Bucs are one of several teams in the mix for Hard Knocks

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On Monday, a report emerged that the Buccaneers are the leading candidates to land on HBO’s Hard Knocks.

A source with knowledge of the situation tells us that, in reality, the Bucs are one of several candidates for the assignment.

Other candidates aren’t currently known.  In 2010, the Texans reportedly were interested, before the assignment went to the Jets.  Other teams that could be interested, in our estimation, are the Seahawks, the Dolphins (if the owner has any say in it), the Broncos (given the extreme openness of the organization since John Elway’s return), the Cowboys (duh), possibly the 49ers.

And of course the Jets.

Of course, there’s a chance that this year’s version of Hard Knocks will consist of the chosen team’s head coach and the G.M. playing Madden 12 in an empty locker room.

Actually, watching Rex Ryan and Mike Tannenbaum play Madden would be more interesting than plenty of the stuff already on TV.

14 responses to “Bucs are one of several teams in the mix for Hard Knocks

  1. Everybody knows that “Coach” Morris came out of nowhere to get his job, by backbiting and trash talking Gruden behind his back. He played the classic office politics by damaging Gruden while ass kissing himself right into the driver’s seat. It was the ultimate sham and he will be exposed soon enough as a pretender. He is also the only head coach where the playbook needs to be dumbed down just so he can understand it. I am black, so don’t even go there…

  2. I wouldn’t want my team on that show, it brought so much negativity to the Jets team last year. I bet Rex Ryan wished he could take back some of the stuff that went on.

  3. Other than having your own team on Hard Knocks – just so you can see some backstage stuff – who would make things the most interesting. Not many.

    Jets – should be a season long show
    Patriots – never ,ever w/ Belichick
    Seahawks – Pete Carroll show
    Saints – combo players-coach
    Chiefs – watch Todd Haley go ballistic
    Cowboys – although their Hard Knocks was drab
    Raiders – train wreck getting better?
    Redskins – train wreck

    So the Bucs would be ok – i’d like to see Raheem Morris do his stuff. I always liked what i saw in his interviews etc.

  4. Has to be the Jets again. Rex and company made the show fun to watch. As a Pats fan I hate the Jets but you can’t deny that they made Hard Knocks “must see tv”.

  5. “I wouldn’t want my team on that show, it brought so much negativity to the Jets team last year. I bet Rex Ryan wished he could take back some of the stuff that went on”

    I know Hard Knocks brought so much negativity to the Jets that the ended up back in the AFC championship game for the second straight year. I’m sorry but people try to make way too much out of a stupid tv show.

  6. gypjet, WRONG! Gruden did it all to himself and left this team in shambles. I was surprised as anyone Morris got the top job, but I have come on board with his intensity and drive AND success! GO BUCS!

  7. gypjet, I think your forgetting that Gruden promoted Raheem to Defensive Coordinator as soon as Monty left to join Lane in Tennessee. Then, the team decided to Fire Gruden. Morris not knowing if he was going to have a job with the Bucs interviewed for the Broncos Job. The Bucs not wanting to lose him offered him the job as head coach. Thats not backstabbing.

    The team hired Morris a year too early in most people estimation because of his limited expierence. But it seems as though they made the right decision and now have a future at the head coach position.

  8. While I agree it’s extremely premature for us to discuss which team will be on Hard Knocks this year since the lockout/labor situation is a much bigger picture issue, I’d like to see the Packers featured on the show. What do they do for an encore after winning the Super Bowl? Granted, they probably aren’t seen as “interesting” as the Jets were last year with Cromartie not being able to name all his kids and Rex Ryan throwing f-bombs left and right, but I’d like to pose a moratorium on the Jets effective immediately. I’m really tired of their “all eyes on us” mentality, and this is coming from a Ravens fan who loved Rex as the DC. I’m actually grateful he didn’t become head coach in Baltimore, because I’d hate to see what he’d do to boast the team’s egos here.

  9. At least we won’t get the Jets again with the mouth Ryan cussing and yelling and eating. If there is a training camp this season, the Bucs would be fine. No more jets or cowboys.

  10. Oh yeah, the Texans for a six week series on HBO makes perfect sense. If you want to set your clock for a nap when it airs.

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