Lovie Smith: Why question Cutler but not Woodson and Driver?

When Bears quarterback Jay Cutler left the NFC Championship Game after suffering a knee injury, he was widely criticized. Two weeks later, when Packers cornerback Charles Woodson and receiver Donald Driver left the Super Bowl with injuries, no one criticized them.

Bears coach Lovie Smith doesn’t get that.

“[Woodson] walked off, and he was standing on the sideline,” Smith said today, per Sean Jensen of the Chicago Sun-Times. “Donald Driver walked off, and he stood on the sideline. But we’re not questioning them. I never question them. Totally off base for that to happen.”

Smith says he thinks that if anything, the conversation in the football world after the NFC Championship Game should have centered on Cutler’s attempt to keep playing for one more series after suffering his knee injury.

“To me the story should have been, how tough a player Jay Cutler really is,” Smith said. “He was hurt, but he just wouldn’t take that. He still tried to go back out there and help his team win.”

And Smith wasn’t happy that FOX, which broadcast the game, repeatedly put the cameras on Cutler.

“To me, for the network, to choose those pictures, it’s wrong too,” Smith said. “On the sideline, you can portray a player whatever way you like. You can look at any player that’s injured.”

Overall, Smith is getting sick of the Cutler questions.

“That’s an insult, almost to the point where I’m tired of talking about,” Smith said. “There’s nothing to the story. For people to search for stuff like that; shame on them.”

103 responses to “Lovie Smith: Why question Cutler but not Woodson and Driver?

  1. Look. I take Cutler, Smith etc at their word that Cutler couldn’t play and was seriously injured. But looking at this one event doesn’t tell the story. It is about a history and an attitude.

    You always get the impression (rightly or wrongly) that Woodson and Driver would play with missing body parts if the coach would let them. You get the impression that, based on attitude and history, that Cutler wouldn’t and really would care.

    I’m not saying this is fair or even correct. But in a game of warriors, if you don’t come across as a warrior (and, again, right or wrong Cutler does not), then people are going to question you like this.

  2. Lay off Cutler. Just because he has a puffy face with multiple chins does not mean he is soft.

  3. uh, maybe because Woodson and Driver appear involved and high five teammates and clap it up on the sideline…?

    maybe because they dont have that disinterested sneer and headphones on…?

    maybe because they dont do that ridiculous fist pump and run to the sideline without acknowledging the player who scored?

    maybe because they were Super Bowl champs and Woodson got injured defending a play in the Super Bowl…that they won…?

  4. I agree with Smith.

    I’m not questioning Cutler’s toughness. I think he’s tough enough. But he’s still douchey.

  5. The same company showed Driver and Woodson in PAIN! Cutler appeared to be moping around pouting he did not look very interested.

    Does Lovie really think by not talking about it people are going to change their mind, show the film to a bunch of kids and ask their opinion of what Cutler was doing, I would be interested to see how many say “Hurt”.

  6. Does this mean Lovie doesn’t get the difference between losing the NFC title game and winning the Super Bowl, or that he doesn’t realize how much more important a starting QB is than starting CBs and WRs.

  7. Whatever, Lovie. You know it was that people were questioning his sideline demeanor in a losing effort where he left the game.

  8. nothing against cutler but to answer smiths question. its obvious, drivers leg bent and woodson fell on his collarbone. and they both actually looked hurt unlike cutler.

  9. Yeah, but they were actually hurt.

    But in all seriousness , it was the fact the Cutler did not appear hurt on the sideline and the incident that caused it seemed to be non-existent.

    I mean I thought he got benched at first because I couldn’t hear the announcers at the bar I was at.

  10. And if Lovie doesn’t want to talk about this anymore he doesn’t need to be dragging players from other teams into it. He’s just trying to deflect attention away from him and Cutler.

  11. oh no he didnt. cause we saw the pain on their faces. we heard about woodson’s halftime speech, we saw Driver in a boot.
    we saw Cutler laughing, smiling and not being supportive of his team. dude sucks….

  12. Here is the difference, Lovie.

    Cutler stood on the sideline like a kid who got his snack pack taken away for not finishing his vegetables.

    Driver and Woodson went into the locker room and inspired their team at half time, came back out — Woodson in a sling and Driver in a boot — and ran around jumping and encouraging despite obvious pain.

    Huge difference. Much like the difference between the Bears organization and the Packers organization.

  13. 1. Cutler was Baldwin-esque emotionless.
    2. Woodson & Driver were in the Super Bowl. Despite being hurt, they were animated and cheering their team to victory.

    Lovie is salty. Plain & simple.

