Jerry Jones explains his behavior during mediation

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Last week, Jim Trotter of Sports Illustrated reported that Cowboys owner Jerry Jones tried to intimidate player representatives during a negotiating session, complete with tough talk and tapping his fists together before starting to walk out of the room and ultimately stewing in a corner for roughly 30 minutes.

The Cowboys generally disputed the report, but Jones hadn’t addressed it.  Until today.

At the league meetings in New Orleans, Jones said he wasn’t trying to intimidate anyone.

“I was in the room to do everything that I could do to negotiate,” Jones said, per Calvin Watkins of “And like I say, it’s understandable when you don’t agree.”

Watkins says that Jones’ fist-tapping was “more about moving quicker in the talks than telling the players a lockout is coming. “

“I just think you really want to in any relationship keep it in house as [much as] you can,” Jones said.  “It’s easy for me to understand.  As an example, that if we’re negotiating, and I’m not saying the things that you agree with, that you might not like the color of the shirt that I’m wearing that day.  It’s just human nature.  When you’ve done as much as I’ve done in my career, I understand that. No I don’t [get upset] whether it’s a misplaced [comment] or not or criticism of a comment that might have a negative tone to it.  No, I don’t look at it.”

So, if we understand Jones (and frankly we’re not sure that we do), he’s saying that he did what Trotter said Jones did, but that he didn’t do it in order to intimidate the players into thinking that a lockout was coming, but apparently to intimidate the players into moving the talks along faster to avoid a lockout.

If that’s the case, Jones perhaps should have directed some fist tapping to the contractors who were putting in the temporary seats in the weeks prior to Super Bowl XLV.

16 responses to “Jerry Jones explains his behavior during mediation

  1. well all the owners have been doing nothing , and are letting the players lose the pr game with the fans, and then you get jerry jones who scores one for the players.

    go in seclusion jerry until this is settled

  2. This guy makes it difficult to support the rational owners. The players have guys like AP (slavery) and the owners have JJ…they all need to get out of the media and into the negotiating room

  3. This all would have been settled without the lawsuit and lockout if the league had made JJ stay home and shut up.

  4. I would have respected him more if he just said, “Yeah, I tried to intimidate them. What did you expect? I’m just an arrogant windbag who should have never fired Jimmy Johnson.”

  5. Skeletor strikes again. I don’t know why the other owners allowed this guy out of his tomb for the bargaining. He’s not exactly the guy I see the bulk of the players trusting.

  6. Jerry Jones once said that his strategy for success was to borrow a ton of money to go on a business venture, then do everything possible to stay afloat and then do it again. Given his new stadium, his debt load must be strangling him. He must have new sources of revenue to keep the wolves at bay and avoid default. The only source of new revenue, given the economy, is a bigger chunk of the players pie. Therefore Mr. Jones is in a big bind. If the players don’t fold he loses. If the the season is lost and revenues go down he loses. He at least needs a favorable compromise with the players and a great Cowboys season or he runs the risk of being a national poster boy for failure.

  7. I have a casual acquaintance with the owner of a prominent NFC team. His words on Jerry Jones “He’s a toolbag. He is the worst.”

  8. it’s “threatening” when jones makes a physical gesture implying an undesirable result (lockout) if an agreement isn’t reached.

    BUT it’s “standing up for themselves” when an unnamed player makes a physical gesture implying an undesirable result (decertification) if an agreement isn’t reached.

    gotta love double standards

  9. “I just think you really want to in any relationship keep it in house as [much as] you can,” Jones said.

    Isn’t this same guy that once aired the dirty laundry of his relationship with Bill Parcells to complete strangers while he was drunk in a bar and being taped on a cellphone? Jerry Jones is his own worst enemy.

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