Eagles talk up “aggressive market” for Kolb; open to dealing him after draft

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The Eagles have made it clear over the last few days they are ready to trade Kevin Kolb.  A prolonged work stoppage won’t necessarily change that plan.

Eagles coach Andy Reid indicated at the owners meetings on Tuesday that he wouldn’t rule out trading Kevin Kolb after the draft.  The Eagles wouldn’t be able to get a 2011 draft pick in that scenario, but they may not have a choice if the league isn’t open for business again before late April.

Eagles president Joe Banner echoed the sentiments to the Philadelphia Inquirer.  He said the Eagles could look for a package including a player and future picks if a Kolb deal was made after the draft.

Banner added that there was a more “aggressive market” for Kolb this year than the one for Donovan McNabb last year.  (And if you don’t think there is still chatter going on during a lockout, well, you’re crazy.)

Banner indicated that the teams interested are the same “teams people are guessing [they might be].”

There is reportedly a first-round pick already on the table for Kolb.  We’ve been guessing Seattle at the front of the line.  The Browns are possible.  Other NFC West teams could be interested, but it’s unlikely the Cardinals or 49ers would offer this year’s first-round pick.

At this point, it would be a major upset if Kolb wound up back in Philly.

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  1. Why is President Joe Banner commenting on this?…..Afterall, he has his hand puppet Howie Roseman on the payroll as general manager. Aren’t GM’s the one who picks players, trades picks etc…??? Further evidence that Roseman is nothing more a corporate shill. And has no pedgriee to be a GM…But the Eagles act as if they invented football, so this isn’t really a suprise….

  2. Kolb would be a great addition into Seattle, and with that, the Hawks could then focus on using their draft pick for another offensive lineman or a defender. Would be awesome to see, but I’m sure most of the comments to follow will be Seattle bashings.

  3. Whatever happens with this guy they absolutely need to sign a veteran backup, Vick will most likely not be able to make it through a full season without missing time.

  4. why does Kolb feel like another A.J. Feely who looked great as a backup but failed in Miami and San Diego

  5. For the love of god Leslie Frazier, can you please attempt to acquire Kolb or Kyle Orton… Gees.

  6. OK, what has Kolb done? I’m not an Eagles fan so all I know of the guy is he sat behind McNabb for years, and then lost the starting job to Vick.

    To me, Kolb’s value is strictly because of a good PR campaign. If you make people think others want your product, then they will want it too. Kolb is in demand for the same reason Lady Gaga is winning awards. Because somebody told you they were worthy of it.

  7. The Eagles would be crazy to trade Kolb . We own him cheap (1.4 mil) . And with Vick’s style of play he is bound to get hurt . Plus I saw him regressing to his old Atlanta self late in the season .That pick to close the GB game was just STUPID ! It was 1st down , 33 sec on the clock , and he had Macklin wide open down the middle !!! When Vick goes down , or goes into meltdown , do you really want to hand the keys to Kafka who has NEVER taken a snap in a regular season game ?!!!

  8. The NFC is close enough, and quarterback needy enough, that Kolb would make whatever team that took hm the best bet to win the Division.


  9. We’ll trade Max Hall straight up for Kolb. No auctions, please. This is a “buy it now” only.

  10. Kolb >>> Vick. Kolb beat the only real contender the Eagles faced last year. Atlanta. They beat mostly scrubs and if it wasn’t for a 4th quarter meltdown by the Giants they wouldn’t have even made the playoffs.

  11. @patmcrotch
    I’m an Eagles fan and i agree 100%.
    Here are Kolb’s career stats.
    11 td’s 14 pics 9 fumbles
    2,082 yards 73.9 passer rating
    The Eagles paid him 12 million dollars last year, 12 million, and realized the mistake. So to try and recoup their losses, Reid Banner and hand puppet Roseman are putting out false rumors, to try and get a 1st round pick. It’s all about the money with the Eagles, and always will be…When Jerimiah Trotter played for the Eagles, (he was the best linebacker these clowns ever had) he was in the last year of his contract, and wanted more money, and during the course of the season, rumors began to swirl he was a locker room distraction, Another PR stunt, and then he had a monster game, with like 18 tackles, and when the game ball was handed out, Reid gave it to another player…Reid Banner Lurie and now Roseman are simply PR specialists….It’s all about the money with the Eagles FO…..No different than when Braman owned them….