  14. I don’t question his toughness. The image that bugged me was you had a 2nd or 3rd string QB sitting on the bench next to Cutler, going over images and the Packer defense, and there you have Cutler seemingly not giving two hoots, or even an attempt to reach out and assist his backups, explaining the defense, helping to any adjustments needed. He was just sitting there trying to stay warm. Not a Bears fan, nor would I want that guy on my team… and my team has a sexual assaulter as a QB.

  15. really, noting against cutler. the cameras were pointing at him because he didnt look HURT, its uncomparable if you ask me. And we all saw the replays of driver and wood gettn hurt. Cutler?idk when

  16. The answer is simple, Cutler sat on a bench, sulked and was disinterested in the game.
    Driver and Woodson (broke collarbone) were at the front of the sidelines giving encouragement to their teammates.

    “DUH, WINNING!!!”

  17. Very simple Lovie, Green Bay announced Woodson had a collarbone injury (broken I think) and said he was out, unless you think he should have played with a broken collarbone. Same with Driver(didn’t you see the play he got hurt on, pretty obvious), ie Green Bay didn’t leave anyone in the dark and/or leave their players open to criticism. Everyone knew that was going to be magnified in Chicago because of how Cutler is viewed. I don’t think anyone views Cutler the same as Woodson and Driver.

  18. @ nflguru12

    im sorry dude but you got a thumbs down for bringing Charlie Sheen into an arena he has no business being in.

    nothing agasint you, just post better, i know you can do it. (slam me about my grammar and lack of capitialization, i wont care).

  19. I’m a Bear fan and am as sick of the Culter criticism as anyone. Do I necessarily like Jay and his douchey attitude? No, but he didn’t deserve the criticism he got.

    However, comparing a broken collarbone in Woodson’s case to Cutler’s sprained knee is an awful comparison by Lovie Smith.

    Here is some advice Lovie. If you truly are sick of talking about the “controversy”, then STOP talking about it. Its that simple.

  20. I would say mostly the toughness of Driver and Woodson was not questioned, because they both have a proven track record of toughness.

    More importantly, were their actions after they were side lined, i.e. they didn’t sit on the bench and mope. They acted like the team leaders they are, sacked up and cheered on and advised their teammates.

  21. Cutler got hurt in the beginning of the second quarter and played the rest of the quarter.

    He finally came out when the doctors said he couldn’t plant his knee very well.

    Woodson broke his collarbone and had to leave the game immediately.

    Look Lovie, I know you’re trying to promote your mediocre QB and all but you really need to stop, all you’re doing is embarrassing yourself AND Cutler…

  22. The image of Woodson on the sideline will remain in my memory for years to come. The man broke his collarbone and he’s trying to cheer for his team, but he has to stop because he’s in horrific pain. He’s in street clothes with a sling. Driver is in street clothes and a large walking boot. Cutler is in full pads with a dumb hat away from teammates moping around. Driver and Woodson were genuinely interested in the game. That is why Lovie. That is why. There was no question those players would have gone back in the game if they could and there was no sense of abandonment.

  23. So, Smith doesn’t want to comment on it anymore, but he comments on it anyway, throws out names of players who got hurt as well, and whines that they were not vilified like his QB was.

    Lovie is becoming a crybaby, and I’m not sure that’s the type of guy you want leading a football team – unless it’s the Bears. They seem to whine quite a bit about anything and everything.

  24. Lovie and the Bears: In today’s episode, the mean old media monster unfairly portrays what the cameras show, straight up. Some unhelpful people decide to comment on it unfairly, causing unhappiness. As the other Bears rush to his defense, Jaybear limps out to a $250/person dinner in his $1000 suit.

  25. Also even before we found out Woodson broke down in the LR the sideline cameras showed him trying to raise his arm to cheer and he winced and lowered it immediately.
    I don’t agree with Smith that a TV channel shouldn’t try to show players on the sidelines or whatever. They are ate their job in public, anything that happens on the field or on the sidelines during the broadcast is fair game.

    I agree that Lovie’s defensiveness displayed by his “WHAT ABOUT THE OTHER GUYS???” comments gives credence to “where there’s smoke there’s fire” as far as questioning Cutler. Personally, though I loathe everything I know of about Cutler I defended him for being truly hurt at the time. This is about the third time Smith has come out talking about this whether asked or not (he should say “we’re moving on” and stop talking about it). Couple the amount of times he has addressed it and the “cameras shouldn’t show it” with the “LOOK OVER THERE, A SQUIRREL” defense using other players…I am now wondering if there ISN’T more to it.

