Chan Gailey losing patience with draft bust Aaron Maybin


The Buffalo Bills took Aaron Maybin with the 11th overall pick in the 2009 NFL draft with the thought that he’d become an elite edge pass rusher. Instead, he has zero sacks in two NFL seasons.

Bills coach Chan Gailey, who inherited Maybin when he got the job last year, is getting sick of an allegedly talented player failing to produce on the field.

“Right now all it is is potential because he hasn’t shown it in practice or in games,” Gailey told ESPN’s Tim Graham. “He’s got to understand about pass-rush. He’s got to understand about leverage and changing direction and not running past the quarterback and all those little things that go into a great pass-rusher’s feel for beating an offensive tackle and getting to the passer. He’s got to be a better special-teams player. He’s got to be better versus the run.”

Although Gailey made clear that he’s not questioning Maybin’s work ethic, he does question why a player the previous staff thought so highly of coming out of college has done so little in the NFL.

“I don’t think I’ve lit very many fires,” Gailey said. “We might provide a spark, but he’s got to get his own fire going. . . . We tell him all the time how to get there. He’s got to do it. Talking’s over. You’ve got to go get it done.”

Given the way his coach feels about him, Maybin may have to get it done somewhere other than Buffalo.

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  1. I’m a Penn State alum, and I thought that taking Maybin at 11 was a major reach by the Bills. But, that’s a lot of the reason they’ve been such a bad team – they haven’t drafted well for years.

  2. uhm….if he’s not showing pass rush skills in practice let alone in games…I don’t see how you could even say he has potential. usually someone with potential flashes skills briefly in games or dominates at times during practice.

  3. is that the OLB posing as Shawne Merriman? oh nvm, i’m thinking of Shawne Merriman.

  4. Thank you Bills for taking Maybin at 11 and giving us the gift of Orakpo at 13.

    Not trying to rub it in, just a sincere thank you!

  5. I still cannot believe they passed on Clay Matthews, Orakpo, and Cushing for this scrub and did it b/c he had “potential” when those other guys and many more were ready to make an instant impact.

  6. I’m starting to like chan gailey! Maybin is prime example of the rookie payscale efforts being sought.

  7. I won’t have even kept him for his 2nd season. I know he was a rookie in 2009 and all of that but an edge rusher who doesn’t get a sack in just 1 season doesn’t deserve to be in the NFL, let alone 2 seasons. My advice to the Bills, cut your losses and cut his ass.

  8. Keep taking players from penn state buffalo and you will end up with more busts in the future. He was badly overrated coming out of college, no surprise here

  9. Yeah, I can’t understand why a guy who was picked by a coaching staff that didn’t have many winning seasons would pan out either. That says alot about Gailey.

  10. I can answer Gailey’s question regarding why the former regime thought so highly of a player who has done nothing…

    Seriously… you ready for this?

    Dick Jauron blows.

  11. yyyyyyyyyyyeaahh..

    I bet Maybin is the reason the Bills have sucked for 13 years..

  12. well since he is makn about the rookie minimum now since he got his bonus,it would be pretty stupid 2 cut him after 2 years.hold his feet 2 the fire this year and play him in games this year and see what you have. just because u r horrible in practice does not mean you can’t play on sundays.

  13. typical bills, 3 stud LBs and they choose the dud

    looking forward to the bills embarrassing me again next month @ the draft

  14. No,no,no…he is a great player. Its not the Injun but the arrow, he just need’s some good coaching. You see what happened to Vernon Gholston after he got some coaching from Rex “Babe Ruth” Ryan. All pro, 15 sacks and a Super Bowl win…….wait. I need some sleep, carry on people………….LoL.

  15. Brian Orakpo, Clay Mathews, Brian Cushing and Michael Oher were all players at postions of need in ’09. The Bills take Maybin.
    And who was the Director of National Scouting, our currrent GM, Mr. Buddy Nix!
    Oh, and thank God they took CJ Spiller last year!
    What an incredible joke of an organization.

  16. I give gailey credit for atleast speaking the truth and calling maybin out. You hardly see that by coaches anymore. They talk them up in the off-season then cut them 2 days later. However, it sure seems to me that gailey reached on spilled when the team had plenty of holes.

  17. This is case where the rest of the Penn State D made this guy look better then he really was.

    “He has zero sacks in two NFL seasons”.

    If this isn’t a bust I don’t know what is… is he even trying?

  18. Nice hair. People rant about Brady’s hair, but at least he produces on the field. This kid’s hair give him a real mature look. All he is missing is his coloring book…and crayons.

  19. Two draft web sites before the draft had Maybin being the bust of the draft. I can tell you why they drafted him and you will not understand this unless you know the Buffalo Management. That year acting GM was their marketing guy. Russ Brandon (he is now CEO). My take is he drafted Maybin because he thought it would sell tickets in the Northern PA which is less than 180 miles from Buffalo. One of the big reason Nix was brought in because it was determined that they needed a football guy to run the operations, not a marketing guy. You see when you have Marketing guys making picks the chance that they will be busts increase significantly!

  20. Maybin’s a joke. Safeties are bigger than he is. He spends his time flying strippers to hotel rooms in Puerto Rico, and soaking up Miami during SB week, which is all fine and dandy, if he spent any time at all working on becoming a better player. At TC last year, he was prancing around like he was some hot-shot. Eric Wood told him to give back the money he hadn’t earned…

  21. This guy won’t even be in the league come fall so talking about him one way or the other is useless. I’ve witnessed the Bills take Mike Williams several years ago & he ended up eating the blob while watching a movie, that’s the Bills biggest all-time bust.

  22. Chan Gailey couldn’t lite a fire under anybody. He’s about as exciting as a pile of dirt.

  23. “Losing patience”? A rather odd headline given that nothing is happening in the entire NFL in terms of off season workouts, OTAs, mini-camps, etc. Kind of strange to call a player out when nothing’s going on.

  24. I’m still praying in every religion for a day when players will worry more about their teams and their teams’ legacies instead of their checkbooks.

    What happened to the desire for respect and credibility? Call me crazy, but I’d rather be a ’70s Steeler, an ’80s 49er, or a ’90s Cowboy than a 2000s (and on) top-half first-round draft pick with a monster check and absolutely nothing to show for it. I’d much rather being part of the legacy than part of the million-dollar club. I want players who want that too- for every team.

  25. Gailey couldn’t lite a fire under anybody. Mr. Excitement! He needs a motivation coach himself.

  26. “dirtyharry1971 says: Mar 22, 2011 2:27 PM

    Keep taking players from penn state buffalo and you will end up with more busts in the future. He was badly overrated coming out of college, no surprise here”

    You obviously have no idea what you’re talking about in terms of Penn St. players being draft busts.


    Todd Blackledge

  27. frostbelt says: Mar 22, 2011 2:16 PM

    Send that dirtbag to Detroit, Oakland, or Cinci pleas

    Cincy doesn’t need him. Carlos Dunlap is going to be a stud sack guy for the Bengals. He had 10 last season in 8 games.

  28. anyone else choking on the irony that maybin’s flop of a career started with a contract holdout that lasted well into training camp?

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