John Elway hints that Broncos could go quarterback at No. 2


Broncos V.P. of football operations John Elway was a big, mobile, strong-armed quarterback.  Naturally, then, he’s drawn to big, mobile, strong-armed quarterbacks.

The fact that the 2011 quarterback class boasts several big, mobile, strong-armed quarterbacks has Elway reportedly intrigued.

“I think sometimes your eyes migrate to the style you played,” Elway said Monday, per Mike Klis of the Denver Post. “You don’t have to be that way.  You look at Peyton Manning and Tom Brady, the success they’ve had.  But I think it’s getting harder and harder to play that position and not have mobility.”

The big three big quarterbacks in this year’s draft are Blaine Gabbert, Cam Newton, and Colin Kaepernick.  If the Broncos want Gabbert or Newton, one of them definitely will be there at No. 2.

“We’re always looking for that guy,” Elway said regarding whether the team hopes to find a “franchise quarterback of the future” in the draft.  “We may already have the guy who can pull the trigger and win us a championship someday.  We may have him.  We don’t know.  We believe in Tim [Tebow] but he’s not there.”

Of course, the problem is that, by drafting a potential “franchise quarterback of the future” with the second pick in the draft, the Broncos will essentially be giving up on Tebow long before knowing whether he can be “the guy.”  In the end, it could be that the Broncos are sending out smoke signals that they’re thinking quarterback with the second pick in the hopes of ensuring that the top pick is used on one of the two quarterbacks (either by the Panthers or someone who leaps over the Broncos via trade), giving Elway a clear shot at any of the players in the draft who don’t play quarterback.  If that’s the strategy, then Elway could be on his way to being as shrewd in the front office as he was effective with less than two minutes on the clock.

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  1. The last time I saw a move this transparent was Roger Goodell’s letter to the players last weekend.

    NO ONE buys that the Broncos are going QB at number 2.

  2. May as well get a QB. Weak draft class, but of course Tebow won’t be winning a superbowl.

  3. It is almost certainly a smokescreen but a good idea either way. With the 3 teams directly behind them in the draft potentially looking at QB, they might be able to get one of them to trade up, get extra picks and still get the guy they want.

  4. Elway would be an idiot to give up on Tim Tebow so soon. Everybody knows that…

    The Panthers will be taking a QB this year, It will either be Gabbert or Newton.

    I’m pretty sure Elway wants Fairley, If thats the case, he’ll be there waiting to become a Bronco. Johnny boy needs to give up on the smoke screen, he stinks at it.

  5. This is a terrible QB class but the lockout is pushing up the value of these guys. I wouldnt use a top 5 or maybe even top 10 pick on a QB this year.

    Newton is just as big a project as Tebow was but people think he’ll go first overall!? Carolina may pick Gabbert and he may turn out a top QB but he isnt Sam Bradford. If they take Newton, Rivera will be sacked within 2 seasons (whenever they happen)

    If the broncos go QB they need their heads checked. They have Orton, who is a decent player and Tebow who they have invested a lot in already and who showed promise at the tail end of last year.

  6. Translation: “We don’t want the #2 pick. Please trade picks with us, Bengals, Dolphins, Vikings, etc.”

    This is such an inept ploy by Elway. It also implies that Orton is as good as gone. I can only assume there’s absolutely no chance they trade away Tebow. Way to compromise Orton’s trade value, Johnny!

  7. Either the ElFoxxWay trio is trying to generate interest in this year’s QB class so they can trade down, or they’re gon be a lot pissed people in Denver.

  8. “But I think it’s getting harder and harder to play that position and not have mobility.” – That’s funny ’cause the best QB’s the league has right now (sans A-Rod) aren’t mobile at all (Brady, Brees, Manning, Rivers…).

  9. Boy, it’s fun watching these newbies try to play the pre-draft lying game.

    First, we had Ron Rivera saying with a straight face that he may draft Ryan Mallett (not a mallett hater, he’s just doesn’t rate that high), and now we have John Elway claiming he would consider taking another QB in the first round.

    I’m sure these guys will get better at this as they get more experience, but Oy.

  10. Well it certainly didn’t take John long to learn the delicate art of draft talk b.s.

    They have to draft defense. The QB market is inflated because of folks like Kiper & McShay flapping their gums.

