Goodell clarifies personal conduct policy during lockout

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The NFL can’t suspend players during a lockout, but they will be keeping an eye on them.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell attempted to clarify the league’s stance on the personal conduct policy during his press conference Tuesday.

“The Personal Conduct Policy continues.  It applies to everybody in the league.  I don’t know how it would apply to the players under this circumstance, but it’s something that I feel strongly about, that we owe to our fans,” Goodell said.

So the league won’t be be able to enforce the policy during a lockout, but they will be keeping track of infractions with an eye towards enforcement after the work stoppage is over.

This is consistent with what the league told Alex Marvez of on the matter.   Still, Goodell’s answer left room for interpretation.  The league plans for the conduct policy to apply, but they also planed to have a labor agreement in place by now.

The league and the NFLPA* may have to negotiate the particulars of how the conduct policy will be enforced for infractions that occur during a work stoppage as part of a new CBA. 

7 responses to “Goodell clarifies personal conduct policy during lockout

  1. Great…Yet another issue for the two sides to argue about. I suppose that the NFLPA* position is that players not be disciplined at all by the NFL for any legal trouble they get into during the lockout. Too bad Pacman Jones didn’t time his arrests better. He could have gotten off with a slap on the wrist, instead of a long suspension, if he would have waited for the lockout to get arrested.

  2. Liar. The personal conduct policy has never been equally applied to everyone in the league. It’s something he feels strongly about. He didn’t care enough about it to apply it to Vincy Young and Brandon Underwood, though, did he? The PCP is something Goodell pulls out when the national press is watching. Otherwise, it’s forgotten.

    The man is the most hypocritical political opportunist ever to occupy the commissioner’s office.

  3. this guy is on some major cold medicine or something.You cant punish players in the future for something they did,no matter what it is,during a time they were not employed! This guy needs to go

  4. “I don’t know how it would apply to the players under this circumstance”

    If you don’t know how it would apply, then maybe you shouldn’t talk about it or enforce it until you figure it out.

    Then again, you didn’t know how to apply it objectively before the lockout, so why should it make any difference now.

  5. What a tool!!!

    Let me get this straight? You’re not paying the players, they can’t go to work, and are not even considered employees. Yet you feel you have the right to punish them because they violated the EMPLOYEE code conduct???


    Talk about having your cake and eating it too!!!

    GODell will never surprise me after this…..

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