Roger Goodell: We’re planning on having a full season

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said at today’s league meeting that he does not believe the lockout will extend so long that it forces games to be canceled, emphasizing that he hopes for a return to the negotiating table to bring the work stoppage to an end.

“We are certainly planning on having a full season,” Goodell said. “That’s our objective and we’re going to work as hard as we can to make that become a reality.”

Calling the labor dispute the primary focus of the owners’ meeting, Goodell said the owners believe a deal can and should get done before it would risk shortening or even canceling the season.

“The owners want to play a full season,” Goodell said. “I think the players want to play a full season and I know our fans do.”

Goodell even claimed that the decision of 31 teams to require season-ticket payments before the lockout ends as evidence that the teams are preparing for the season to start.

“Very simple: We’re getting prepared to play the 2011 season,” Goodell said. “We’ve identified policies for refunds if that’s necessary.”

But Goodell is telling fans that he doesn’t expect them to have to get those ticket refunds. He’ll be in for a serious fan backlash if he’s wrong.

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  1. Mass changes in the league occurring in a short period of time are not good. Nobody likes change. Help get things done with the CBA and then go from there. The guy wants all the changes to happen right now. Get your head out of your ass and get the NFL back on track before what happened to the NHL happens to the NFL.

  2. “He’ll be in for a serious fan backlash if he’s wrong.”

    As it stands now, the players and its union are the ones who need to brace for a serious backlash should the season be nixed. As for Goodell, most fan haven’t cared for him long before this CBA business reared its ugly head. The vast majority of NFL fans don’t want to see regular season NFL games played in London, Mexico, Tokyo or some other foreign city. Most fans believe there are already too many NFL teams and too little talent to go around. Goodell’s second major strike against him with the fans is the 18 game season of which he kept telling everybody all the fans were so widly in favor. His third strike is his PC effort to turn the NFL into touch football.

    The only guy less popular right now than Goodell is De “Dig It” Smith.

  3. To Whom It May Concern:

    As per my New Year’s resolution, I’m “planning” on losing 40 pounds. 3 pounds down, 37 to go!

  4. @mick730 …

    Haven’t you seen the polls? Those of you who worship at the altar of Big Business are hell-bent on blaming the players because the owners shut down the league. But you only make up about a third of NFL fans. Another third blames owners and players equally. And a third recognizes that the owners are just following through with what they’ve been planning for at least two years. If the 2011 season is disrupted, there will be plenty of blame to go around. But your fantasy that it will all fall on the players is just that … a fantasy.

  5. A full season of what…..flag football? Next off-season the Competition Committee will say that tackling leads to a high incidence of injury, so they’ll pass more ridiculous rule changes to water the game down even more. Seriously, i’m about ready to box up all my NFL gear anyway and send it to the league office. I don’t care if the NFL ever plays another season. I will enjoy watching its destruction along the way, though.

  6. The fact that fans are being expected to pay up front at this point tells you everything you should need to know about this situation!

  7. I suspect we will have a full season even if it begins a month late and the games that were to be played the first 3-4 weeks of the season have to be played in January, with the playoffs pushed back to February and the Super Bowl pushed back to March 4 in Indy. Given the NFL’s TV ratings are far higher than most prime time programming not named American Idol these days, I would think the networks (and especially NBC due to their inability to produce any prime time hits) will insist on there being a full 16-game-in-17-week season in order to promote their prime time programming even if it means the playoffs go well into the February Sweeps and the Super Bowl has to be played right in front of March Madness for one year.

  8. What has Goodell in his bag of tricks that would lead anybody to believe the season will not be compromised? Litigation is never quick and has no gurantees for either side and the players side is not talking at the negotiation table.Without some leverage being generated, nobody wants to move off center !

  9. Goodell you are a absolute fraud,its time for you to step down as you and your cronies are destroying this game and the latest example is this kick off non sense ….he you ever heard the expression “if its not broke don’t fix it”

  10. Well, if the NFL doesn’t play this year and Goodell only gets a dollar salary (like he said), he can still get a side gig playing Conan O’Briens dad based on THAT picture.

  11. Goodell: We are certainly planning on having a full season

    Really? Because for the first time in 18 years, I’m NOT planning my vacation around the football season. Guess I don’t have the same faith that you do.

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