Buddy Ryan battling cancer


Jets coach Rex Ryan said Tuesday that his dad, former NFL coach Buddy Ryan, is battling cancer.

It’s going to take more than this to get rid of him,” Rex Ryan told the New York Daily News. “That’s what he always says.”

Rex Ryan did not say what type of cancer his dad has, other than to say it is not melanoma, which Buddy Ryan has had twice before.

“He’s 80 years old, but he’s doing great. He’s tougher than s—,” Rex Ryan said. “He’s had other things in his life. He overcame encephalitis. He’s overcome cancer twice. He’s tough.”

Buddy Ryan coached in the NFL for three decades as head coach of the Eagles and Cardinals, defensive coordinator of the Bears, Vikings and Oilers, and linebackers coach of the Jets.

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  1. Best wishes to the Ryan family.Hopefully, Buddy will get to see his son’s coach many more season’s in the NFL

  2. Best regards to Buddy…….Eagles fans will never forget that defense….Ever….It’s funny how Andy Reid has won many playoff games in Philly, and Buddy never won one….But Buddy’s popularity far outshines the corporate entity Reid is…..To quote Buddy…..”hell, i don’t know, ask the guy in france”….

  3. Buddy is a salty SOB but I saw a piece once on him and his second wife who I think had Alzheimer’s. Whole different side to him. I hope he beats this.

  4. I am sure I can speak for most Eagles fans when I say Philly’s thoughts and prayers go out to you buddy.

  5. While this is sad, if Buddy Ryan passes, he can settle the score with Dave Duerson for spreading malicious racially charged gossip about him.

  6. i “hate” the guy from a football rival standpoint, but you never ever want to see this, i hope he beats it. i’ll be a ryan family fan for this.

  7. Good luck to the whole Ryan clan. They’ve been tremendous for the NFL.

    Best wishes and good luck to you, Buddy.

  8. While Buddy was always the guy you want to hate at times like these I wish his family well and hope that rex does not put his or anyone elses foot in his mouth

  9. I am a life long Bears fan. I grew up in Chi-Town. And I was there in 85 for the SuperBowl win over Boston (where I ironically have lived for the past 17 years. Buddy is one of my very favorites. And my heart goes out to him and his family. He is indeed a crusty old fighter. In fact I never forgave Mike Ditka for forcing him out of Chicago and replacing him with old “Bend, don’t Break” DC Vince Tobin. That change was the main reason that great Bears team only won 1 SuperBowl. They easily had the talent to win 2-3. GodSpeed Buddy!

  10. Here or in heaven, just remember always that “Buddy’s watching you.” The greatest music video of all time.

  11. Reminiscing about the great Buddy Ryan also made me think about the irony that I personally live in places when they won so many championships. for example.
    1. I was in HS in Chicago when George Halas’ Bears won the NFL Championship in 1963
    2. I was a student at the U of Wisconsin during 4 consecutive Vince Lombardi led Green Bay Packer Championships (including the 1st 2 Super Bowls)
    3. I lived in Cincinnati When Sam Wyche led the Bengals to their only SuperBowl appearance
    4. I lived in Chicago for my personal favorite Da’ 85 Bears!
    5. I lived in Indianapolis when the Colts snuck into town in the dead of night. And until last September, was in business partnership and commuted to Indy during both Colts Super Bowl runs.
    6. Have lived in Boston for 5 Patriot SuperBowls (1 by Parcells and 4 by Belichick).

    That’s a lifetime of Championships (14) I have witnessed as a home town fan. But Buddy’s was my treasure.

  12. love Buddy for bringing football back to Philly,the Eagles had the most intimidating defense ever ….gang green defense still my favorite Eagles unit ever- hang in there and fight Buddy

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