  26. of course Lovie’s still taking crap over what happened in that NFCC game… after halftime, he thought he was being cute and deceptive by NOT letting the Packers/FOX/The World know that Cutler was out of the game for certain.

    The un-intended consequence of that decision was that the Packers/FOX/The World now all believe that Cutler is soft, not a leader, passion-less, and maybe wasn’t really injured at all… we all watched the video of Cutler walking up steps without a limp after the game.

    Lovie blew it… Cutler is still paying the the price for it, and as a Packers fan… I’m loving every minute of it.

  27. All three injuries were objectively evaluated with each medical staff determining that each player was unsafe to continue playing. I would even bet that it was against the Bears’ medical staff’s professional opinion to even let Cutler try to go in the first series of the second half.

    People that do not have an orthopedic back ground cannot appreciate the level of instability a grade 2 sprain of the medial colateral ligament brings to a knee. They probably have no idea what ANY level of instability feels like to the medial compartment of the knee. They do not understand the risk of further injury (anterior cruciate ligament, meniscii, hyaline cartilage) to the knee should an athlete suffer a subsequent injury. They base their responses on emotion, their opinion of Jay Cutler as a person, and quite frankly, ignorance. Let it go. Let’s look forward to (the possibility of) next year.

  28. A big difference was presentation. They weren’t just standing on the sidelines like Lovie said, Driver had a cast on his foot and Woodson had a sling on. It was clear that their injuries were serious. Cutler, on the other hand, had on a big ole Bears jacket and was either sitting or walking back and forth by himself, not looking all that injured. Before MRIs came out, he was an easy target.

  29. I didn’t hear anything about Cutler motivating his teammates or even just being part of the team.

    Did you, Lovie?

  30. Not a fan of either team, but if you look at my username, you can probably assume how I feel about Cutler. That being said, I can vividly recall Aaron Rodgers getting drilled directly in the ear hole by one of the dirty Steelers in the SB. He looked dazed, confused, and in a lot of pain. However, he didn’t even miss a single play.

    Also, I’m pretty sure Driver, Woodson, and every other person watching the game knew the exact play in which they were hurt.

    I can promise you that if Cutler hadn’t “gone LT” when he was hurt (sulking, pouting, etc), and maybe tried to at least appear supportive to his teammates, this never would have been a story. Dude’s got physical toughness and talent coming out of his ears. Too bad he makes up for the physical abundance with his lack of heart and brains.

  31. Maybe cuz they didn’t pout on the sidelines looking completely uninterested in the biggest game of their lives?? Give it up Lovie…Woodson and Driver WILL remember this…

  32. If I’m not mistaken, Woodson cried in the locker room because he couldn’t play. Cutler… just sat there.

  33. packfannchitown says: Woodson broke his collarbone and had to leave the game immediately.
    Actually, after he broke it, the Pack called a timeout & Woodson played the next down before deciding it was too damaged to go on til halftime.

    But the difference was that Woodson & Driver were sideline cheerleaders while Cutler looked like a moping, spoiled, petulant kid.

  34. Lovie: H-I-S-T-O-R-Y

    Jay have become such a huge question mark in play ethic, team support, and attitude, he deserves NOT getting the benefit of the doubt until he proves otherwise. Proven Guilty too many times in Denver and in Chicago.

    Light it up to live it down Jay, stop depending on others to take up your pouting, sulking cause.

  35. Lovie, please!!! I understand that he has to protect his guy, but don’t compare him to two of the leagues warriors, Woodson and Driver. Of course no one questions them, they have earned it over their more than ten years into the careers.

    Also, the cameras were on Woodson, he was into the game, with his teammates, and I know not to question whether or not he could play because when he tried to celebrate, his broken collarbone quickly put an end to that. Come on Lovie, you have to know that a CB/S cannot hit someone with a broken collarbone.

    What was Cutler’s injury again?

  36. As for the unfair camera shots…Woodson/Driver were also caught on camera, multiple times during the SB. Only difference is that Woodson/Driver were up along the sidelines, supporting their teammates. Cutler was…well, being Cutler.

    Oh well Lovie…you did win the north, so be happy about that.

  37. It’s the image that Cutler presents with his facial expressions and his body language – aloof, pouty, disinterested. He didn’t look hurt, so you combine that with the way he carried himself on the sideline after he came out of the game and most people would jump to that conclusion.

    Lovie must be sensitive to criticism regarding how someone is perceived based on their appearance. Most of the people that I know have the impression that he is clueless as a coach. When the cameras show him on the sidelines, he always has that lost, confused look on his face, especially when they show him after penalties or during challenges. No real fire or emotion – just blankness.

