Tiki Barber can cross the Bucs off his list


Tiki Barber wants to make a return to the NFL, but he may have trouble finding a team.

So far we know that the Giants have said they’ll cut Barber loose to go elsewhere, and that while Barber is interested in going to Pittsburgh, the Steelers don’t share Barber’s interest.

Now the Tampa Tribune says Barber definitely won’t join his brother Ronde with the Buccaneers. That’s no surprise, as the Bucs’ interest had appeared lukewarm at best.

So where will Barber end up? We’re not sure, but if 29 more teams say they’re not interested, Barber may have to join Jim Fassel in the UFL.

18 responses to “Tiki Barber can cross the Bucs off his list

  1. At this rate, all 32 teams should be eliminated by the time a new CBA is agreed upon.

    Good for you, Judas Barber. It couldn’t happen to a more deserving individual. I don’t know who is getting a bigger laugh out of this, Giants fans, Eli Manning, Tom Coughlin, or you ex-wife.

  2. With any luck he will go to Saskatchewan. Or Dortmund. Get that PED/HGH deformed head and body out of our sight for awhile.

  3. I think he just wants to latch on the a team that has the best shot to win a Superbowl. He has no desire to play the game for the sake of playing it, he just wants that Superbowl and the money.

  4. Maybe he can cry about collusion like Barry Bonds did after he was off the juice.

    No one likes pricks – so Barber is done. Maybe the UFL can use him to sweep the floor.

  5. I’m confused here. One, why would Tiki want to sell himself back into bondage and slavery? Two, if he does want to do so, and the players are PARTNERS in the NFL, shouldn’t he just simply be able to pick the team, any team he wants, since he is a part owner of all of them, and sign himself to a multi-million dollar deal, receiving 59.6% of the revenue stream?

  6. Tiki Barber can cross the NFL off his list. There are now, however, a few more washed-up NFL coaches in the UFL who might throw chump change at a washed-up NFL RB.

    That could certainly be a proving ground as to whether he really does still want to play – and is capable of doing so. Probably not. Tiki wants to see if some NFL owner is fool enough to throw a 7 figure contract at him.

  7. Whatever happened to ur so called inspiring great broadcasting career tiki??? Ur almost 40 you will get eaten alive u made a bad choice live with it!

  8. It’s so tiring to keep hearing everybody bash Tiki Barber. WASHED UP, LOOKIN FOR MONEY, ONLY WANTS A RING, NO PASSION LEFT.

    Okay, now take a minute to be logical…The guy is inspired by his brother who is still enjoying success in the NFL. Of course he still has the passion to play, all competitors in any sport always have it. If you have played a sport, you would know, but i’m guessing doritos isn’t a sport. In it for money? OF COURSE HE IS. “hmm, I think I’m healthy enough to play…ronde is doing it – would be real nice to collect big coin as well!….hmm, no…I don’t want to disappoint the the blue collar simpletons in their living rooms.”

    Not reality folks…here’s an idea..maybe he’s doing both? wants to play AND he’s greedy. Any smart person would make that move.

    Just because you don’t have an itch to return to mcdonalds after you quit, the same thinking isn’t installed in a professional athlete.

  9. Only 29 more teams to go. He blew his chance for a SB ring by retiring.

    Then again, if Tiki didn’t retire, the Giants most likely wouldn’t have gone to the SB.

    Too bad he’s worn out his welcome in both football and broadcasting. Now what does he do for income?

  10. Even his old team mates have said he is NOT a TEAM leader in the locker room. Why would any team take a running ack at his stage of life??

  11. @ramsdiehard39, who says

    If you have played a sport, you would know, but i’m guessing doritos isn’t a sport.
    Best line of the day! Great post.

  12. Why don’t you change this to “Tiki Barber can cross the entire NFL off his list”…

    More realistic. Only chance in hell Tiki plays is if someone goes down late in the year and a team needs a 3rd strong RB.

    Tiki might be the best thing to happen to Brett Favre this season.

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