There will be no blue NFL fields

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There were important rule changes made on Tuesday regarding kickoffs.  Instant replay was changed, and other important player safety measures were tabled.

All of that has only served to overshadow the real news coming out of New Orleans: There will never be a blue field in the NFL.

The league voted on Tuesday to require teams to keep their playing surface green.   This is known as the “Boise rule” in reference to Boise State’s field.

The measure will prevent any team from making their field blue or orange or purple or whatever strange color that a sponsor could possibly pay for.

No team has publicly tried such a stunt, but the passage of the rule this year makes us wonder if some team was going to try.

Perhaps Pink Taco was trying to get into the football business again.

28 responses to “There will be no blue NFL fields

  1. Speaking of Tacos, whatever happened to Taco Bill? When NBC bought you, did you need to ditch the fun photoshop activities?

  2. THERE WILL BE NO BLUE FIELDS …. until IBM offers to pay a billion dollars for a blue field with the IBM log at midfield.

    And after the owners figure out they can make money off of it NFL fields will look pretty much like NASCAR Formula One cars.

  3. Good for the NFL. Now if only the NCAA will only do something similar to Boise or any other gimmick teams.

  4. With all the important CBA matters for discussion, it’s depressing that owners would get together to discuss the color of football fields. Why would owners ever consider a field of any other color than that of money.

  5. For all you complaining that the owners should talking about a new CBA and don’t they have better things to discuss:

    1. The players walked out and took them to court. What’s there to talk about except how much money they are spending on attorneys.

    2. The business of the NFL must continue and competition rules changes are an important part of that.

    3. I am sure the owners have talked about the labor crises ad nauseum and it is probably very refreshing and a welcome change for them to actually discuss football stuff.

  6. finfan68 wrote: Now if they would only get rid of all the pink crap in October…

    hey finfan you’re a frickin moron. the money spent on the Brest Cancer awareness gear goes to the research and cure of breast cancer patients. I take it you have zero female friends. with a comment like that you prove what a total and complete fool you are to write something like that.

  7. i like the goofy blue in boise. the red in western washington or wherever. but it should remain a college thing. the novelty would wear off pretty quick in the nfl.

  8. that pink crap in October is for breast cancer awareness, jerk. and no sponsorship will be on any field. of course rules can change, but it is not permitted.

  9. there isn’t such a rule in NCAA. And Boise’s coach and athletic dept wanted something to set the school apart, and draw attention to it. since there’s no recruiting, nor is there 120 teams in the NFL, no pro team needs to do that.

  10. How about making a rule that the field has to be green as long as there is natural grass on it? If a team is using astroturf or fieldturf or whateverturf, as long as its artificial then teams can paint it any color that they want.

  11. Well, it’s great they finally got the biggest obstacle to a new CBA out of the way. I shouldn’t have been so worried!

  12. davisjosh20/lemmam: Way to take things to personally guys, relax. I, along with the rest of the fans of the NFL realize what the pink is supposed to signify…my point is simply that they have gone overboard. A simple pink ribbon stenciled into each end zone, the ball ribbon, or the goal post wraps would be sufficient along with the PSA/commercials in every broadcast. I am not against the “awareness” issue at all. The pink chinstraps, shoes, gloves etc. look horrible and the NFL could easily make a donation to the cause. FYI, the NFL uses “hooker” pink rather than the pastel pink that actually signifies breast cancer awareness.

  13. citizenstrange says:
    Mar 22, 2011 2:42 PM
    THERE WILL BE NO BLUE FIELDS …. until IBM offers to pay a billion dollars for a blue field with the IBM log at midfield.

    And after the owners figure out they can make money off of it NFL fields will look pretty much like NASCAR Formula One cars.
    They are already starting with the sponsorship stuff with the graphic overlays in the red zones. I saw that a few times last year. The post game set for NFLN seems to change the sponsor every 2 minutes almost…just a matter of time

  14. @smacklayer …

    Sorry, but the owners repeatedly blew off negotiations, then extended the deadline only to toss off a proposal that went backward. Since they’d been threatening a lockout for two years, the players did what they could to protect themselve. The owners shut down football operations, and the players are trying to get an injunction to get things going again.

    The owners have been saying for days that they want to resume negotiations, but since they can’t seem to figure out how to pick up a telephone, it was a good use of their time to spare us ever having to see one of those hideous Boise fields in the NFL.

  15. Not a suprise that so many slack jawed yokles are in love with the ugliest field (boise st) in history.

    The populus of this country is as stupid as it’s ever been, primarily fueled by faider fans.

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