  38. Lovie Smith is such a whiner! Get over your obsession with the Packers – they kicked your collective Chi Town butts! There is no comparison between Cutler and Woodson & Driver. First, Driver played (repeat “played”) the last 6 or so games of the regular season and then the playoffs while he was hurt. He was essentially playing on one leg… but he played. Can’t say the same for Cutler. Got it? As to Woodson, besides playing hurt during the season, he broke his collarbone in the SB. What did Cutler break? What surgery did Cutler have after his “injury?” None, that’s right, zero. That is the difference. And, by the way, according to several GB players, it was Woodson’s emotional speech at half time that inspired them to go out and finish off the Steelers in the Super Bowl. What exactly did Culter do when he went out? Oh yeah, he sat at the end of the bench like he didn’t give a damn about the outcome of the game. That’s the difference. Two leaders vs one indifferent (at best)/quitter. And that is one reason that GB (after beating the Bears) went to the SB and won. Culter ain’t no leader… and some have to question whether Lovie if one either (they way he handled the whole Cutler fiasco).

  39. I’m a huge Cutler supporter, but I can appreciate where a lot of you are coming from. Cutler doesn’t have the prototypical attitude of a franchise quarterback. I do think that people see Cutler how they want to see him, as opposed to how he actually is, but that’s their right. I just hope that they can equally appreciate where I’m coming from when I say that Cutler is the best quarterback the Bears have ever had, and that he was sacked more than any other quarterback, yet never complained. If you ask me, that’s the way a franchise quarterback is supposed to act.

  40. You guys that are still jumping on Cutler based only on your “expertise” in reading body language and based only on the pictures the network chose to show you are only displaying your own ignorance.

    Lovie makes a great point. If you’re too injured to play you’re too injured to play. If you’re going to jump on Cutler for being a wuss for not playing on a torn ligament, then jump on Woodson for being too big of a wuss for not playing with a broken collarbone.

    Bottom line is, there isn’t a single person on here that can say Cutler was not too injured to play. Are you people really too stupid to understand that you don’t have to be hauled off the field on a stretcher to be too injured to continue? Most of you would be running home to mommy the first time you got sacked by a 300-pound lineman. Cutler got up from that more than any other quarterback in the league last year, yet he’s soft? Man there are really some stupid football fans out there.

  41. And keep in mind the only shots you saw of Cutler were the ones the network chose to show you. Caleb Hanie stated after this story exploded that Cutler did in fact go over photos of coverages on the sideline and that he did offer him support and advice as the game went on. But did you see that on television? No?

    So I guess if you didn’t see it on TV it didn’t happen, right?


  42. bearsbulls34 says:
    Mar 22, 2011 1:18 PM
    I’m a huge Cutler supporter, but I can appreciate where a lot of you are coming from. Cutler doesn’t have the prototypical attitude of a franchise quarterback. I do think that people see Cutler how they want to see him, as opposed to how he actually is, but that’s their right. I just hope that they can equally appreciate where I’m coming from when I say that Cutler is the best quarterback the Bears have ever had, and that he was sacked more than any other quarterback, yet never complained. If you ask me, that’s the way a franchise quarterback is supposed to act.

    A franchise QB needs to do more than take sacks and not complain about it. He’s basically Jeff George in my opinion. He has the physical tools but not the mental ones. You don’t need the best arm to lead your team. He’s only a franchise QB in the sense that they’re paying him like one.

  43. Lovie,

    Just my opinion. Never talk to the media right after leaving lunch with De Maurice and Barrack. Take a short time out.

  44. I’m going out on a limb here saying that Lovie Smith never broke a collarbone – it’s some of the worst pain you could feel much less not being able to lift your hand above your head.

    Driver…bad ankle…receiver…running and cutting. C’mon man – apples and oranges.

    Love Smith is a joke and so is Cutler.

  45. Well Mr. Lovie Smith let me break it down for you.

    I might be a little bias on this subject because I’m a die hard Broncos fan and hate Cutler with very fiber of my being.

    But it wasn’t because he got injuryed. That happens all the time and it can’t be helped. The injury isn’t what Bears fans are anger about. Fans look at the Quarterback as the leader of the team, weither he is or not. After Cutler got taken out and was on the sideline he looked so uninterested that he might as well have got in his car and went home to beat the traffic. Any other QB or key player that I’ve seen get injuryed this year that can still stand is always right next to their couch and helping derect the game. The same is true for Driver and Woodson during the Superbowl.

    So the injury isn’t what hurt Cutler’s reputation, it was his childish attitude.

