Bidwills hit the road for Blaine Gabbert


Silva is going to have to come up with a new category for his visits/workout tracker:  NFL owner private visits.

Darren Urban of the Cardinals’ website notes that Bill and Michael Bidwill were in attendance Tuesday and Wednesday as the Cardinals took Missouri quarterback Blaine Gabbert out to dinner, then ran him through a private workout.

Coach Ken Whisenhunt, G.M. Rod Graves, and Director of Player Personnel Steve Keim were also in attendance.  Previous scuttlebutt around the Cardinals centered around Arizona preferring Gabbert to Cam Newton.

Look, we know you aren’t supposed to read much into these workouts.  But the Bidwills are the team owners.  They are theoretically very busy men.  They aren’t hitting the road for UCLA’s Pro Day next week or going to many workouts.

The Cardinals are either strongly considering investing their future in Gabbert or they really want others to think that’s the case.

We’d bet on the former.

19 responses to “Bidwills hit the road for Blaine Gabbert

  1. I’d prefer Gabbert to the Cards than the alternative….Newton….fans are still up on Skelton though too.

  2. Who’s first rodeo is this? EVERY year, EVERY team drafting in the top 10 does workouts and interviews with players they have no intention of drafting. It’s called jockeying for position and trying to lure another team to trade up.

  3. The Bidwells own a private jet that Michael flies team personnle in. Since they were all already in New Orleans for the owners meeting it was a very convenient stop for everyone concerned

  4. Good luck with that. Any QB that AZ picks up will be cursed with getting a cheap deal from the Bidlows.

    If that QB sucks next season, say goodbye to Fitz. I’d welcome Larry to come and try to fill Jerry Rice’s shoes in SF

  5. I think the Bidwell family still live in the St. Louis area, so it isn’t much of a road trip for them to visit Gabbert. As well, Blaine has spent most of the past 3 months in Phoenix, I’m sure he met some members of the Cardinals in that time.

  6. They probably aren’t going to have a shot at him unless they trade up. I would think their pick would be Von Miller who would be a good player for their organization.

  7. I’m sure a niners fan would want fitz there, seeing that you guys still relive the glory days of the 80’s/90’s as if they’re still relevant. Unfortunately for you, Fitz has said repeatedly that he wants to stay in Arizona for good. Unlike most players, Fitz is loyal.

  8. Cards need help everywhere. Glad to see Michael Bidwell there, he seems to be the engine for change moreso than Bill.

  9. The Bidwells. Owners of the Cardinals for the best part of 50 years.

    Total success: one Superbowl appearance.

    Yep, that’s who I want picking my next QB.

    PS If they’re going broke owning an NFL franchise, how come the Bidwells still own a private jet?

    Written off as a team expense you say?

  10. Fitz has said repeatedly that he wants to stay in Arizona for good. Unlike most players, Fitz is loyal.

    Is that loyalty or dumb to stay with a crap team?

  11. Give Skelton another year. Just because he didn’t connect with Fitz right away doesn’t mean he can’t. There aren’t any QBs in this draft that are sure shot better than Skelton. We all know how college football is. Next year’s prospects won’t even be known/hyped until the end of the season. Don’t waste the pick. Go for defense!

  12. My guess is that the Cards are probably just doing thier homework just as they should be.

    Just like Panthers talking to Newton…

    Its that time of year and as an owner I would deffinetly want to sit down face to face, to a guy that about about to pay tens of millions of dollars before he takes a step on the field to represent me….. I mean enslave.

  13. @shaggytoodle

    You’ve obviously not read the owners new CBA proposal, the Cardinals first pick will get a packet of chips & a six pack as a signing bonus.

    It’s just the Bidwells justifying having their private jet on the team’s books.

    They’d better hope no one from the IRS is paying attention.

  14. Smoke and mirrors. Just trying to make the other teams needing a QB to do their due diligence. Maybe the Cards could talk Jake Plummer out of retirement for a year then go after Luck.

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