Dolphins will remain run-first team, but probably without Ronnie and Ricky


It’s pretty clear that Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams aren’t both going to be back with the Dolphins.   In fact, it’s starting to look like both players will be moving on.

Dolphins coach Tony Sparano sidestepped any questions about his running backs on Tuesday, but would only not rule out the possibility of one of them returning.

“It doesn’t really sound like Sparano’s excited about re-signing either veteran,” Omar Kelly of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel.

With that out the way, Sparano was very definitive about what we did want in his backfield.  He wants to bring in two players that “complement” each other well.   And the Dolphins are going to remain a ground-and-pound team.

“We’re going to continue to run the football because that’s my nature. It might not be popular with everybody, but that’s what I like to do,” Sparano said.  “There are some teams in this league that got very far being able to do it.”

Sparano mentioned Jahvid Best as the type of speedy, pass-catching back the team wanted to add.  Brown and Williams certainly don’t fit that mold.

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  1. ironic… but Ricky seems like he’s got more gas left in the tank at this point… Ronnie has been injury prone… I say they keep Ricky and draft a guy

  2. i really didn’t think miami would take ingram @15 in this draft( if he’s there )it’s sure staring to look that way,he’s not a burner but he can run well and catch passes pretty good as well but imo the fins have more pressing needs i hope they use thier draft picks a little more wisely and get rb’s in f/a

  3. The Dolphins were not a run first team last season they gave up to early every game on the run.

  4. I’m sure the feeling is mutual. I doubt either guy wants to come back to this trainwreck of a team.

  5. Without improvement in blocking from the O-line (his actual specialty) it won’t matter. If there are no holes, there are few yards. If the run gets stuffed, the pass won’t work. His field position gameplan might work o whol lot better if the Dolphins could actually gain yardage in their return game and stop the other team from averaging 30+ yards on returns when it matters.

  6. Actually trying to score a TD would help also. No more fist pumps for 20 yard field goals please…it only proves the offense is incapable of gaining that last few yards for a TD.

  7. So now we need to waste two draft picks to fill these holes? Stupid, I was saying this all along that they needed to draft a RB last year. Spiller for example was available.

    Bring in Lex Hilliard!

  8. I wonder how many people realize the ricky is #2 in TDS and YDS all time as a dolphins and ronnie is #3 alltime tds and yds. thats pretty amazing to have the #2 and #3 playing together. dolphins have been around for 40 something years. i say bring them both back!!

  9. “Sparano mentioned Jahvid Best as the type of speedy, pass-catching back the team wanted to add. Brown and Williams certainly don’t fit that mold.”

    Not that Best is anywhere a FA, but how doesn’t that cross the line into the area of tampering?

  10. This just proves how short even a quality RB’s career is. Ronnie Brown was drafted as a big speedster seemingly just yesterday. And while QBs, DL, OL, and other positions can patiently wait on their second contract for big money, RBs need to get it upfront.

    This is why I can actually sympathize with Chris Johnson wanting more money now. His speed will be gone in three years.

  11. “We’re going to continue to run the football because that’s my nature. It might not be popular with everybody, but that’s what I like to do,” Sparano said.

    Hear that, Steven Ross? I’m looking at you.

  12. As a huge Buffalo fan, I was always jealous of the one-two punch the Dolphins had with Brown and Williams. I always thought that the Dolphins running game was awesome. We haven’t had that here in Buffalo since Thomas-Davis were in the backfield. Not only would it be a bad idea not to bring both of these guys back, who will replace them?

    Sparano, not very bright.

  13. As soon as the Dolphins signed Brian Daboll, it should have been known that it doesn’t matter who your QB is, he’s just a roll player. The Browns were near the top in rushing TD’s and at the very bottom for passing anything under him.

  14. with the extension in hand now Sporano can take a shot at Ross.

    Didnt Ross say he wants an explosive offense?

    Sporano has already lost the locker room…another dismal season for the Phins.

    How did this team go from a storied franchise to taking the place of the Detroit Lions???

  15. Neither of these guys has sniffed 1000 yards in so long they can’t remember what it feels like. As a Dolphins fan neither can I.
    -Ronnie Brown 5 years 1000 yards ONCE as the second overall pick in the draft.
    -Ricky Williams 2 good years followed by “retirement” to find himself. Comes back to play for the phins, never pays back the 8.6 million he owed us by quitting. Comes back as the best #2 RB in the league.
    I’m happy to move on

  16. Ronnie Brown killed my fantasy team last year. I dont even think you can blame the crap O-line either. He is a 3rd tier best

  17. Really? bring them both back? Sorry,it wasnt just the line Brown just cant stay totally healthy and ricky is just too old to be the lead back. I dont care what they are All Time with the dolphins, its time to move on and find some youth for the position.

    As far as sparano, Ross will be wishing he had went another direction. Its a passing league, its not fun when it takes you 7 minutes to go down the field to score a FG or maybe a occasional TD and then the other team can come on the field and score a TD in 2 minutes. Times have changed

  18. Greg,

    Yo dude go watch some tape before u trash Ronnie or Ricky. Both can catch and catch out of the backfield very well. I dont know why both are posadanongrada in Miami, its the offensive line that had a melt-down last yr from injuries and just non players like Vernon Carey, et al.

  19. Sparano would be wise to try to sign DeAngelo Williams (though I covet him for the Pats) if he does become a FA. The kid is a great all around player in pass pro, catching the ball and making something out of nothing running the rock. Seldom fumbles either. And a super human being. Now that Henning’s gone, there won’t be any awkward moments there either. I am willing to bet Williams is familiar enough with the offense Daboll will run too (His first OC Henning was a Parcells OC, and Williams’ next OC Davidson was on staff with Daboll in NE)such that the transition won’t be too bad even sans offseason.

  20. Sporano is a MORON!!! Ronnie has plenty left in the tank. Problem is they had a little success with the wildcat and got away from the traditional run game. Ronnie will go somewhere else and put up a 1000 yards for sure. Phins dont use him, dont think he had over 12 carries in a single game this year. Sporano is a horrible coach and his game time decisions are the worst I have seen in years. As long as he is there, we will continue to lose.

  21. Ronnie and Ricky have at least a few years left. Trade down in the draft, get back the 2nd rounder we gave up for Marshall and draft Pouncy late in the first. This will get us a second rounder back while stabilizing the interior O-line which sucked last year. If the Fins are that adement on adding a RB instead of bringing back R&R then pick up DeAngelo in FA. Dont waste the 15th overall pick on Ingram, the value isn’t there.

  22. Shoola says to grab a Rb first and come back with a Qb! Our first and foremost need is a Qb cause Henne SUCKS!

    Shoola knows all!

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