  46. Bottom line is, there isn’t a single person on here that can say Cutler was not too injured to play…

    nor is there a person here that can say he was too injured to play… what kind of medical staff does duh Bears have anyway, where a slightly sprained knee benches a franchise QB…

  47. but they hate Favre with a passion even though he’s the toughest QB to ever play.

    Favre hasn’t been a Packers QB in over 3 years… and he led by his actions on the field, not by pouting and crying on the bench over a small injury like a certain Bears QB did in the NFC Championship game on his home field.

  48. smith just doesn’t want to admit that he wanted to bench cutler during the game and the knee injury was just an excuse.

  49. What’s funny is the announcers could easily pinpoint when Woodson and Driver were hurt. They could not do that for Cutler. Also, Woodson and Driver were cheering on their teammates. Where was Cutler… oh yeah, on the bench ignoring the QB who was playing in the game. Instead of helping him prepare for the next series. Finally, if Cutler was so hurt and is viewed as such a leader, why didn’t more of his teammates come to his defense? Smith is a good coach, but I feel he is facing an uphill battle with this discussion.

  50. tuckercarlsonisthevoiceofreason says: Mar 22, 2011 1:43 PM

    Funny how Packer fans love their players for being so tough and hate Cutler because he came out of the game, but they hate Favre with a passion even though he’s the toughest QB to ever play.
    Funny how non-Packer fans can’t understand that the only reason why Packer fans hate Favre is because he is/was a Viking.

  51. “Funny how Packer fans love their players for being so tough and hate Cutler because he came out of the game, but they hate Favre with a passion even though he’s the toughest QB to ever play”

    Correction: “Funny how Packer fans love their SUPERBOWL CHAMPION players for being so tough… yada, yada, yada…”

    And the Favre thing?? So 2008.

  52. I remember seeing a clip during the game of Cutler just sitting on the bench staring into space, pouting, with his back up sitting next to him with the playbook open and a look of fear on his face… Cutler did NOTHING to help the kid out…

    Meanwhile, on the sideline I saw Woodson, during the offensive series, going over photos and stuff with the back up DB’s…

    THAT, Mr. Smith, is the difference.
    If Cutler would have been helping his Backup with the playbook, Nobody would’ve questioned it.

    End Thread

  53. look we get you don’t like cutler but he does not care what you think about him.he does not owe you or the media anything other than what he does on the field and that pisses you and the media off because he does not let you know everything there is to know about him. all you need to know about that being the truth is that he got roasted for giving gifts to a childrens ward at christmas and did not feel the need to call a press conferance over it. name anybody else who would take heat for doing something like that?and he takes heat because he not a self promoter doing every endorsement he could?seriously you are going after a guy because he wants his private life to stay private? as for the game blame the bears for not saying what happened to begin with but stop saying he is not tough! he played the rest of the quarter with that injury and tried to play the start of the half and could not.first you bitch because he did not play thru then you bitch because he was ineffective when he did play, so I guess having a knee injury should have no effect on your game right? as for not showing pain on the sideline maybe he was not in that much pain since he got shot up at halftime to kill the pain! he tried to play but if you can’t plant your leg pretty hard to be an effective qb! and it’s not like rodgers was superman that game either,tell me again how many td’s did the packers offense score after the first 2 drives? if the bears qb who never played before that game does not throw those 2 picks it would have been a differant outcome.

  54. Again guys, you get only what the network decides to show you. Are you all really stupid enough to believe that’s the whole story. The media glorifies who they want to glorify so they show Woodson going over phots with his backup, yet they don’t show Cutler doing the same. Yet Caleb Hanie says he was doing just that. So Woodson is a hero and Cutler is a tool. To the clueless anyway.

  55. Uhhh…Lovie, of course Woodson “walked off” the field and was “standing on the sideline.” He broke his collarbone, not that thing you use to perform walking and standing functions (i.e., a knee). I don’t think you need to be an anatomy expert to understand the difference.

  56. the best news this offseason is the extension lovie smith got. this coming from a packers fan! and cutler? stuck with him for i believe 5 more years, too! even lions fans are laughing at you.

  57. Detached, what does Cutler allegedly giving toys to kids have to do with his douchy attitude in the field or sidelines?

    Also, if Cutler had acted like a real leader out there and helped his teammates instead of sulking on the bench then a lot of fans would have felt sorry for him for his “injury”. Instead he just justified his well-deserved reputation as a basket case.

  58. @ 3rdstringqb

    Woodson: Made very inspiring speech at half time to motivate his team/super bowl champion.

    Cutler: Tool that pretty much did the opposite. Wasn’t inspiring, wasn’t motivating, didn’t get to the SB, & did not win the last game in which he played.

