool and scream “OMG HE CALLED IT OMG”

    It’s the epitome of ‘even a broken clock is right twice a day’

    I could’ve sworn we heard all of this last year… the “I’m not a great coach, he’s a better coach than me, we’re going to win, we’re going to win the Super Bowl” blah blah blah – you can’t come back and say the same stuff the very next year.

  15. Someone should probably explain to Rex that his team is filled with aging free agents and the window has already closed.

  16. @iknowfootballandyoudont

    It’s fine if you don’t like Rex, and it’s fine if you don’t like hearing him talk. But don’t come on here and call jets fans pathetic cause you sound real stupid. I don’t know where you are from or what team you cheer for but you obviously have never been around real jets fans or to a jets game. The jets have some of the most loyal fans out there. We have sticked with the team through all the good and BAD times, and there was alot of bad times. So I don’t know where you get off making a comment like that. You really sound like you don’t know football. Why would we be sick of Rex talking ? All he has done is accomplished more in two years than any other jets coach has. He has given the jets fans something to be excited about again. As a jets fan even though they lost the champ game the last two years I have enjoyed the last two seasons a ton! They have won and played in some great games and they were very exciting for us fans. So think what you want but you really don’t have a clue.

  17. @disturbedshifty

    Playoff appearences mean alot more than just over rated stats. Maybe thats what it means to the average fan but for the owner of a franchise its alot more. For example, the jets getting as far as they did the last two years is gonna generate the team alot more money and exposure. They are going to be nationally televised alot more just like they were last year. Its gonna help ticket sales, merchandise, and other things like that. Also its nice to know that your team is on the right track and very close to getting to where they want to go. Speaking as a jets fan if your gonna tell me that their win over the pats in the playoffs meant nothing than you dont know anything. That win meant a ton to jets fans. As much as the patriots fans might hate the jets i guarentee that when they play next year they will have the pats respect going into the game. Winning playoff games makes your franchise stronger. What fan wants to suffer losing season after losing season. Thats not ok, so i think winning playoff games means a little more than overinflated stats. “YOU PLAY TO WIN THE GAME”

  18. Here’s a guy that two years ago thought his team had been mathematically eliminated from the playoffs(he’s brilliant) – when in fact that wasn’t the case. On top of that , the Colts, deciding to not try for a perfect season, “laid down” for them which allowed the Jets to get into the playoffs. Rex Ryan, or more accurately, “Mr. Bluster”, then proceeded to act like they deserved to be in the playoofs in the first place.

    Here’s a little message for “Mr. Bluster” –

    “Two years in row”
    “With nothing to show”
    “Now there’s nowhere to go”
    “But down”

    Have a nice day “Mr. Bluster” – the other teams are going to put a fork in you – “you’re done”.


    What are you talking about aging free agents. Those aging free agent arent getting resigned. Do you relize that the jets core players are all under 28. Sanchez, Revis, Harris, Feguson, Mangold, Greene, Leonard. Come on wake up man. They will resign Holmes too and guess what hes gonna be 28 too and if they resign Cromartie which theres a good chance they will hes 26. So how can you say the window has closed. Its just opening, Rex is a young coach, Sanchez is 24 years old he is a baby look what he has done already. He will only get better. The jets arent going anywhere sorry man.

  20. I guarantee that the majority of football fans are tired of this guy running his mouth. Your team is not nearly as good as you think it is and you won’t win your division again.

    Eventually the owner of the Jets might want some home playoff games to get more revenue so try winning your division before you talk about winning a Super Bowl,

  21. Except Babe Ruth only needed one chance to call his shot. The jury is still out on how many chances it will take Rex Ryan.

  22. @ dukemarc:

    who are all these aging free agents?

    LT sure, Tony richardson soon to be replaced by John Conner. Trevor price? not even a starter, plays maybe 10-15 snaps a game.

    bart scott and Pace are 30…
    ellis and BT are over 30, and home grown.
    everyone else is in there 20’s

  23. Well, he does have the belly going for him. I would need to see him point and stand at the same time to see if he is fully qualified to make that statement.

  24. @dixon29

    If your tired of him running his mouth then dont read the articles or listen to the interviews its very simple. Do you even know who owns the jets? If you did you would know that hes happy with his team in the playoffs he doesnt need anymore money from home games. Not saying that he wouldnt want it but i dont think hes that angry playing road playoff games.

