Goodell says league hasn’t considered replacement players

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A day after NFL officials indicated that the use of replacement players during a lockout would legally be permissible, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell says that the league hasn’t considered the possibility of using replacement players.


“We have not had any discussions or consideration of replacement players,” Goodell said during a press conference that ended the league’s annual meetings in New Orleans.  “That hasn’t been discussed, it hasn’t been considered.”

Implicit in Goodell’s comments is that replacement players could be discussed and/or considered.

And/or adopted.

That said, we doubt that the league would use replacement players during a lockout.  Still, declining to take the possibility completely off the table is yet another arrow for the quiver of leverage that the league is hoping to use against the players.

9 responses to “Goodell says league hasn’t considered replacement players

  1. does this mean kneau reeves will be the quarterback for the redskins??? hes been out of work for a minute now, and has “experience”, i bet he would jump all over it. hey maybe just maybe with replacement players the browns might be worth a lick!

  2. I just wanna watch some football, wether its T.O. or L.O. either Ochocinco or Ochoocho, Peyton Manning or Gary Manning. I just want some football. Get it done Owners/Players.

  3. If the owners move twords non-union players, the NFLPA will declare they are forming their own league. Then the stupidity of this season will reach new heights.

  4. What’s Shane Falco, Danny Bateman and Jimmy McGinty up to these days? They did put a big hurtin’ on the Dallas Cowboys…sorta.

  5. “REPLACEMENT PLAYERS? Us? No, we haven’t considered REPLACEMENT PLAYERS at all, no sir. REPLACEMENT PLAYERS haven’t even crossed our mind.”

    The League’s strategy is fairly clear at this point – leak talk about scrubbing the season, float the notion of replacement players (while half-heartedly denying it), and just let the players stew for a while. You can see panic already starting to set in amongst a few players, and it hasn’t even been two weeks.

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