  59. We’re beating a dead horse, nobody cares and it wouldn’t even be thought of if it didn’t keep getting brought out. Jay Cutler and Lovie Smith have all next season, (we hope), to show us whether Jay is a stud or not. Move along folks, nothing to see here.

  60. Woodson had a snapped bone, returned to the sidelines in a sling, and couldn’t hardly move without almost screaming in pain and demonstrating it took a serious injury to get him off the field. Plus he stayed engaged and cheered on his team.

    Same with Driver. He returned to the sideline hobbled like hell, barely able to move, in a big ol’ brace and a bared foot. And stayed with his team, cheering, planning, trying to help.

    Cutler ‘sprained his clitoris’ and moped, and went emo on his team and, by extension, his teams fanbase. Perhaps if he’d come back out on crutches with a big aircast on, and at least looked the part of interested in the outcome of the game, maybe folks wouldn’t be wondering aloud about his toughness.

  61. If I remember that snooze fest of an NFC championship game correctly, there was nothing for anyone rooting for da Bears to cheer about. Even though the final was 21-14, you would have thought it was 35-0 the way Chicago was trying to make their futile comeback.

  62. Woodson and Driver weren’t seen at a nightclub after the game, walking up stairs without crutches.

  63. This is a perfect example of why Lovie Smith should not be the head football coach of an NFL team. Cutler sat on the bench and did nothing to encourage his team to win that game. Like they had a chance anyways. Woodson could not even talk at halftime because he was crying so bad. Driver was still jumping up and down yelling to encourage his players. Is Smith serious? Focus on your team for the next season then worry about the team that beat you. I just squeezed my entire loaf of bread in anger. That was a 4 dollar squeeze right there and now I am really angry. Did Woodson sit down and do nothing? Did Driver sit down and do nothing? Nooooo Coach Smith. Damn I am super amped up now. Can not wait for next season god willing there is one. In your case Smith maybe they will send you somewhere else so Driver and Woodson make you pay for retarded statements. Wocka wocka Smith. Good luck you knob

  64. We beat tha Bears twice in three weeks, the second time on their homefield to win the NFC championshipand the “HALAS ” trophy for the right to win the Lombardi trophy…….We as packer fans don’t hate Jay Cutler, we love him…..I feel real good about our chances everytime he lines up against our defense………We plead with the Bears to not ever get rid of him….

    Loveieeeeeeee what a tool it was beyond obvious when Woodson and Driver got hurt….even after the game the bears fans blew up the message boards because no one knew what had happened…..your PR in the handling of the situation gave more life to it than anyone else….you have the oldest team in the league….last year was you best chance to win….Pack spanked ya twice


  65. @BenSteeler29

    You do realize the Bears had the ball inside the Packers 30-yard line with a chance to tie the game in the final minute right? I’m guessing if it were the Steelers, you would have a different opinion regarding whether or not there was something to cheer about.

  66. @oneaa “Cutler sat on the bench and did nothing to encourage his team to win that game. ”


    Are you basing that on the limited shots the network had of Cutler on the sideline or did you personally watch him the entire half? Because Caleb Hanie sure seems to disagree that Cutler did nothing to help him. Of course, why let the facts get in the way of an ignorant rant, huh?

  67. 3rdstringqb – Cutler too hurt to play and we are all wrong? Yeah, right. Go look at Phillip Rivers and see how he played on a torn ACL in a playoff game. Look at Favre and how he played hurt for 20 seasons and never came out. Cutler just called it a day as he was getting the crap beat out of him by the Packer Defense. At least Caleb Heine showed some guts and moxie.

  68. @13x “Pack spanked you twice”

    LOL The packers barely beat a Bears team that had nothing to play for during week 17 in Lambeau then you barely got by them without their starting quarterback in the playoffs. Yeah, those were some mighty spankings the Packers put on them.

  69. The best thing about all this is that those of you who are hating on Cutler based on your “vast medical backgrounds” and taking this opportunity to blindly bash him based on your “expertise at reading body language” are only fueling his motivation for next season and beyond.

    So keep it coming. Keep telling him what a tool he is. And how he sucks. And how he isn’t tough enough. Bears fans should be loving all the criticism right now. I’m predicting Cutler will have the best season of his career next year, and part of the reason will be because of the hatred and ignorance so many have displayed.

  70. I had moved on from this, but since he had brought it up. They were shown supporting teammates first of all, second, they were on a team that wound up pulling it off a victory, but I think the biggest reason, probably cuz the head coach didn’t butcher the situation so bad to the point where the next person that filled in for them would have been an out of position player.