    If football front office guys like Elway can help add to the QB hype while studs like Fairley & Dareus drop down the board, they are going to do it.

  11. I really don’t think this will matter much in the end, unless the Bills buy in and swap positions with the Broncos. Since it is generally assumed that the Bills are considering a QB, all the teams also looking QB will want to get ahead of them regardless of any interst the Broncos may or may not have in a QB.

  12. The most important thing Elway os going to do over the next 3 years is settle on a QB. Nothing else is going to have a bigger impact on what the Broncos do under his regime.

    Sitting at #2 with at least 2 top 10 QB’s out there he’d be a fool not to look at them very carefully and try to figure out if there’s a star QB he could take on that pick.

    Tim Tebow is an ok QB but he’s no John Elway and the odds on him developing into a star are iffy at this point. He might or he might not. I think the Broncos could easily take Gabbert somewhere in the top 10 or even Newton on the 2 if he’s still there.

  13. Let’s not get too carried away here, Denver. Keep it simple stupid. We need defense. Not a 4th qb. Please, I can’t take anymore lousy drafts. Pick nothing but d in this draft, and we’ll all be satisfied.

  14. He is just trying to get people to trade up to number 2. He knows that the Broncos are a mess and needs to stock pile draft picks. He is hoping that after Carolina takes Newton/Gabbert that Cinci or someone else will panic that they won’t get their guy. Although Mike Brown isn’t the best owner, I don’t think he’s dumb enough to fall for this. Al Davis however is a totally different story.

  15. enlightening…
    “If the Broncos want Gabbert or Newton, one of them definitely will be there at No. 2.”

    I think you’re probably right in your last paragraph. It’s probably a smokescreen to put them in a position to draft someone that they really want (other than one of the projected top QBs).

  16. Rrrrright, John. Sure. And there are no American troops at the Baghdad airport either, right?

  17. Elway doesn’t trust Tebow. Not because of his “mechanics”, but because of his personality. Tim is too far out there, and John thinks it will be a problem down the road. The “no one takes this ball in but me” Tebowism pretty much sums up Elway’s reluctance. That is why they fired Josh McDaniels when Elway came on board. The intent was to tank the season and go after Luck and Harbaugh. That plan collapsed for all sorts of reasons, but now they are looking at Gabbert.

  18. It might be a smokescreen, but if you are the Bills would you bank on that being the case? Elway just came in and might not like any of their guys. He surely doesn’t plan on having another pick this high in the draft ever again. Maybe now is the time to get THE guy and trade away the non-guys.

  19. Elway you were a good player, the votes still out on putting a team together. Please take a Qb and fall further behind in the afc west.

  20. Honestly I think that doing this smokescreen is a good thing for the Broncos in 2011.

    Sure it’s a bunch of political B.S. but I’m game for whatever gets the broncos more draft picks in this years draft. We need all the defensive players that we can possiblily get our hands on this. And the more good defensive players we get in the draft the better. If we don’t then we’ll have to sign a bunch of free-agents and that’ll get real expensive, real fast.

    And if Elway is being honest and truely thinking about getting a QB with the No. 2 spot I think that would be a very bad idea. We haven’t given Tebow enough time to delvope yet. Let’s give Tebow this off season to improve his mechcanics and give him the starting job. Because nobody has a better work ethic then Tebow. And hey, if he screws up next year and we don’t have a good season this year with Tebow like everyone predicts, then we can draft Luck next year. That’s who Elway really wanted anyways.

    So I say, defense and Tebow next year!!

  21. As much as the Broncos need to shore up the D-line, it will be almost impossible for them to pass up on either Newton and Gabbert if they don’t trade down. Cam Newton is even more athletic than Tebow and he has a better arm. If the reports about Gabbert are true and he does have a throwing motion that is as good or better than Bradford’s then how do you pass that up? You either get a younger M. Vick or Bradford 2.0 with a rookie salary cap. Elway hasn’t tried to mislead anyone since he took over and I don’t see a reason why he would start now.

    As for compromising Orton’s trade value, there really isn’t much of a threat on the front because everyone in the league already knows what he can do after two years in Denver so his value is already set.

    If the Broncos are at No.2 and either Newton or Gabbert are there they are going to pull the trigger and sort it all out afterwards.

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