  12. Not sure I’m sold on Andy being a QB developer, or Kolb’s time being a success.

    He was drafted 36th overall, has had 4 years to develop, and the current best speculation is that the Eagles are being offered the 25th pick for him?

    Doesn’t sound like a good transaction.

  13. Kevin Kolb’s a good backup, and probably a more tractable starter than several NFC West options…but will philly snag a top-10 pick for him?? No, that’s a bit too rich. Ultimately, he’s not really a prototypical passer…at 6’3″ he is not very tall and <220lbs is pretty thin, raising concerns over his ability to absorb occasional shots. His foot speed is below average, and he likes to sit in the pocket. His arm strength is average as well. He seems fairly bright, but he doesn't have a lot of physical upside. It's hard seeing someone take him over Newton, Gabbert or Locker, but I can see his value being just above Mallett's, as a whole package. Mallett might slip to middle/late-2nd round. I could see a really late 1st round for Kolb or a swap of a high 1st + 3rd or 4th round (depending on just HOW high that 1st rounder is) for Kolb + 2nd round pick. That would make sense.

    Then again, Kolb staying in phily already meets a need and makes more sense…especially with Ron Mexico running around and getting pummelled regularly.

  14. Protect Kolb and he is very good. No one knows how many Ryan Leafs there are in this draft for sure, do they. Kolb is still young and has shown he can win. well, we are soon to find out.

  15. This is an answer to all the guys up top–
    Kolb was drafted in the 2nd round, 36th overall, in ’07, because Reid got tired of watching McNabb get hurt–’02, ’03, ’05, and ’06 McNabb sustained either season altering or season ending injuries.
    He then sat behind McNabb for 4 years, and yes, when he had to come in cold, as a sub, he looked bad.
    However, when he had the chance to prepare, he looked good with the exception of when he got the concussion against the Pack last season. The reason why Vick supplanted him was because of Vick’s athleticism and the numbers he put up in Kolb’s absence–Reid couldn’t ignore that if he tried.
    For those of you who doubt Reid’s pedigree in grooming QBs, McNabb turned out to be fairly good; AJ Feeley was a 5th round pick who went 4-1 in McNabb’s absence in ’02; heck, even Koy Detmer played decently when he had the chance.
    The reason why Feeley didn’t work out in Miami was because the cooach didn’t want him–they wanted to stick with the guy they had, Jay Fiedler, who also was injury prone. You can’t yo-yo a QB in and out of the line-up like they did and expect results.
    Kolb had decent numbers against the Saints, Chiefs and Falcons before he faltered against the Titans–but then again, he didn’t let their WR go bananas by gaining 200 yards in the 2nd half.

  16. themage78 says:
    Mar 22, 2011 10:32 AM
    Kolb >>> Vick. Kolb beat the only real contender the Eagles faced last year. Atlanta. They beat mostly scrubs and if it wasn’t for a 4th quarter meltdown by the Giants they wouldn’t have even made the playoffs.


    Dumb comment. Bottom line is they beat the giants and made the playoffs. Stop with the woulda, coulda, shoulda nonsense.

    They don’t beat NY if kolb is playing…bottom line. He took that game over in the 4th quarter with his legs.

  17. The Eagles are masters of trading players for more than they’re worth. Mcnabb’s a good example, but A.J Feely is a better example. They traded him to the Dolphins way back when he was the “It” backup QB. The guy bombed in Miami and was back on the eagles holding a clipboard a couple seasons later. The Eagles don’t care, they struck gold with Vick. Kolb for a high 2nd.

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