  71. 100% correct, Lovie.

    the packer trolls on here would never concede to that, but they damn well know you’re right.

    he wasn’t saying driver and woodson didn’t suffer significant injuries, he is just saying cutler also suffered a significant injury during a significant game. a bad knee is not something you want your QB playing on. they can’t plant their feet correctly.

    but packer fans will always portray their players as american heroes. there is no stopping that.

    the media has their targets for criticism, and cutler will always be one.

  72. I’m a die hard Packer fan, but heck, props to Lovie Smith. For sure, Cutler does “appear” to sulk sometimes (and it doesn’t help that his face/facial expression when sulking does sort of look like a militant lesbian whose girlfriend just dumped her for a guy), but given the validity of having a bum knee, it is understandable why he would sulk as he did in that NFC Championship game, not to mention why he stayed off the knee by sitting on the bench. Props also to Rodgers and other NFL players in the league who defended Cutler.

  73. In the spaghetti Westerns, Clint Eastwood, would never show emotion, seem detached and stoic….distant and uncaring….those were MACHO traits…..

    Nowadays, metrosexuals, are in touch with their feminine side; show much emotion and manipulate their audience throw visual displays…that, has always been FEMININE…

    Interesting that most idiots wanted Cutler to display a feminine side in order to appear MACHO, when in reality he showed a traditional MACHO display….

    You see, if you need bandages and sit down, you are a WEENIE….if you stand and show disinterest, you are MACHO…..Where have all the cowboys gone?

  74. I’m a die hard, bleed Green and Gold, life long Green Bay Packer fan. The mere fact Lovie raised such a question is proof positive he is right where he belongs, in chicago, coaching da bares.

  75. Woodson and Driver had obvious injuries. Woodson and Driver stayed involved in the game. Cutler looked like he wanted to be any place but with his teammates. He needs an attitude coach.

  76. What a horrible coach Lovie is..

    – Held one of the hottest QBs in the NFL at the time to 10 and 14 points in consecutive games (the vaunted Steelers’ D got destroyed, btw)

    – Had a chance to push the NFC championship game to OT with a 3rd string QB

    And all those who think a grade II MCL tear is not a real injury, you’ve probably never attempted to do anything athletic in your lives. Cutler is a good QB, and hopefully he’ll get a chance to prove it this year.

  77. Well Lovie, Woodson’s arm was in a sling and the club announced his collar bone break and would not be returning to the game. Driver was on crutches and the club announced he would not be returning to the game. However you do make a great point in the differences between the two situations. The two Packer players remained engaged with their team and active in cheering and supporting. Where was Jay? Oh yeah…sitting on the bench and not saying a word to the 3rd stringer who had the game on his shoulders. Sure you are the dirty rotten Bears coach and there is natural animosity between the two teams but never again equate the two Packers to your pouting p****y QB again. These comments make you look even more foolish than some of the gameplans you’ve drawn up.

  78. 3rdstringqb says: Mar 22, 2011 4:40 PM

    @13x “Pack spanked you twice”

    LOL The packers barely beat a Bears team that had nothing to play for during week 17 in Lambeau then you barely got by them without their starting quarterback in the playoffs. Yeah, those were some mighty spankings the Packers put on them.


    3rd string….your wrong, what they had to play for was to to keep the Packers out of the playoffs……”Our Number 1 goal is to beat the Green Bay Packers.” Well we got the Halas and Lombardi Trophy by beating you are most hated rivals on your turf…..I don’t care if it was by 1 point or 20, we have the hardware………….and Injuries…..don’t even go there….we were the most beat up team in the league and you guys were the healthiest…….If your third stringer played better than your first stringer there’s nothing I can do about that. Before Cutler got hurt he was stinking up the place……if he would have finished the game we would have won by 20

  79. @13X

    Never said the Packers didn’t win. You claimed the Packers SPANKED the Bears two games in a row which, would indicate to the normal intelligent fan that they dominated them. As I illustrated, that is pretty far from what really happened and what you said was nothing more than a blatant exaggeration.

    And do you honestly believe that what little motivation the Bears had in week seventeen was anything close to what the Packers had in playing for their playoff lives? If you do, then you aren’t any smarter than the others on here who think they know everything about Cutler and his injury based on his body language. Of course, you probably fall into that category as well.

  80. tuckercarlsonisthevoiceofreason says:

    Funny how Packer fans love their players for being so tough and hate Cutler because he came out of the game, but they hate Favre with a passion even though he’s the toughest QB to ever play.

    Favre who? You lost me after you mentioned the World Champion Green Bay Packers!

