Belichick discusses new kickoff rule, faulty alarm clocks

Bill Belichick had an excuse for skipping breakfast with the media on Tuesday.

“Sorry I missed you this morning.  Alarm clock just didn’t go off,” he joked via ESPN

But what about missing breakfast?

“Do I look under nourished?” Belichick answered.

With the deadpan jokes out of the way, Belichick spoke with the media about the rule changes that took place.  After speaking out against the initial kickoff changes on Monday, Belichick said he supported the modified proposal Tuesday that ultimately passed.

The final proposal didn’t mess with touchbacks and didn’t eliminate the two-man wedge.

“I think this is a lot simpler.  It’s clean,” he said.

Belichick believed eliminating the two-man wedge was problematic.    He also didn’t like he touchback coming out to the 25-yard line.   In the end, Belichick doesn’t think there will be that many more touchbacks than before.

“Based on the numbers, you’re still probably looking at at least two-thirds of the kicks being returned, maybe three-quarters,” Belichick said.  “At the end of the year it goes down anyway . . . The ball just doesn’t carry as far in the cold.”

(For reference, 80% of kicks were returned in 2010.)

The NFL used to have kickoffs at the 35-yard line, so the rule change is more of a return to an old rule than a completely new endeavor.  The biggest difference is that kickers have stronger legs now.

“It’s fine. It’s not that big of a deal. We have a good kicker, it’s all right,” Belichick said.

14 responses to “Belichick discusses new kickoff rule, faulty alarm clocks

  1. as long as we’re talking kickoff rules, i would have liked to see them outlaw any downfield running out of bounds by the kickoff team. forget the jets knocking down the one guy… i remember a vikings saints game last year where a guy holding the down marker was just crushed by a guy motoring downfield out of bounds. that just doesn’t seem right. there are a lot of people on the sideline just doing a job that would appreciate not being put into traction. when one of these marker guys is paralyzed for life, the nfl will say opps and change the rule. but you were warned! by me!

  2. If you know him the way Pats fans know him (which is in other media besides those painful postgame pressers) he is actually quite funny…but you have to know how his sense of humor is. Drier than the Sahara.

    That said once a rule is in place he won’t bitch about it..he’ll just deal with it. The time he expresses a definitively negative opinion will be ahead of time. Afterward, if he still hates it he’ll say stuff like “Well that’s the rule and we will just have to coach it” or “I’m not sure how we can coach it any differently”.

  3. I still cannot believe the the Refs run around wearing baseball caps on a football field.
    It’s going to take someone either being killed or a made a vegetable to change that rule which is a shame.

  4. More touchbacks, less returns, less penalties, that should in theory speed up the game – BUT, when you speed up the game,


  5. @thetooloftools
    Maybe they should be made to wear helmets without the face guard, lol…make all the coaches on the sidelines wear helmets also – call it the “throwback” rule, lol

  6. In the Coach’s Picture he’s between Ryan and Reid so, Bill don’t worry about being pudgy vs morbidly obese! Yikes…

  7. New kickoff rule will have a dramatic effect on scoring overall.

    A. Significantly worse field position average, plus no return TDS.

    B. More importantly, fewer fumbles on kickoff returns, which happen frequently and sets other team up in great field position.

    Play the under early in the season, boys & girls.

  8. CKL says: “That said once a rule is in place he won’t bitch about it..he’ll just deal with it.”

    Translation: He’ll ‘interpret’ the rule as allowing whatever mischief he deems beneficiary to his cause… until caught and punished.

  9. what does billadick tell his players when their alarm clock does not go off, and they are late for meetings?

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