Colin Kaepernick goes 36-for-38 at Nevada Pro Day

The Nevada Wolf Pack held its Pro Day on Tuesday, and the main attraction was quarterback Colin Kaepernick. A four-year starter, Kaepernick has made the first round in each of our first two mock drafts. We profiled his exceptional Senior Bowl in January.

According to a league source, Kaepernick hit 36 of his 38 throws on campus, not including a couple of drops. 25 teams were represented at the workout, including quarterback coaches from the Jaguars (Mike Sheppard) and Panthers (Mike Shula).

Per the source, Kaepernick got “great” feedback from scouts and personnel types and has lined up a total of 10 visits and/or workouts. We know for sure Kaepernick will meet or has met with the Broncos, Dolphins, 49ers, and Titans because we’ve been documenting them throughout the pre-draft process.

Tight end Virgil Green was another highly touted prospect at the Nevada Pro Day. Green stood on his Combine measurables after weighing in at what the source described as a “jacked” 252 pounds. Green caught Kaepernick’s throws in passing drills.

Kaepernick has a late first-round to early second-round projection.

Green is a potential wild card because of his dominant Combine, but tentatively projects as a third- to fourth-rounder.

13 responses to “Colin Kaepernick goes 36-for-38 at Nevada Pro Day

  1. A lot of teams are going to pass on this guy and some lucky team is going to get a bargain. They’ll wonder why they were so high on Cam, Gabbert and Mallet.

  2. With the 17th pick in the first round of the 2011 NFL draft, the Oakland Raiders select tight end, Virgil Green.

    Oh, wait…

  3. was anybody from new england there? if this guy falls to the third round i would love for them to take him.

  4. Has any QB ever NOT looked great when throwing to wide-open WRs on a practice field while facing no cornerbacks or pass-rush?

    These pro days are ridiculous. Why evaluate a QB on 38 passes on a pro day when they have at least 38 tapes of actual game film on this guy displaying his accuracy or inaccuracy? Just look at the game film if you are curious about his accuracy.

  5. It sounds like by the time the draft comes around Kaepernick will be as overrated as Gabbert and Newton. I don’t know who is better but I would say all three are late first rounders at best.

    There are a ton of quality line backers, DT’s, OT’s, in this draft, I would go there with an early pick even if I needed a QB. Wait till round 2. These three guys in the top 5 are too big a risk I think.

  6. I don’t know who is better but I would say all three are late first rounders at best.
    Another late first rounder was Aaron Rodgers.
    Tom Brady was taken in the 6th round.

    somebody’s going to get a good QB

  7. I’ve followed CK for the past 4 years and he really has the making of Randall Cunningham 2.0.

    Their similarities are scary. Their excellent speed, great arms, whip-like release, their thin builds, very good height, even down to the fact that they both played their college football in the state of Nevada. Cunningham went #37 overall as an unknown… CK should be around the same area this year.

  8. What about Dantay Moch? Dude is unreal fast for a plus 250lbs. pass rusher. Just wondering if he looked good with the lateral movement and change of direction drills.

  9. @sterilizecromartie

    Yes, his name is Cam Newton

    The Panthers should trade down and get this guy if they really want a QB. He’ll be the best out of all of them. Watch.

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