  81. 3rdstring QB

    And do you honestly believe that what little motivation the Bears had in week seventeen was anything close to what the Packers had in playing for their playoff lives? If you do, then you aren’t any smarter than the others on here who think they know everything about Cutler and his injury based on his body language. Of course, you probably fall into that category as well.


    well 3rd string, first off it was Lovie who said all week they were playing to win….played his starters the whole game as a matter of fact. There is tape of several Bears players on the field before the game saying “” they were there to take the Pakers out” I never mentioned Cutlers body language or his injury….you did…seems your awful defensive about that. I guess I would be to if my team gave up those draft picks and all that money for Jeff George part 2

  82. Of course they are going to say that 13x. What else are they going to say? “We are going to throw in the towel because the game means so little to our playoff outlook”? I kind of doubt it. If you think the Bears motivation was anything close to what the Packers had going into that game you’re a moron.

    Far as Cutler, I am thrilled the Bears traded those draft picks to get him. He’s a talented quarterback. Even if you had made no comments before about his body language, it’s pretty clear based on your Jeff George comment that you agree. So you’re simply another of those who ignorantly have judged him based on your “expertise” in body language.

    Having said that, my original point was that YOUR comment that the Packers “spanked” the Bears twice in a row was nothing but an extreme exaggeration and undermines your credibility. That comment in itself should make most question either your knowledge of the game or your objectivity. At this point it seems like you have little of either.

  83. Funny how Packer fans love their players for being so tough and hate Cutler because he came out of the game, but they hate Favre with a passion even though he’s the toughest QB to ever play.

    Absolutly darling how the Viking fans come out and defend Favre after bashing him and everyone around him for 17 years,,,just precious, the GB fans don’t hate Favre..they just hate that he became a Viking..it’s like Brad Pitt dumping Angelina for Roseanne..nauseating

  84. You know Packers fans would be defending Cutler with a passion as well if he played for their team just like they’re defending Driver and Woodson. All three were considered too injured to play by team physicians. Two are considered heros and one is crucified for coming out of the game. Two play for the Packers and one for the Bears. I don’t think it takes a genius to figure out that there’s more than a little bias at play here. It’s an obvious double standard.

  85. Sure, I’d defend Cutler a few times… But the the guy is a bone head! His coach is quickly joining that club as well.

    Bears fans are so disingenuous when it comes to Cutler. This isn’t his first foray into being a douche.

    Let’s see, he strolls into town and hits the party circuit drink alcohol. Oh, it’s just water, everyone rolled their eyes. Then it was, he just remembers to shoot up every 15 minutes… Great! By the way, reports were leaking out of Denver that this was why he was put on the market. MacDaniels didn’t want a drunk Qb with diabetes.

    Then it was the cussin’ the refs out to the tune of 20g’s… Ah, come on, so Jay Jay used a couple choice words… Then they released what the mic picked up… Sailors around the world blushed.

    And it wasn’t just that Cutler turned tail on his teammates and abandoned them. He was out vacationing and walking around LA. He didn’t even try to defend himself, his little lady did…

    Hey, I’m a Packer fan, so keep defending him Chitown. It’s all good for us.

  86. I’m not going to be boring and write things about Woodson cheering, because we all know he did. Lovie can say that the media is protraying what we all want to believe, but what he has to realize is that, that was all there was to show. After the initial conversation Cutler had with Lovie about coming out, that was the only interaction the two had the rest of the game. I don’t know why he is defending Cutler, when he clearly knows that Cutler was sulking on the bench wrapped in a nice warm blanket.
    The facts are there and there is evidence to prove it, so every doubter can shut up. Cutler might be tough and might have gotten sacked a ton of times this season, but remember someone the year before who got sacked a ton? Oh yeah, Aaron Rodgers, and he took his team to the playoffs that year and never quit on his team. He got sacked too much this last year also, but never quit on his team and took them to a super bowl title. Don’t baby Cutler and say he had it tough. Every player has it tough, it’s how you overcome that is what makes you a franchise player. Cutler is not a franchise QB, because he doesn’t care about his team, he only cares about himself. I think Cutler has all the talent in the world, he just needs to stop acting like it’s his team and start communicating with his teammates.
    The other part of this long message is that Lovie’s job was on the line this season. He has seen multiple coaches get fired this year and he’s trying everything he can to keep his job. Cutler was a huge investment to that team, Lovie needs to show that he has him under control. Lovie knows that Cutler is a loose cannon and doesn’t like to be a puppet. Lovies fan base is dwindling and with arrogant comments that he is dishing right now, it isn’t helping his case. Lovie gets beat twice this season by the Packers and gets fired. Have fun being unemployed Lovie, Brad Childress might get a little lonely, you should give him a call.

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