  25. rex ryan was the defensive line coach of the Super Bowl winning 2000 Baltimore Ravens team so there goes your “never won a superbowl” argument.

    what’s rex’s playoff record during his tenure and how does it compare with every other team in the NFL besides the saints and packers?

    if you strictly rate success on super bowls then yes, rex is a complete failure, but so are the coaches of 29 other teams. If not, then he has had the 3rd greatest success in the league during his tenure. Maybe you haters are the ones that need to shut up.

  26. @ny82jy

    LMAO I have been around Jet fans before and I can say YES they are pathetic. Jet fans are the trailer park of the NFL. They are loud, obnoxious, and full of stupidity.

    HEY! Maybe that’s why you Jet fans love Rex Ryan so much, he’s just like the fans.

  27. I always thought of Ryan as the Babe, as in Babe the pig in the animated movie.

    When Ruth called his shots, he hit them. When Ryan calls his shots, he leaves a wet spot on his trousers.

    NY, you must shut this man up. He is now comparing himself to an all time great from NY. How do you let him get away with that?

  28. I love Rex Ryan, he is such a blow-hard and then fails to deliver. Never shuts his yap and delivers. I enjoy seeing him lose and carry on. Yeah, next year things will be different, Rex, LOL.

    Unlike the Giants, he makes it easy to root against this NY team.


  29. @305phinphan

    at least we are passionate about our team. Miami has some of the weakest fans in every sport probably like yourself. You need to get a life. Every single jets thread you make a stupid hating comment. Why dont you worry about your own team and worry about getting in the playoffs..

  30. The class act/role model, the kind of people most of us want youth to model their behavior on. You need a clown for comparison’s sake. Rex fills that role.

  31. *LOL*…I gotta laugh!…This is the most action I have seen in PFT for at least a week!!
    Thanks Rex!…These guys in here just take you (and themselves) way to seriously. Cant wait to hear from you again. GO JETS!!!

  32. @ 305phinphan;
    “Jet fans are the trailor park of the NFL”

    *LOL*…Thats funny,..coming from someone who lives in a state thats 90% trailor park and the other 10 ceptic tank.

  33. If the situation was reversed, somehow I don’t think that Babe Ruth would even have contemplated comparing himself to Rex Ryan. Maybe if the Sultan of Swat pointed to the bleachers before every at bat and hit nothing but bloop singles…

    Besides, like the myth of Rex Ryan’s coaching talent in the near future, the myth of the Babe “calling his shot” has been widely debunked.

  34. ny82jy says: Mar 21, 2011 12:39 PM


    at least we are passionate about our team. Miami has some of the weakest fans in every sport probably like yourself. You need to get a life. Every single jets thread you make a stupid hating comment. Why dont you worry about your own team and worry about getting in the playoffs..
    Rex needs to quit worrying about the Superbowl and try to figure out why he is only 1 for 4 against the Dolphins the past two years. I don’t hate ON the Jets/I just HATE the JETS. You make it out to be I hate on them because they are a superior team, I only watch 2 Jet games a year and that’s when they play Miami and to be quite honest, there is nothing superior about the Jets. Miami owns Rex Ryan’s Jets and nothing will ever change about it.

  35. @305phinfan

    Strange, everytime I see your name there’s always something stupid right under it.

    You’re going to brag about beating the Jets in the regular season? HAHAHA. Dude…you DO realize the Phailures haven’t won a playoff game in a decade, right? Nobody cares about your team. Your coach is terrible, your front office has no idea what they’re doing, terrible QB, mediocre RB’s, spotty O-Line, awful receivers, massively overrated defense, and a bunch of moron fans. YEAH, GO DOLPHINS. Enjoy perpetual 3rd place.

    Oh, and to everybody else? Rex doesn’t have a gun to your heads, don’t read what he has to say if you know you aren’t going to like it. I would imagine that would be obvious at this point.

  36. @305phinphan

    Seriously I am done for good goin back and fourth with you this is it. All you have to brag about is winning regular season games which in turn did nothing to help your team go anywhere. Does that really satisfy you ? You know the jets fans don’t worry about those games. We actually play in big games. We care about the championship games we lost not the small time meaningless regular season matchups against the dolphins. Wake up the jets are superior to the dolphins look at the two teams. The jets have done so much more recently it’s ridiculous. I know you guys really have had nothing to brag about but come on you sound ridiculous when you brag about that considering your team has done nothing the last few years

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